Borderline Mexico criticizes Alejandra Guzmán for saying that Frida Sofía is sick



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  • Borderline Mexico criticized Alejandra Guzmán’s recent statements
  • The community of people with personality disorder said that this disorder does not make people lie
  • Likewise, the organization explained that the majority of those who suffer from this disorder have experienced abuse in childhood.

After the recent statements by Alejandra Guzmán where she claimed that her daughter Frida Sofía is “sick” and suffers from ‘Borderline,’ the Community of People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), better known as Borderline México, spoke and highlighted that among the symptoms there is not a tendency to lie.

“The community of People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or “Borderline” Mexico, decided to speak out and make our position public after hearing the statements made by Alejandra Guzmán and her family about Frida Sofía’s diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder,” began the statement that has quickly become viral on social media.

Borderline Mexico criticizes Alejandra Guzmán

borderline mexico
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The Borderline Mexico community accused the rock singer of wanting to use a diagnosis to make the complaint of sexual abuse that Frida Sofía has done against her grandfather Enrique Guzmán. It also indicated that the fact of suffering from a disorder, if so, does not exempt a person from being a victim of abuse.

“We want to make public opinion that within the known symptoms of BPD, mythomania, or a tendency to lie, does not stand out. That most of the people who suffer from this personality disorder have a history of abuse in childhood, whether it be physical, psychological and / or sexual abuse, this being one of the factors that contribute to the development of this condition, “wrote the community in the statement.

Most people with the disorder have been abused

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Borderline Mexico assured that Alejandra Guzmán’s comments seek to revictimize not only her daughter Frida Sofía but also all people who suffer from borderline personality disorder. “We point out and reject that our condition is used as ‘evidence’ against statements of abuse, and we make public our support for Frida Sofía,” said the community.

“Wanting to use the diagnosis of this BPD disease to discredit a report of abuse, not only hurts and re-victimizes both the people who have suffered abuse, but also the people who experience a BPD diagnosis, contributing to stigma and paying the misinformation of the disorder ”, assured Borderline México.

Support for Frida Sofía

borderline mexico
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After the release of the statement, netizens were quick to comment on the community’s position and offered their support to Frida Sofía. “Very good for the statement, for the support for Frida. There has to be respect, it is a very sensitive issue, especially for Frida because she decided to speak because she wants to be well, heal and move on, “wrote a follower of the account SpikeGirl2.

“Amazing!! Many people believe Frida, except her mother. Solita Alejandra demonstrated with her interview why the girl is so ‘sick’ well, with that mother, with that family … “, wrote another netizen.

Statements by Alejandra Guzmán would be the last on the subject


“It is good that we talk, that we make the situation that I have lived through so far clear,” was how Alejandra Guzmán began her meeting with Adela Micha, with whom she assured, it will be the last time with whom she deals with the subject of Frida Sofía and her accusation of abuse against his grandfather Enrique. Within the talk was when the rocker confirmed that her daughter suffers from borderline personality disorder and that she considers that she is making all the public fuss because she took away financial aid and also reiterated her support for her father.

In the program Adela told me, the rocker said that complications began when they tried to kidnap Frida Sofía at the age of 12, for which she had to send her to boarding school. According to the singer, at the age of 14 she was diagnosed with borderline personality and assures that since then she has tried to help her, following a medical treatment that often did not end, reported El Universal.

“I tried to give it my best”


“But in the end I tried to give her the best, I gave her an apartment that I hope she enjoys, I gave her a car, she just turned 29 and for two years she has said things about me that are not true, that it has not been possible to verify ”Said Alejandra referring to the alleged relationship that Frida Sofía assures had with her ex-boyfriend Christian Estrada.

The singer points out that if she has not said anything or has sued her it is because she is her daughter, but now she touched her father, the icon of rock and roll in Mexico, who always supported her, but considers that the reason why Frida started to attack the family, is because he stopped giving money for the maintenance of his apartment and medical insurance, with which he “medicated in his own way.”

Alejandra Guzmán: “I can’t help her because I also have my problems”


The Queen of Hearts does not disqualify the 30-year-old, because she assured before the journalist’s cameras that she was in the place where her father is now, being the target of Frida, so the whole family, both Guzmán and Pinal They are worried about what will happen in the future, because the situation has been escalating.

“I don’t know why there is that need to hurt us when I have given him everything, I have done everything, I have gone to all the therapies; I cannot help her because I also have my problems and I try to be sober, which is what I am doing, “the singer assured Adela, who asked her if she is clean of everything and who assured her that she has not fallen into it for two months. alcohol and drugs.

Alejandra Guzmán confesses to being in therapy

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Guzmán explained that what he is experiencing with his daughter has depressed him a lot and that is why he is in therapy. She also confessed that when she sings “I was waiting for you” she makes it unmade, because she considers herself a devastated mother, because she sees her father suffer for something he has not done.

“Today I come to say it and I will never say it again, today I close this chapter, if she wants to open it and accept help in front of a psychoanalyst, in front of a therapist, in front of someone who can help us, go ahead. If this is going to get to the law, hopefully they get to the root of this so that I can help it; that’s the only thing I ask of God because I can’t handle this, I leave it up to him and for him to help me, because it is really very sad to be involved in so much shit… ”, expressed Alejandra Guzmán.

“I forgive her because I know she is sick”


When the interviewer asked her if after the accusation of sexual abuse by her daughter towards her grandfather, she spoke with her famous father, the singer explained that she asked both him and her mother Silvia Pinal and even her half sister Sylvia Pasquel , pointing out that she was only 14 years old when the rock singer and the Mexican film diva got married, something that would have been very attractive for someone with that kind of inclination, however, nothing happened with her or anyone else from the family.

“Please, realize where things come from and if you can help this person, who is my daughter and who I love with all my soul, I do; but I want to put it here, because it is not possible that we are pointed out and judged, that we are crucified with something that I have not done, neither I nor my father and I say it with my heart, because I know him, because I she gave birth, because she gave me life and because I love him, and I also love my daughter and gave her life, and I forgive her because I know that she is ill, because I know that she is not like that ”.

“Maybe that was my mistake, giving him everything”

Frida Sofia Instagram

The singer of “Make love with another” and “Look at it, look at it” commented that it was not fair to give so much weight to a person who is just beginning, because she assures Frida has talent and everything to be happy, she even thought that with everything the young woman gave him he was fine. “Maybe that was my mistake, to give him everything,” said Alejandra Guzmán.

Regarding the possibility of going to look for her, Alejandra commented that since a legal process is already underway that is no longer possible, in addition to that it is a situation that has already exceeded her, because it has been publicly attacked for two years, because for 15 years it began the problem with his daughter, he even supports his father if he wants to proceed legally, all because the truth is discovered and he can be calm.

Alejandra Guzmán said she hoped to solve everything with her daughter

Father Frida Sofía (Instagram)

“She has just turned 29 years old, and for two years, she has said things about me that are not true, that it has not been possible to verify, because how can you verify something that is not true,” said Alejandra Guzmán referring to the accusations of her daughter who had relations are her then boyfriend, Christian Estrada.

“I hope that this has led to a healthy outcome, it is what I wish most, that Frida be calm and look for me at some point, that she knows that she is counting on me and that she knows that I love her, that we can solve all this without the need to do another program more, not sell it, because there is no need for that either ”.

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