Biden would not share the vaccine supply even if asked by AMLO

Biden would not share the vaccine supply even if asked by AMLO This Monday they will have their first virtual meeting and the president o...

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  • Biden would not share the vaccine supply even if asked by AMLO
  • This Monday they will have their first virtual meeting and the president of Mexico is expected to make several requests
  • AMLO announced that he would ask for a ‘legal way’ for immigrants to work in the United States

Biden would not share the supply of vaccines against the coronavirus, even if requested by AMLO in the first virtual meeting between the presidents of Mexico and the United States.

Despite the fact that the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, plans to ask him at his first bilateral meeting this Monday, the democrat it was forceful.

Asked whether Biden was considering sharing part of the US COVID-19 vaccine supply with Mexico, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki responded with a resounding “no” at her daily press conference.

Biden AMLO vaccines, virtual meeting

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“No, the president has made it clear that he is focused on ensuring that vaccines are accessible to all Americans. That is our focus ”, he assured.

Then, “the next step is economic recovery, and that will be ensuring that our neighbors, Mexico and Canada, handle the pandemic in a similar way, so that we can open our borders and rebuild better,” he explained, “but our focus, the focus It’s up to the Administration to make sure all Americans are vaccinated. “

“And once we have met that goal, we will be happy to talk about steps beyond that,” he stressed.

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This Monday, López Obrador reported that he will ask in his first bilateral meeting with Biden, that it will be virtual due to the pandemic, the United States to open the sale of covid-19 vaccines.

López Obrador acknowledged in his daily press conference that he has already asked Biden to allow US pharmaceutical companies to distribute the vaccine to Mexico, which has a contract for 34.4 million doses from Pfizer.

“Yes, and maybe there is already an answer, if he considers that the issue should be discussed because we also do not want to impose an agenda, we have to be respectful, but it is an issue that matters a lot to us, as is understood,” he expressed in Palacio National.

During their first meeting, both leaders plan to talk about the vaccine against covid-19, migration, security, climate change and the new trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

Biden AMLO vaccines, virtual meeting


López Obrador and Biden held their first phone call as heads of state on January 22, when it emerged that the Mexican president asked him for access to the covid-19 vaccines that are produced in the United States, something that he himself confirmed this Monday. .

The Mexican president has questioned that the vaccines that Mexico acquired from Pfizer and BioNTech are produced in a plant in Belgium, because the US has required its pharmaceutical companies to reserve production within its territory.

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“Although Pfizer also produces vaccines in the United States, they are sent to us from Europe,” López Obrador recalled this Monday, Efe points out.

In addition to the Pfizer doses, Mexico has committed 79.4 million from the British AstraZeneca, 35 million from the Chinese CanSino, 24 million from the Russian Sputnik V, 10 million from the Chinese Sinovac and 51.4 million from the Organization’s program World Health Organization (WHO).

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The Biden government has granted emergency use authorization to vaccines from three companies, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

AMLO has announced that during the virtual meeting, scheduled for 4:30 pm EST, he intends to propose to Biden a new “Bracero” immigrant labor program.

Biden AMLO vaccines, virtual meeting

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The same that could allow 600,000 to 800,000 Mexican and Central American immigrants to work annually with legal authorization in the United States.

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