Brother of Lorenzo Méndez, still husband of Chiquis Rivera, asks for prayers for his family (PHOTOS)

Chiquis Rivera’s husband’s family asks for prayers because they live difficult moments Johnny, Lorenzo Méndez’s brother...

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  • Chiquis Rivera’s husband’s family asks for prayers because they live difficult moments
  • Johnny, Lorenzo Méndez’s brother, sends a strong message to his friends
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter recently announced her divorce after several conflicts with him

After the recent break between Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s daughter and Lorenzo Méndez, now the family of her still husband, asks prayers in the voice of his brother, Johnny Méndez, according to information from the Instagram account of @scandal_o.

It all happened through a publication made by the consanguineous of the singer, a few hours after the daughter of the Diva de la Banda announced her breach and divorce with Lorenzo Méndez.

This news shook the world of entertainment, since just a few weeks ago, they had separated and returned, in what seemed to be an expected return.

Imagfen taken from Instagram @escandalo_o

However, after experiencing a crisis due to the coronavirus, the couple decided to separate permanently and follow different paths.

But now, information has been uncovered about the family of Chiquis Rivera’s still husband, asking for prayers for all his relatives.

Verbatim, Johnny Méndez wrote the following message: “The Méndez family is going through difficult times, but with our faith in almighty God, life is going to be better. We appreciate your prayers with all our hearts. “

Although he did not mention what kind of difficulty Lorenzo Méndez’s family is going through, people joined with some supportive comments.

The message was searched on his Facebook account, but it was no longer available, but it all comes together with the separation of Chiquis Rivera’s husband and Jenni’s daughter.

On the next page we will show you some messages from people about Johnny Méndez’s request for prayers for his family.

Although the family of Lorenzo Méndez, the husband of Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, asks for prayers for a complicated situation, many people did not believe it was true.

A follower said the following: “All to attract attention … well, since the #ChequeChiquisRivera is over, the hard part is coming …”.

Someone else commented: “Why not wish them the best! So much is happening in the world. We need”.

“There is nothing better than your family and their advice, in difficult times”, “if just the bottom went … Lorenzo is not so bad … but then Lorenzo left his band and now as a soloist it just doesn’t hit”, wrote others page followers.

But other people began to speculate about the situation that Lorenzo Méndez’s family is experiencing: “Maybe his mother who is sick, well I think so.

Another Internet user said: “I think that Lorenzo’s pain is their pain, but nothing better than taking refuge in his family, blessings for them.”

“I don’t think it’s because of Chiquis … someone must be sick”, “Well, best wishes to everyone”, “I hope it’s not for Lorenzo’s divorce … Because that’s why it’s a show,” more people told the publication of Lorenzo Méndez’s brother.

Image taken from

After a year of marriage, living a temporary separation in quarantine due to the pandemic and getting back together, Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera announces her divorce and / or final separation from Lorenzo Méndez whom she married in June of 2019.

After various rumors that they assured in the separation months ago, that Jenni Rivera’s daughter was tired of ‘keeping’ her husband Lorenzo Méndez, who would have problems with alcohol, their final separation is finally announced.

Through his Instagram account, where he posted a very smiling photograph with Lorenzo Méndez who wears a white mask, Chiquis Rivera wrote a long text that begins like this:

“With a heavy heart… he informed you through this medium that Lorenzo and I have decided to separate. It was a mutual and difficult decision, but necessary. NO, this is not something I’m publishing to cause controversy or “publicity”, far from it, “he said.

The announcement was for the people who support them: “This is our private life that we have decided to share with you these last 4 years, and for that reason I feel the need to let you know.”

Jenni Rivera’s daughter demanded respect for her privacy: “We are extremely grateful for the support and love that you have given us, but I ask for your privacy at this time.”

Image taken from Instagram @chiquis

After Chiquis, daughter of Jenni Rivera, announced her separation from her still husband Lorenzo Méndez, he sings and apparently carries a dedication for her, according to a video that was ‘leaked’ on the Insatgram account of Argentine journalist Javier Ceriani .

Everything happened through the Instagram account of @javierceriani in which a calm singer is seen, but then he sings a song with a lot of feeling.

People immediately began to say: “Let him continue on his way because Chiquis doesn’t even know what the hell he wants, he’s young so follow him because he’s green, walk him.”

Someone else commented: “First time I hear him sing, he has a very good voice, he sings well.”

Other comments were the following for the band music singer: “Mojito you sing better than Chiqui, so what a blessing for you”, “he sings very well, I don’t know why he hasn’t done something interesting since he left the Limón Band”, “she sings beautiful! Better than many ”.

Husband Chiquis Rivera

Image taken from Instagram @javierceriani

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