TV star Big Ed was shot while on a date in Mexico

Big Ed, the star of 90 Day Fiancé suffered an injury while on a date. The TV star announced that he traveled to Mexico to meet a young wo...

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  • Big Ed, the star of 90 Day Fiancé suffered an injury while on a date.
  • The TV star announced that he traveled to Mexico to meet a young woman.
  • Big Ed said that he was shot while they were in a restaurant.

DISASTER DATE. A television star went on a rather unusual date when he traveled from San Diego to Mexico to meet a young woman. The star of 90 Day Fiancé was with his date in a restaurant when some people entered the place and began shooting at everyone.

Big Ed said that he was surprised by the outcome of his date and added that he didn’t expect to encounter a dangerous situation just eating out at a restaurant. Big Ed also said that he was excited about his date but that he took the violent turn of events as a sign.


Photo: Instagram

Big Ed, star of 90 Day Fiancé, said that he had had an extraordinary date when he traveled to Mexico to meet a young woman he had been chatting with. He stated that he was quite nervous after the time he’d traveled to another country to meet a woman things hadn’t worked out. But he certainly never imagined anything like this would happen.

In an interview with ABC, the television star said that during their date, some armed men entered the place where they were eating and began shooting. Big Ed, was quite shocked by what happened and said that he had actually been shot but that he wasn’t badly hurt.

TV star shot on a date in Mexico: What happened?

Estrella TV shot Mexico: What happened?
Photo: Instagram

During the interview, the reality star discussed everything he had risked by getting on a plane to meet the young woman. He was hoping they would have the dream date they had talked about.  Big Ed is known for appearing in the series 90 Day: The Single Life where he became popular for the dates he had and the relationships he formed on the show.

In one episode of the reality show, he stated that he was ready to talk about the frightening experience he had in Mexico. The man reported that he had been shot and wounded during the filming of one of the dates he had with Kaory, the 38-year-old woman he had been texting with. Filed Under: Estrella TV shot Mexico

Star TV shot on a date in Mexico: People rushed to help

Star TV shot Mexico: They ran to help
Photo: Instagram

According to ABC, Big Ed mentioned that he was quite excited during the meeting with Kaory but they were interrupted when gunmen entered the establishment and started shooting. He commented that his first instinct was to run grab his date and run away but things didn’t go as planned.

In the episode that aired, it is possible to see how their date was abruptly interrupted. In the images, two women can be seen in the background telling the cameras to cut off before the shots are heard. The women who warned everyone in the restaurant were part of the show’s production team.

TV star shot on a date in Mexico: Was he injured?

TV star shot Mexico: Was he injured?
Photo: Instagram

The episode that was aired shows the disastrous date between Ed and Kaory and how they had to run to safety but they don’t show the moment he was shot. A month before the episode came out, Ed mentioned that he had been wounded by a bullet in a foreign country and that it had been one of the “most extreme” dates he had ever had.

“Oh my gosh,” the woman named Kaory said as she and Ed ran along with the show’s cameramen and producers. “Oh Jesus Christ, it cannot be,” the star’s date was heard saying. Fortunately, the police arrived at the scene and it that was when the video ended. Filed Under: Estrella TV shot Mexico

TV star shot on a date in Mexico: America’s Got Talent star found dead

America's Got Talent star found dead
PHOTO Twitter

Skilyr Hicks’ mother revealed that her daughter had previously struggled with mental health issues, as well as depression and substance abuse. She didn’t specify what drugs her daughter may have used, according to the outlet quoted by The Sun. “She will live through her music,” said the grieving mother.

The entertainment world is in mourning again after the deaths of Skilyr Hicks and a young singer who suffered from a terrible disease. On the night of December 7, Hispanic artist Franciskao El Diex died in the middle of a soccer game, according to local media. Filed Under: Estrella TV shot Mexico

America’s Got Talent star dies in a tragic way

America's Got Talent star died in the worst way

PHOTO Twitter

The Sun noted that the America’s Got Talent star rose to fame in 2013 at age 14. She impressed the judging panel consisting of Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern by performing an original song.

She made it to the next round and shared a heartbreaking story during her time on the show. According to The Sun, the young woman revealed that her father died years before her audition, she also said that, “he made some bad decisions,” so she had not seen him in recent years. Filed Under: Estrella TV shot Mexico

Skilyr Hicks’ father made ‘bad decisions’ before he died

America's Got Talent star died in the worst way
PHOTO Twitter

“The last time I saw him, I remember that he walked away and was crying,” said the young artist according to The Sun. Perhaps it was the loss of her father that led her to become a music star, as after his funeral, Skilyr Hicks wrote her first song.

“It’s like a message that came too late for my dad, but I know that if he could see me now he would be very proud of me,” said the young singer according to the report. She also taught herself to play the guitar, write songs and sing.

Singer found dead in a friend’s house had a ‘murky past’

The singer found dead in a friend's house had a 'murky past'
PHOTO Twitter

Sadly, the young singer was found dead at a friend’s house and did not make it to her live shows that were to take place in New York, according to The Sun. That was not the first tragedy in her short life, as years after leaving the program, she had some ‘unfortunate encounters’.

According to the British newspaper, she was arrested for underage drinking. Subsequently, she spent time in prison for a family fight. Her mother and four brothers mourn the loss of the promising musician who appeared on one of the most iconic shows on television.

Another tragedy shakes the music world

The singer found dead in a friend's house had a 'murky past'
PHOTO Twitter

Another tragedy struck the music world. Francisco Alberto de Meza, better known as “Franciskao El Diex” died on December 7 while playing a soccer game on a field in Costa del Este in his native Panama, according to local newspaper Día a día. Apparently the young singer collapsed in the middle of the game.

“Franciskao El Diex” received cardiopulmonary resuscitation after collapsing on the field, however, it was useless and he was declared dead at the San Miguel Arcángel hospital. The young singer had thousands of followers on Instagram.

Was the death of the Hispanic artist a joke?

Was the death of the Hispanic artist a joke?
PHOTO Instagram

Social media was immediately filled with messages after the death of “Franciskao El Diex”. Many of his acquaintances and followers thought that it was a joke because of the singer’s personality. “This one I’m not going to forgive you. I don’t understand,” wrote Nelva Yaritzel Saldana Sanchez, a Panamanian influencer on Instagram.

“I’m trying to think it’s one of his crazy jokes. Right now you are leaving us just like it was nothing. My crazy Frank. How many years, how many moments and how many more were yet to come,” could be read in the message dedicated to the singer “Franciskao El Diex” after his death.

“I’m just mad at you for all this.”

"I'm just mad at you for all of this"
PHOTO Instagram

“I still feel you with us and I don’t want it to be false. I don’t know how I feel, I don’t know how I am. I’m just mad at you for all this,” Nelva’s message ends. The singer’s social media was also filled with messages and condolences after the news.

“Today we are here, tomorrow we don’t know, strength to his relatives and closest friends.” “I can’t believe it. Rest in Peace Diex.” “Someone tell me it’s a lie.” “I’m waiting for someone to come out and say it’s a lie.”

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