Who buys used cell phones? 10 places that will buy your phone in cash

Find out who buys used cell phones! In 2020 alone, the sale of 225.5 million dollars in smart phones was reported, both in reconditioned ...

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Find out who buys used cell phones! In 2020 alone, the sale of 225.5 million dollars in smart phones was reported, both in reconditioned versions and in used devices. The trend indicates that, by 2024, this figure will increase by more than 120 million.

We present you the companies most used by users who want to sell second-hand cell phones, whether they do it because they want to get a new one or because they are dedicated to the refurbishment of second-hand devices. Get to know 10 places that will buy your phone in cash!

1. SellCell

person using a cell phone

If you want to know who buys used cell phones, you have to know SellCell. This is one of the most successful platforms for selling mobile phones for cash on the market. It is no coincidence that millions of users are interested in its offer since the experience of use allows access to the highest profits and the security that the equipment will be in excellent condition.

SellCell in an effort to stay one of the most competitive companies for buying used cell phones, offers customers the opportunity to verify that the price they will find on the platform is similar to, and even lower than, that of other sites with a similar offer.

2. uSell

A woman using her cell phone

Also on the list of who buys used cell phones in cash is uSell. This website has garnered rave reviews from sellers and buyers alike. While it tends to keep a large number of Apple devices, it also has brands like Google, Motorola, Samsung, and Nokia.

For sellers who want to use uSell, the available payment methods are PayPal or check, but one thing to keep in mind is that all transactions are processed in at least five business days. During this time the equipment will be inspected and it will be verified that the buyer does not find any defects in the device.

3. ecoATM

Person reading his cell phone

ecoATM is one of the places that buy used cell phones in cash. It i, without a doubt one of the safest options, both for sellers and buyers. This is because ecoATM kiosks are located in public places and have security cameras to prevent the delivery or sale of stolen equipment.

At ecoATM vendors will give a detailed description of the equipment to be sold, as well as any defects or scratches it may have. Afterward, they will receive an offer from the buyer, and as a last step, they will receive the payment in cash after having delivered the equipment to the corresponding kiosk.

4. eBay

A cell phone on a desk

With a commission that is usually 10% or less on the value of the sale, eBay is one of the platforms that will buy your cell phone in cash relatively easily. Cell phone prices on eBay typically range from $700 to $900.

One aspect to take into account is that eBay is a platform that will practically leave all the sales work in your hands. This means that in order to sell your product, you’ll need to write a detailed product description and take photos that appeal to customers looking for a second-hand device.

5. Amazon


Amazon is one of the sales platforms par excellence, but its commissions are sometimes higher than those of other sites. To sell your cell phone for cash on Amazon, you must pay a commission of approximately 8% on the value of the sale and about $3 dollars for shipping charges (in case the buyer does not cover this cost).

For many sellers Amazon is a very friendly place to buy and sell used cell phones and the demand is much greater than on other platforms. An advantage of buying and selling on Amazon is the reliability that the site has among users.

6. Best Buy 

A person using his cell phone

In the market for buying and selling used cell phones, there are all kinds of users. On the one hand, there are those who only want to exchange their device for a new one, while there are others who prefer to make a profit on a device in good condition and then contemplate their options and decide whether or not to buy a new cell phone.

In the first case, there is the option of resorting to the exchange program or trade in Best Buy, one of the largest electronics chains in the world. With this program you must enter the type of device you want to exchange and detail its defects, time of use, and the general condition of the product.

7. Nextdoor


If you want to buy a used cell phone in cash, Nextdoor is one of your best options, as it is an app where people who live in an area close to yours and who are interested in acquiring a second-hand device at an affordable price come together.

This means greater practicality and speed in the buying and selling process since the application is designed so that only people within a specific distance can access a given offer.

8. OC Buyback


Do you have an Apple, Google, or Samsung device that you want to sell for cash? OCBuyback is the option for you! It is a platform designed to provide all the information on your cell phone with the aim of providing as much information as possible to the future buyer.

Once you have provided the information requested, you will receive a notification with the recommended price to sell the phone and thus start the sales process to send in the device, with which you will obtain cash quickly and reliably.

9. Gazelle


Gazelle is a company dedicated to the purchase of used cell phones to recondition them and sell them. If you want to sell your cell phone to this company, it is necessary to enter all the available information of the equipment to receive a purchase offer.

The method of payment, once the purchase of the equipment has been finalized, will be by PayPal, check, or an Amazon gift card. According to users who have resorted to Gazelle, the process is extremely simple and usually happens without a hitch.

10. Garage sale


Do you want to have more options to sell your cell phone for cash? Have a garage sale! Thus, you will not have to resort to intermediaries or go through a verification process since the buyer will be able to closely observe the equipment to make a final decision.

In this type of sale, the interaction between seller and buyer gives rise to a series of negotiations in real time. However, it is also possible to assign a definitive price to the equipment according to the offer on platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace.

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