Bus rollover leaves 7 dead and dozens injured in Mexico (PHOTOS)

Bus rollover leaves 7 dead and several injured in Rosarito, Mexico Six people are reported in serious condition and 23 are recovering App...

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  • Bus rollover leaves 7 dead and several injured in Rosarito, Mexico
  • Six people are reported in serious condition and 23 are recovering
  • Apparently, the unit went off the road due to mechanical failures

Bus rollover leaves Mexico in mourning, seven deaths and various wounded are reported on the Rosarito highway, Baja California Norte, adjacent to the United States, according to information published by the Reforma news agency and Infobae.

Seven people died, and another 20 were injured, due to the rollover of a bus with more than 50 employees, according to preliminary information from the City of Playas de Rosarito this morning.


Bus rollover
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The spectacular accident occurred on Boulevard 2000, at the height of the Popotla town, the Playas de Rosarito Fire Department requested support from its counterpart in Tijuana to be able to assist the people who were injured.

Tijuana firefighters sent 18 smoke eaters and two rescue units, two firefighters and an ambulance to support the rescue efforts of the more than 50 passengers who were on board and who were trapped after the heavy accident.


Bus rollover
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At 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, firefighters from Tijuana and Rosarito, as well as paramedics from the Red Cross, continue to work at the site to transport the people who were injured during this accident to the hospital.

It was until a few hours in the morning that the rescuers continued working, so far there are 6 people in serious condition and 23 who are recovering, but they were transferred to nearby hospitals to receive medical attention. Filed Under: Bus rollover

Bus rollover: APPARATUS

Bus rollover
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The report that we have has been obtained through social networks in which some citizens published photos and videos of the accident, as well as the balance of the tragic accident, in addition to the confirmation made by some media.

The accident occurred at the junction Bulevar 2000 and Popotla, in the aforementioned area and according to some reports from authorities, at least 50 people were traveling on the bus, of which more than half were hospitalized.


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The prevention report after the accident was made through social networks, by the National Guard, in a textual way they wrote: “#TomePrecauciones in #BajaCalifornia after partial closure by accident at km 034 + 000 road (2650) Tijuana- Ensenada, Rosarito-San Miguel section, towards Ensenada. Pay attention to the Road indication ”.

Some drivers saw the accident and stopped to help the injured, while they called the authorities through the 911 emergency line, and in a matter of minutes different rescue and medical attention bodies arrived. Filed Under: Bus rollover

Bus rollover: RUNS OUT OF BRAKES

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Some witnesses reported to the authorities that they saw that for several meters before overturning, the bus was blowing smoke from the tires, which suggests that the driver of the unit was left without brakes and that is why he left the road.

After losing control of the vehicle, the unit overturned to the driver’s side and hit a large stone that was on the road, so the impact was stronger and caused the results already described above. Filed Under: Bus rollover


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According to information from the media The Impartial, the maquila employees were returning from a day of recreation in Tecate, Baja California, when suddenly the tragic road accident occurred in which seven people lost their lives.

However, this media indicates that they are nightclub workers, while other media outlets handle them as maquila employees. They announced that the company that owns the truck is called the Tourist Travel Coordinator.


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The assistance of Tijuana Firefighters personnel was required, as well as the National Guard and elements of public security and Civil Protection, who cordoned off the area in order to carry out the rescue maneuvers.

Firefighters assured the following: “A total of 18 smoke-eaters were dealt with and two rescue units, two firefighters and an ambulance were sent to support the rescue work of the more than 50 passengers on board.” Filed Under: Bus rollover


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Due to the fact that dozens of rescue elements and units came to the scene, the free Rosarito-Ensenada highway had to be closed, since the maneuvering area was insufficient, so traffic was affected for a few hours.

According to the TV Azteca portal, the authorities asked the drivers to take alternate roads. In addition to the Tijuana firefighters, Red Cross paramedics came aboard several ambulances to transport the injured. Filed Under: Bus rollover



Bus rollover
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For its part, the Uno Tv news portal interviewed one of the security officials who responded to the call for help and spoke about the number of people killed and injured, however, their identity was not immediately revealed. .

Francisco Arellano Ortíz, Secretary of Safety for Playas de Rosarito, said: “The number may vary, it may vary right now, because the truck needs to be moved, I do not have the real number, but we are talking about it, we have seven deaths now, but this figure change”. Filed Under: Bus rollover


Upon learning of the bus overturn in Rosarito, the municipal president of Playas, Araceli Brown, said: “They are giving psychological support to the families, there is a group of DIF psychologists, to give them immediate and immediate support. people who went to Tijuana are also well cared for ”, according to Uno Tv.

Some citizens who live near the place complained about the road because they say that drivers go down a slope and there are no signs that indicate that they should slow down and avoid passing by. Filed Under: Bus rollover

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