Is Gabby Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie a serial killer?

Could he be a serial killer? Famous bounty hunter claims Laundrie has a stormy past. “He’s maybe a serial killer,” says...

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  • Could he be a serial killer?
  • Famous bounty hunter claims Laundrie has a stormy past.
  • “He’s maybe a serial killer,” says Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, the famous television bounty hunter, claims that Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s fugitive boyfriend, could be a serial killer due to certain data that he discovered during the search he carried out. The researcher mentioned that Laundrie’s tastes are disturbing.

“He didn’t become a murderer overnight,” Duane Chapman said in a new interview for The Sun. Brian Laundrie has been missing for more than three weeks and with an arrest warrant against him, he used Gabby Petito’s credit card  and authorities have taken advantage of that to be able to ‘capture’ him for the murder of Gabby Petito.

Serial Killer Brian Laundrie: Serial Killer?

Serial Killer Brian Laundrie: Serial Killer?
Photo: Twitter

The New York Post mentioned the interview that Dog the Bounty Hunter had with The Sun, where he admitted that there are certain indications that suggest that the murder of Gabby Petito was perpetuated by Laundrie and that it would not be the only one committed by the young man from North Port. According to the Duane Chapman interview, there is strong evidence to believe that he is a serial killer.

“I am thinking more and more about he’s maybe a serial killer, not just a Gabby killer. The books he reads are incredible, “said Duane in an interview with the media, where he mentioned that there are key elements that suggest that the young woman’s fugitive boyfriend, thas a ‘shady’ past. Filed Under: Serial Killer Brian Laundrie

Serial Killer Brian Laundrie: A Demonic Past

Serial Killer Brian Laundrie: A Demonic Past
Photo: Twitter

The bounty hunter said that the readings Brian Laundrie read suggest that he knew what he was doing when Gabby Petito passed away. He thinks that Laundrie has a demonic past and where his obsession with the dark predominates strongly; the investigator assures that the tastes of Petito’s fiancé are not normal.

Dog mentioned to The Sun that he would be “mad” at his children for reading the stories of Dungeon and dragons since he is a believer in Jesus and what comes in those stories is not suitable for the youngest. He senses that Laundrie was obsessed with demonic figures for years and therefore does not doubt that he is Gabby’s murderer. Filed Under: Serial Killer Brian Laundrie

Serial killer Brian Laundrie: “He took it seriously”

Serial killer Brian Laundrie: "Took it seriously"
Photo: Twitter

Duane Chapman mentioned that he was reviewing the books that Brian Laundrie likes and are worse than the work of “Dungeons and Dragons”, which is one of the most popular games among minors. The bounty hunter says Laundrie has taken the practice of these materials very seriously.

“A couple of the books you’ve been reading are 10 times worse than Dungeon and dragons. This kid, Brian, he’s obviously taken those books seriously“, The man assured the media where he spoke of the latest news that he has registered about the Petito Case and what could be useful in Brian’s finding. Filed Under: Serial Killer Brian Laundrie

Serial Killer Brian Laundrie: Consequences of the Acts

Serial Killer Brian Laundrie: Consequences of the Acts
Photo: Instagram

Dog the Bounty Hunter, mentioned that reading that material and the ‘demonic’ games he was used to playing allegedly led Brian Laundrie to commit the murder of Gabby Petito. The investigator mentioned that it was part of the consequences that the suspect’s parents would have for allowing him that type of reading.

“And this is what happens when your son is looking at that kind of thing.” Duane’s statements have drawn attention on social networks where they fear that Brian Laundrie has committed more than one murder and of the “danger” that could have arisen without others having any idea. Filed Under: Serial Killer Brian Laundrie

Serial killer Brian Laundrie: “He’s cut out to be a killer”

Serial killer Brian Laundrie: "Is made to be a killer"
Photo: Instagram

Duane Chapman, made a strong statement against Brian Laundrie assuring that he was always ‘made’ to be a murderer and that he was forging little by little. He assured that no person became a murderer, “overnight”, so there must be a background in the story of the young man.

