Buki’s wife captivates with sexy legs in tight bikini from a yacht

Buki’s wife, Cristy Solís, shows off her bikini leg from a yacht It was through Instagram that the spectacular woman left everyone ...

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  • Buki’s wife, Cristy Solís, shows off her bikini leg from a yacht
  • It was through Instagram that the spectacular woman left everyone astonished
  • People did not stop praising the tremendous body that he has

Cristy Solís, the brand new wife of singer Mexican Marco Antonio Solís ‘El Buki’, boast tremendous leg in sexy bikini aboard a yacht and overflows the passions of her followers, who did not stop throwing compliments through her account Instagram.

Immediately, the couple of the composer and singer posted the following phrase: “Although it seems that there is time for everything, I believe that we must prioritize what makes us happy because you never know. Make the present your favorite place. Good morning everyone ”.


PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

The postcard was so successful that until the afternoon of this March 27 it exceeded 5,700 likes and 150 comments, where most people flattered the great figure that he possesses thanks to his great physical effort.

Perhaps as never before, the wife of Marco Antonio Solís ‘El Buki’, posed for the lens and captivated all Internet users, since she showed the tremendous leg that has been won pulse by pulse, with great discipline in the gym and that He has no hesitation in showing off.


PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

The first people to write messages of praise were his comadre and grupera singer Ana Bárbara, who without hesitation told him: “That’s mom …”. From then on, there was no shortage of people who wrote messages of all kinds to Buki’s dazzling wife in a bikini, Marco Antonio Solís.

“How beautiful you look sweetheart, I have gained pounds with my grandson’s virtual school that I am a teacher and that place is beautiful, you are right in what you say, enjoy before they make you a grandmother, life turns our lives around . God bless my heart TKM ”, another person wrote to him.


PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

However, people did not stop insisting on her beauty: “It seems that you heard me, just what I needed this today”, “beautiful, that’s how queen, enjoy the present, tomorrow in the hands of God”, “hello, thank you Thank you for the energy, what a photo father, God bless you always, best regards ”.

“Cris beautifulooooo much”, “that’s right, fragile and brief, that’s why you always have to have the best attitude. Beautiful Partner ”,“ beautiful views and God blessed you ”,“ beautiful ”,“ I loved it… Make your present your favorite place ”, were other comments.

“How good you can swim”

PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

The statuesque figure of Buki’s wife, Cristy Solís, left a square eye not only men but also many women who follow her for being his ‘partner’: “Good morning Cristy, how good you can swim”, “ beautiful ”,“ what beautiful photos ”,“ pretty ”,“ beautiful lady ”.

“You are very radiant”, “true beautiful @cristy_solis, enjoy the good times with those who make us happy”, “fully enjoy BEAUTIFUL @ cristy_solis … Nothing more beautiful than seeing you HAPPY enjoying doing what you like”, they commented more netizens.

“Mamosota” wife Buki Cristy Solís

PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

Buki’s wife, Cristy Solís, was flattered wholesale and received the best comments for her figure when leaving a bikini from a yacht: “Right. From Cuba ”,“ Very nice photo, sorry, where is it like this? ”,“ Beauty of my heart, greetings, dear queen ”.

“Beautiful, greetings from Chile”, “what a woman’s beauty”, “good morning pretty lady”, “what place is that?”, “From head to toe you are divinely beautiful”, “how beautiful is beautiful”, ” mamasota ”, were the compliments that Marco Antonio Solís’s wife received.

“You’re beautiful” wife Buki Cristy Solís

Image taken from Instagram @cristy_solis

From all over the world, Buki’s wife, Cristy Solís, received praise: “You are very beautiful my love my life”, “for the first time in my life I see such a photograph of yours, it deserves applause”, “totally Cris !! Enjoy the spring !! You look very very good! ”.

Other Instagram followers commented: “What a beautiful Cuban girl”, “beautiful, beautiful”, “great hug”, “beautiful”, “beautiful photo”, “splendid total, greetings from Mar del Plata, good day!”, “Blessings “,” Hello how are you beautiful friend? “.

Buki Cristy Solís’ wife: “Very delicious mommy”

Buki Cristy Solís' wife
PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

“You really have a beautiful sculptural body that must be highly envied by many women and very attractive to us men, I congratulate you beautiful and extraordinary woman,” said a very excited Internet user, who could provoke the jealousy of ‘Buki’.

Some more users commented to the wife of Marco Antonio Solís: “Greetings from Fresno, California”, “very beautiful Cristy, radiant”, “you are very right, kisses”, “delicious mommy”, “beautiful lady! God fill you with blessings ”,“ beautiful little princess, you are unique and special ”.

“Touch the sky” with wife Buki Cristy Solís

Buki Cristy Solís' wife
PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

Buki’s wife, Cristy Solís, captivated everyone and it was not the first time she did it in a bikini and from the beach: “Beautiful little princess, you are unique and special”, “touching the sky just by seeing her live must be incredible” , “So pretty, greetings from California”, “my great respect madam, you are very beautiful.”

In a bikini, in a swimsuit, in shorts, pants or whatever, the wife of ‘El Buki’ Marco Antonio Solís knows how to dazzle all her fans and has earned the affection of all of them, which is why she currently has more than 191 thousand followers on Instagram.

“Always with your light” Buki Cristy Solís' wife

PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis In his most recent publication, Buki’s wife, Cristy Solís, was praised for going out in a black blouse: “Hello, kind regards, nice weekend, God bless you, always light, peace, faith”, “beautiful, always with your light. I love you ”, some users commented to him.

“As beautiful as ever, God bless you”, “beautiful as ever. Greetings woman from Oxnard, California ”,“ beautiful @cristy_solis looks like a doll ”,“ always so beautiful and with so much light @cristy_solis. We love you and we miss seeing you. “

“Who is Buki Cristy Solís’s wife?”

Buki Cristy Solís' wife
PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

It was one of his best photos and so it was clear: “Love in person. I have so much to tell you, I miss you a lot. I love you very much @cristy_solis “,” very beautiful friend Cristy Solís “,” you are very beautiful heart, happy and blessed weekend “.

Other Instagram users told her: “Always so beautiful Cristy, greetings from Cuba”, “beautiful, greetings, blessings”, “Always so beautiful Cristy, greetings from Cuba”, “you don’t need filters. You’re already pretty ”,“ And that girl? Whom?”.

Buki Cristy Solís wife in tight green dress

Buki Cristy Solís' wife
PHOTO Instagram @cristy_solis

Buki’s wife, uncovered with a photograph with a very tight green dress, and that’s how Cristy Solís, Marco Antonio Solís’s partner, fell in love with everyone and that she did not wear a cheeky bikini: “Very beautiful with short hair and no a lot of makeup ”.

“Pretty as always, greetings queen”, “how much I wanted to see you”, “every day more beautiful my queen, I love you Cristy !!”, “beautiful stunning blonde”, “thank you, thank you for all the energy Hotel Mansión Solís What a nice photo, kind regards ”.

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