Biden will seek to end ‘lengthy’ detentions of immigrant families

The President Will Seek To End Detentions Of Immigrant Families Now the president could seek that the arrests last this maximum of time I...

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  • The President Will Seek To End Detentions Of Immigrant Families
  • Now the president could seek that the arrests last this maximum of time
  • It could also ‘end’ the detention centers for families

The President Joe Biden will seek to end the ‘long’ arrests of immigrant families, according to a judicial brief obtained by the chain NBC.

In addition, the Biden administration would seek to limit the time they can be held in immigration detention centers to a maximum of 72 hours. In the document, presented on Friday night before a federal court, the president confirms his plans to end the practice, in line with what had been advanced in recent days, indicates Efe.

What is Biden’s goal?

The goal is to convert all family detention centers into processing facilities where immigrants who cross the border without documents will be held for up to three days while they plan their appearances before a judge, are tested for COVID-19, or their transfer to shelters is managed.

This week, all the migrants who had remained, some for more than a year, in a Pennsylvania detention center, which is going to stop housing families, were released.

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The other two operational family detention centers, under the Biden government, will be used to process undocumented families and keep them in custody for up to 72 hours, according to the document.

Centers of this type began to be used under the Barack Obama Administration and their use was expanded under the Donald Trump administration.

Among other things, the number of asylum seekers being held in these types of facilities increased instead of being allowed to live in the United States.

‘Huge’ difference from Trump’s presidency

In 2019, with Trump in power, a total of 851,508 immigrants were detained by US authorities after they crossed the border irregularly, including 76,020 minors.
May of that marked a record of arrests, with 132,856 cases.

This situation led Trump to declare an emergency at the border and to implement a series of measures such as the separation of families and the return of asylum seekers to Mexico which, combined with the so-called “Title 42”, a provision issued as part of the response of his Government to the COVID-19 pandemic, managed to stop the flow of migrants, indicates Efe.

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Now, with the expectation of a more relaxed immigration policy by Biden, crossings from the Mexican border have increased significantly, both by families and unaccompanied minors.

More than 300 unaccompanied minors a day have been detained in recent weeks by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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Biden celebrates ‘breakthrough’ on his promises

On the other hand, President Joe Biden celebrated this Saturday the approval in the Senate of the stimulus plan of 1.9 trillion dollars to alleviate the economic devastation caused by the pandemic, which represents the first legislative victory of the Democratic president since he arrived at the power in january.

“Today I can say that we have taken a giant step forward to fulfill the promise I made to Americans when I came to power 45 days ago that aid was on the way,” Biden said in a speech from the White House after the Senate approve the rescue package.

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