Gabby Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie pretended to be her while writing some postcards (PHOTOS)

After murdering her? Gabby Petito’s boyfriend did something to ‘throw people off’. Brian Laundrie answered letters to f...

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  • After murdering her? Gabby Petito’s boyfriend did something to ‘throw people off’.
  • Brian Laundrie answered letters to fans of the youtuber.
  • The FBI went to Brian Laundrie’s home to investigate.

A few weeks after the body of Gabby Petito, a famous youtuber who documented her travels in the US, was found, her boyfriend Brian Laundrie continues to be the main suspect of murdering her and although his whereabouts are unknown, more details of ‘his macabre’ actions are coming out.

According to ‘The Sun‘, which posted exclusive information and photographs, Gabby Petito’s boyfriend would have killed the youtuber (although it is not yet confirmed), and then he tried to mislead her fans, answering some letters that the young woman’s followers had sent her.

Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s boyfriend, answered letters by hand

Letters boyfriend Gabby Petito

The Sun

The people in charge of investigating the case of Gabby Petito, highlighted that the postcards and letters that were supposedly sent to fans by the influencer, were written by Brian Laundrie, according to reports from Cassie, the sister of the main suspect in murdering the young woman.

The letters are signed ‘Aunt Gabby’, but various people on the internet are beginning to speculate that they were actually written by Brian Laundrie after he returned from the last place Gabby Petito was seen alive. The above alleging that the letter was different, in addition to the fact that it is not known how they came into the hands of the fugitive’s sister.

Does Brian Laundrie’s sister have anything to do with Gabby Petito’s case?

Brian Laundrie boyfriend Gabby Petito

The sun

In an interview with the Good Morning America show, Cassie, Brian Laundrie’s sister, said that she had not spoken with her brother since he returned alone from the trip as a couple he made with Gabby Petito in the truck they were carrying on September 1.

One of the postcards and letters from the trip had drawings that Gabby supposedly made but the girl’s followers argue that she was a talented girl who knew how to do things better than those postcards show; “How did they get into Cassie’s hands if she was not supposed to have contact with Brian after returning from the trip?” Asked one user.

Gabby Petito’s boyfriend would have responded to the postcards by hand and that raised suspicions

Brian Laundrie boyfriend Gabby Petito

The Sun

Another aspect that raised suspicions was the last Instagram publication that was made on Gabby Petito’s account, as a crucial detail caught the attention of Internet users: in the penultimate photograph that was posted, the youtuber was using photographs of the trip she made.

On the other hand, the last photo was old and wishing ‘Happy Halloween’ to everyone in the middle of September … In addition to the fact that an image where he is aboard the truck in which he was traveling, was used three weeks before and in that he tagged Brian Laundrie, stating that he had access to it.

Letters written boyfriend Gabby Petito

The Sun

On September 23, Wyoming authorities gave the possible cause of death of Gabby Petito as a probable homicide according to a preliminary report, and that same day they issued a federal arrest warrant against Brian Laundrie accusing him in addition to emptying a debit card that was believe it was from the youtuber.

Brian Laundrie’s parents said their 23-year-old son left their Florida home on Sept. 14 to go hiking on the Carlton Reservation in Sarasota, but he has never returned. This week it emerged that the parents of Gabby Petito’s boyfriend also went on a trip 75 miles from their home on September 6.

FBI goes and searches Brian Laundrie’s parents’ house

Brian Laundrie house FBI

The Sun

The Sun also reported that FBI agents arrived at Brian Laundrie’s house to collect different objects that would allow him to trace his scent, news that is revealed at the time that data is investigated from an alleged phone purchased on the day of the young man’s disappearance.

“The FBI went to Laundrie’s house to take certain personal belongings that belong to Brian to help the dogs transmit the young man’s scent and find his whereabouts, it is nothing more than that,” said the attorney for the Steven family. Bertolino. Gabby Petito’s fiancé allegedly bought a phone from an AT&T store on September 14 with a ‘grown woman’, the same day he went on a field trip and did not return.

The investigation by Gabby Petito continues but while Brian Laundrie is at large, they find the body of another man

Letters boyfriend Gabby Petito Brian Laundrie

The Sun

The Fox29 portal reported the discovery of another body in the same place where they found the body of the youtuber Gabby Petito … do these events have a connection? The man had been missing since August and went by the name of Robert Lowery, a businessman.

The authorities reported that the discovery of the body of the man in question happened last Tuesday in Wyoming, where the remains of Gabby Petito were found; Robert ‘Bob’ Lowery was 46 years old and originally from Houston, Texas, and had been missing since August 20.

They find the body of a man where they found Gabby Petito

Robert Lowery


Unfortunately, investigations are still inconclusive on what happened to Robert Lowery, whose body was located in the same area where Gabby Petito was, at the base of Teton Pass, however, it is unknown how long the man had been dead.

The Teton County search and rescue team sent out a press release reporting the discovery of Robert Lowery’s body and based on the wide inspection window to locate Gabby Petito, it is known that this served to find the whereabouts of the businessman.

What is the connection between Gabby Petito and the Robert Lowery case?

Gabby Petito place where Robert Lowery body was found


The statement reads as follows: “The incessant news and media coverage of the Gabby Petito case and her search, helped to bring to light the disappearance of Robert Lowery, as it turned out that at least two people called the authorities to give information about his possible whereabouts ”, you can read.

“The information provided indicated Robert Lowery seen on the Black Canyon Trail, wearing a black baseball cap with a gold belt bag and carrying a suitcase with the Nike logo,” say authorities on the anonymous data of those who reported seeing the man. Filed Under: Brian Laundrie, Boyfriend Gabby Petito

Robert Lowery’s Finding

Robert Lowery found dead where Gabby Petito


As a result of such information provided by anonymous sources also pending on the Gabby Petito case, rescue teams went to the Black Canyon area, a popular hiking and biking trail; divided into 7 teams, together with a rescue dog, they managed to find Robert Lowery’s bag around 1 in the afternoon.

“The volunteers and the search force spent Tuesday night resting to recover, as the search field covered more than 75 miles and 22,500 feet in elevation. The search and rescue team thanks all those who helped and we send sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, ”the statement concluded. Filed Under: Brian Laundrie, Boyfriend Gabby Petito

Robert Lowery’s family reacts to the find

Robert Lowery


Discarding a possible connection to the case From Gabby Petito, Robert Lowery’s family also sent a statement about the sad find: “Bob has been a wonderful father, son, brother and friend. Our family wants to thank the media and those involved in the search, but we need privacy at this difficult time. We have started a fundraising fund for the education of their children ”.

“Bob has been missing since August 20 in the Jackson Hole area. On September 28, the Teton County Sheriff’s Office informed our family of the discovery and death of Robert ‘Bob’ Lowery near the Black Canyon Trail outside of Wilson, Wyoming. Loving father Bob is survived by his two beautiful children Meredith and Luke, and his mother Christelle. Children will have the unconditional love and support of the family; However, in the unexpected tragedy of their dad’s death, we want to make sure the children have the best for their future. In addition to the financial contribution, please know that we have felt your support, unconditional love and prayers for our community, family and friends in this horrible tragedy ”, they conclude. Filed Under: Brian Laundrie, Boyfriend Gabby Petito

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