Border patrol finds footless migrant hanged near the border with Mexico

A footless migrant hanging from a tree was the terrible discovery of border patrol. The discovery occurred last Thursday and is presumed ...

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  • A footless migrant hanging from a tree was the terrible discovery of border patrol.
  • The discovery occurred last Thursday and is presumed to be a homicide.
  • A photograph taken by the agents shows the discovery.

Border patrol agents found last Thursday the remains of an alleged migrant hanging from a tree near the border with Mexico, which quickly alerted them to a possible homicide, and investigations are already underway.

A very important fact to consider is that the hanging migrant did not have one of his feet, in addition to his body being skeletal and apparently a long piece of cloth was used to kill him, as it was around the man’s neck; border patrol documented everything with a photography.

Border patrol locates migrant hanging from tree

Hanging migrant border patrol
Twitter: The Sun

The portal ‘The Sun’, released the information and certain images of border patrol agents with the impact of the discovery; the hanged migrant was located 80 miles from the Texas-Mexico border… “We had never seen anything like that in the county,” were the words of Brooks Sheriff Benny Martinez.

However, he acknowledged that they have located the bodies of migrants, but under other circumstances: “We found dead migrants in this county, but never anything like this. That’s what Border Patrol agents have to deal with in this area, “he said.

The hanged migrant committed suicide or was it homicide?

Hung migrant
Twitter: The Epoch Times Spanish

However, the way in which the migrant was found hanging indicates that it was not a suicide, but a homicide, since the man’s body was naked, without a foot and with his own shirt around his neck, in addition to presumed to be dead for days.

According to reports from the Brooks Sheriff, the case is being treated as a murder, as identification cards of a man of Mexican origin were also located at the scene; so far the authorities are awaiting the autopsy report.

The hung migrant did not have one of his limbs

Border patrol finds migrant hanged
Twitter: Bles Mundo

Benny Martínez reported that they are also looking for witnesses who can corroborate what happened, although in the area where the hanging migrant was found, it would be difficult to determine if there were people who saw something that could provide clues to the case.

Another important fact that the Brooks County Sheriff in Texas gave was that the number of migrant deaths increased so far in 2021, since 98 people have been found who died since January of which 10 of they died in a car accident.

Border Patrol awaits autopsy on man to determine what happened

Hanging migrant border patrol
Twitter: Univision News

In the words of Benny Martínez, he attributes the increase in the crossings of migrants across the border to the policy of the Biden government, which is being a bit more ‘permissive’: “I can only suspect, or I can assume that it is due to the rhetoric of the current administration, that (migrants) can enter… ”, he assured.

Despite the fact that last year 34 deaths were recorded in that Brooks County, the finding of the migrant hanging near the border with Mexico, has been the only case that is suspected as homicide, that is, that it is investigated merely as a crime .

Border patrol finds migrant hanging from tree

Border patrol locates hanged migrant
Twitter: La Prensa Panama

Managing illegal immigration in the United States has become a daunting task for the authorities. This is how in Texas, a judge frees 220 immigrants, while the Border Patrol captures another 100 illegal immigrants in safe houses.

More than 220 immigrants, mostly Haitians, were detained based on the border security policy of Texas Governor Greg Abbott; But this Tuesday a state judge decided to turn the situation around by ordering the immediate release of these people.

Judge frees 220 immigrants, while Border Patrol captures another 100

Judge frees 220 immigrants, while Border Patrol captures another 100
Photo: AP

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, an organization that defends the displaced, filed a lawsuit over the arrest of the immigrants. State Judge Roland Andrade responded to the lawsuit by asking that they be released after they had been arrested for more than a month without being charged with any crime.

The organization is defending immigrants accused of minor crimes, such as having raided land to enter the country, and in their arguments they have cited violations of state law and constitutional rights to due process, EFE reported.

Release them immediately

Judge frees 220 immigrants, while Border Patrol captures another 100
Photo: AP

In this case, the judge ruled in favor of the defendants because according to Texas law if the prosecution does not press charges quickly, the defendants of misdemeanors must be released without even setting a bond.

The organization reached an agreement with the Val Verde County prosecutor’s office to release about 55 immigrants and another agreement with the Kinney County prosecutors to release 168 more, some had spent even more than 30 days in prison without being charges will be brought against them, explained Kristen Etter, an attorney for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid.

Abbott’s rules

Photo: GettyImages

Abbott has implemented strict policies to try to stop illegal immigration, while strongly criticizing the Biden administration. In fact, with the indiscriminate increase in immigrants trying to cross the Texas border in recent months, Abbott decided to declare a state of emergency.

He has also ordered the arrest and misdemeanor charges of migrants as part of his plan to strengthen border security. At the end of August, the Texas authorities already counted more than 500 detained immigrants.

Border Patrol detains 100 immigrants

Kamala Harris Mexico Guatemala
Photo: Getty Images

While some are released, Border Patrol agents in the Laredo, Texas sector discover two safe houses in less than 24 hours and end up detaining about 100 more illegal immigrants.

This Tuesday, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that in a first house, located on September 23 by agents of the Laredo South Station of the Border Patrol and local forces, they detained more than 50 illegal immigrants from Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras.

Latin American immigrants


In the second house, located on September 24 by agents from the Laredo Norte Station, they found more than 40 undocumented immigrants from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, who were also detained, EFE reported.

The CBP said that “the poor conditions typically found in safe houses can constitute a conducive ground for the spread of communicable diseases” and added that the immigrants found did not have adequate protective equipment against covid-19, but they provided it. . Judge frees 220 immigrants, while Border Patrol captures another 100.

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