“He just didn’t become a murderer overnight. A murderer is made, and he is made to be, a murderer. ”, Dog said in an interview highlighting that Brian Laundrie was forging himself with an ‘evil mind’ to later commit murders, unfortunately it was with Gabby Petito that it happened. Filed Under: Serial Killer Brian Laundrie

“He built himself”

Brian Laundrie spoken portrait: "Like a homeless person"
Photo: Instagram

According to the researcher, Brian Laundrie gradually built ‘himself’ so that he could understand and look at ‘the dark side’ of the things he read or saw. According to the researcher, for the fugitive fugitive of the youtuber, there were images of demons everywhere. Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, on various occasions said that they enjoyed the ‘suspense’ and forensic programs.

“He built himself to be that by looking at that kind of, let’s say, the dark side. There are images of demons everywhere ”, concluded Dog for The Sun. Unfortunately, the clues to find Brian Laundrie have been few and there have been hundreds of sightings of the 23-year-old, by different parts of the country.

They reveal what Brian Laundrie looks like three weeks after he disappeared

"99.9% safe"
Photo: Instagram

A famous forensic cartoonist drew a spoken portrait of what Brian Laundrie looks like with a loss of weight for three weeks, where he has tried to escape from the police and according to some sources, he is hiding in a nature reserve where he has experience hiding.

Lois Gibson, the cartoonist, showed exclusively for The Sun, what the suspected suspect in the death of Gabby Petito would look like, who will be more than a month dead. The case that shook the country, continues to talk after the boyfriend of the youtuber, escaped from his house after the authorities declared him a ‘person of interest’.

How could it be seen?

Brian Laundrie Spoken Portrait: How It Could Look
Photo: Instagram

According to The Sun, a famous forensic cartoonist has shared how she thinks Brian Laundrie may look now, after three weeks on the run from the law. Lois Gibson, stated that the boyfriend of the late Gabby Petito, could have lost weight and it would be a little more difficult to recognize him, without having an idea of ​​what he looks like today.

Lois Gibson shared with the popular newspaper a series of sketches showing possible changes in Laundrie’s appearance that the 23-year-old may have intentionally or unintentionally altered. The intention of showing these sketches is to give the audience the opportunity to learn about Laundrie’s appearance and make it easier to find him.

The traits that could stand out

No beard or mustache
Photo: Screenshot The Sun

The cartoonist mentioned that she drew Laundrie with a baseball cap because most people who hide do so using one of these accessories that would make it difficult for the people they face to see their faces. In addition, the constant use of the mask complicates the identification work.

“Since it was expected to be hiding in the wild, it probably suffered a lot of sun damage,” Lois Gibson told The Sun, where she developed the sketches and presented to the public interested in helping capture Gabby Petito’s fiancé. The 23-year-old was reported missing by his relatives.

Lois’s work

"Was the"
Photo: Instagram

The Sun reported that Lois, the artist who was working on the sketches, mentioned that “running around in nature will have a series of specific effects on Laundrie’s appearance,” so she tries to portray him in a way that shows the difference between his appearance in the photographs and how he would look after three weeks interned in nature reserves.

“I have my opinions,” Lois Gibson mentioned to the media, where she showed the different sketches that could indicate the possible appearance of the 23-year-old. “He’s trying to turn it into something of survival, which probably involves camping,” he commented in an interview with The Sun.

Without beard

Brian Laundrie Spoken Portrait: Lois's Work
Photo: Screenshot The Sun

One of Brian Laundrie’s hallmarks is the bushy beard and mustache that he proudly displays in his photographs. Lois, commented that surely the defendant must have modified that aspect of his appearance and that he has probably shaved it. Therefore, it is relevant to know what the man would look like without these distinctive gestures.

“Because his beard and mustache are very, very distinctive, I think he would have shaved pretty quickly.” The artist told The Sun. “He would be crazy if he did not shave because it would be very easy to detect it,” he assured the media about the possible changes that the man has obtained in these months.


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