Brianna Marie Navarro, six months pregnant, is shot dead



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  • Brianna Marie Navarro, 22 years old and six months pregnant, was murdered in broad daylight
  • A man approached the car that the girl was driving and without a word fired several shots at her
  • Navarro’s murder is the 100th firearm homicide of the year

Brianna Marie Navarro, 22, was shot to death in Houston, Texas when she was with other people in a car. The girl was the mother of a boy and at the time of death she was six months pregnant with her third child. The Houston Police Department (HPD) is already investigating the murder.

According to the authorities’ report, on Sunday, April 4, 2021, at 12:30 in the afternoon, Brianna Marie Navarro was driving her car with at least three other people as passengers, they were traveling in a black four-door Infiniti sedan on Richmond Avenue in the Westchase neighborhood of West Houston.

Brianna Marie Navarro is murdered in broad daylight

Brianna Marie Navarro
Brianna Marie Navarro, 22, was driving her car through west Houston when, stopping at a stoplight, a man approached and shot her dead. The girl was pregnant. (PHOTO Courtesy of the Rodríguez Navarro Family)

Upon reaching the intersection with Wilcrest Street, west of Beltway 8, Brianna Marie Navarro was stopped at the corner due to the red traffic light. That moment was taken advantage of by an armed man, who approached the girl and fired several shots directly at her without a word and armed with a shotgun.

After the shots were fired, the shooter ran off and allegedly escaped in another vehicle that was waiting for him at a close distance. Brianna Marie Navarro’s friends who were with her in the car called the emergency number to request medical assistance for their friend who was injured by several gunshots.

Paramedics were no longer able to help Brianna

Brianna Marie Navarro
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

Very close to where the events took place, less than two miles away, is the HPD Westside Division substation, so the area of ​​the shooting was filled with patrol cars to attend to the report of a person wounded by gunshots. The first agents who arrived requested the assistance of paramedics, to take Brianna Marie Navarro to a hospital.

However, when paramedics from the Houston Fire Department (HFD) arrived at the scene, they could no longer do anything for the girl and she was pronounced dead on the spot. Detectives from the HPD Homicide Division were then called in to investigate the case.

The lines of investigation in the murder of Brianna Navarro

Brianna Marie Navarro
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

According to some witnesses interviewed by the agents of the HPD Homicide Division, the young Brianna Marie Navarro, moments before she died, would have had a confrontation with another person from her environment of friends with whom she would have argued heatedly. The reasons for the discussion are unknown so far.

Inside the car in which Brianna Marie Navarro was murdered was her two-year-old son, according to authorities, who witnessed the murder of his mother. However, neither the boy nor any of the other passengers who were with the girl was injured in the attack.

A confrontation at the convenience store

Brianna Marie Navarro
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

Another line of investigation followed by the agents of the HPD Homicide Division is that the murder of Brianna Marie Navarro was the product of the anger of a person. According to other witnesses who spoke to authorities, the girl got into a wild argument with another man at a convenience store.

Before being murdered, Brianna Marie Navarro stopped at a convenience store to buy something and had an altercation with other customers for unknown reasons. The girl and the man yelled at each other and then she decided to leave the place, get in her car and go with her friends and her son.

Shooting in broad daylight and in a quiet neighborhood

Brianna Marie Navarro
Brianna Marie Navarro was murdered in front of her two-year-old son, in broad daylight and in a western Houston neighborhood considered quiet PHOTO Courtesy of the Rodríguez Navarro Family

Brianna Marie Navarro drove away from the convenience store, but allegedly the subject, or subjects, followed her in another car and took advantage of the opportunity when the girl stopped at the traffic light on Richmond Avenue and Wilcrest Drive to murder her.

The agents of the HPD Homicide Division are following these two lines of investigation, in addition to investigating the girl’s personal environment, to rule out any possible motive for the crime that has scandalized Houston, since Brianna Marie Navarro died in broad light. of the day, on a Sunday and in a normally quiet neighborhood.

Houston already has 100 homicides by firearm

PHOTO Taken from Twitter

The brutal murder of Brianna Marie Navarro has set off alarms in Houston, as the attack on the girl counts as the 100th homicide so far in 2021, according to HPD’s own statistics consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas.

The death of Brianna Marie Navarro has produced deep dismay and anger in her family and friends. Many of them have raised their voices on social media, to condemn the girl’s murder and demand justice so that the HPD Homicide Division finds her murderer.

“Wake up!”

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

One of the voices that rose up in the midst of the pain to ask for an end to the violence in Houston was that of Anna Marie Rodríguez, Brianna Marie Navarro’s own mother, who expressed in a public message from her Facebook account her exhaustion with the wave of violence that shakes the so-called Space City.

“I want to know how many African-Americans have a family member who was killed by a white supremacist or a white cop? Today my mixed-race daughter and my African-American grandson were murdered by someone African-American. When are we going to care about the crime of African Americans against African Americans? Wake up! ” wrote Anna Marie Rodríguez.

The hardest Easter Sunday for Brianna Navarro’s family

PHOTO Taken from Twitter

Victoria Valdez, cousin of Anna Marie Rodríguez, opened in the social network of economic support Go Fund Me the account Funeral Arrangements for Brianna Navarro (Funeral arrangements for Brianna Navarro), to ask for the solidarity of the community so that the girl’s family can pay the expenses that her death will cause them.

“This was one of the hardest Easter Sundays our family has ever had. My cousin lost her 22-year-old daughter, Brianna Navarro, who was pregnant. She was shot and killed this afternoon in front of her 2-year-old son! Our hearts ache for their children, for their mother Anna and their brothers and sister, ”Valdez wrote to ask for the support of the community.

The family demands justice

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

Valdez said that “no mother should have to bury her son at 22 and her family was not prepared to bury her at such a young age. Help the family with the cost of the funeral, “he said in his message and asked for prayers for Brianna Marie Navarro’s family saying that” they will need all the love and support we can give.

Brianna Marie Navarro’s aunt assured that right now for her family ‘every penny helps! Share it with friends and family! Pray for peace, love, and forgiveness! Pray that the person or persons responsible will be caught and paid for their actions! Thank you very much for reading, sharing and donating! ”The woman cried out demanding justice for her niece.

A string of homicides

The murder of Brianna Marie Navarro unleashed a large mobilization of patrols to search for those responsible, but they could not be caught. (PHOTO Houston Police Department)

The year 2020 closed in Houston, according to the authorities’ own statistics, as one of the most violent years in the history of the city with a total of 400 homicides by firearm. According to the non-profit organization Archives of Gun Violence, so far this year 4,758 people have already been shot and killed in the United States.

Now the HPD Homicide Division asks the Hispanic community of Houston that if anyone has reliable information about the identity and whereabouts of the alleged murderers of Brianna Marie Navarro, contact his office at 713.308.3600, or the non-profit organization Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713.222.8477.

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