BTS visits the White House to speak out about hate crimes targeting Asian Americans

The popular K-Pop group visits the White House. BTS came forward to talk about hate crimes targeting the Asian community. “We are devasta...

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  • The popular K-Pop group visits the White House.
  • BTS came forward to talk about hate crimes targeting the Asian community.
  • “We are devastated by the recent wave of hate crimes,” Jimin said through an interpreter.

BTS VISITS THE WHITE HOUSE. One of the most popular K-Pop groups visited the White House to discuss an important issue that has been affecting the Asian American community. Since 2020, the rate of hate crimes targeting Asians has greatly increased. The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act was established to provide support to people who have experienced this.

In the company of Karine Jean-Pierre, the members of the successful group met to talk about the hate crimes in the United States. With the help of an interpreter, they gave a message to the audience and fans, to raise awareness about the incidents that occur and that irreparably harm the Asian community.


Photo: Twitter

On Tuesday, K-Pop sensation, BTS, appeared at the White House to talk about a relevant issue in the Asian community in the United States — hate crimes. This issue came to light after the number of victims of violence grew during the pandemic and the government. It has gotten so bad that the Congress even passed a law addressing the situation.

Band members J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jin, Kim Taehyung, and Jimin joined White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at her briefing with reporters on the final day of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, The Associated Press reported.

Does it affect the band?

BTS White House: Did it affect the band?
Photo: Twitter

In recent remarks, it was Jimin who said the band had been “devastated by the recent spike” in crime and intolerance against Asian Americans that has persisted since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, The Associated Press noted. The group’s presence at the White House was a hit on social media where fans rallied in support.

“BTS visited the White House to discuss hate crimes against Asians and Asian inclusion!” Shared the official BTS account through Twitter, attaching an image of the group in one of the anterooms before addressing the press. Filed Under: BTS White House

“Everyone has their own story”

BTS White House: "Everyone has their own story"
Photo: Twitter

The members supported Jimin and commented on the hate the Asian community is receiving. In the speech, Suga, another member of BTS, pointed out that it was not wrong to “be different from others” and that, in order to attain equality, one must begin to accept others for their differences. V also took an important part in pointing out that each person has their own story.

“It’s not bad to be different,” Suga, a member of the group, said through an interpreter. “Equality begins when we open up and accept all our differences,” he concluded. Soon after, Kim Taehyung followed up by pointing out that “everyone has their own story.” The group’s appearance caused a furor among their fans, who did not hesitate to support them through social networks. Filed Under: BTS White House

“We hope that today is a step forward”

"as valuable people"
Photo: Twitter

The band members wore black suits and ties and briefly took turns at the podium. They toured the White House before the briefing and then held a closed-door meeting with the president in the Oval Office, The Associated Press reported. Each member made a good impression by giving meaningful comments in favor of their cause. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“We hope that today is a step forward to understand and respect each and every one as valuable people,” said Kim Taehyung, during the press conference that was held to discuss the hate crimes affecting the Asian community in the US. This is not the first time a presentation has been made on this topic, officials in the Biden administration have spent the last few weeks holding roundtables and other meetings with Asian American leaders to discuss the violence, the AP noted.

A large audience?

A large audience?
Photo: Twitter

The normally packed White House briefing room was even more packed than usual, as journalists filled the aisles next to the rows of seats assigned to regularly attending media outlets. The live broadcast from the White House, not known for large mid-afternoon audiences, drew more than 230,000 viewers before the event began, the AP reported. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

After the band members spoke and their comments were translated, the reporters began asking them questions, but Jean-Pierre, who had previously said the members would not take questions, stepped in and said, “We’re leaving.” That prompted the BTS members to say, “Sorry,” as they walked away from the podium, according to AP.

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