Biden stimulus will not include salary increase

Biden stimulus will not include salary increase The decision represents the first blow to this stimulus of 1.9 trillion dollars The expec...

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  • Biden stimulus will not include salary increase
  • The decision represents the first blow to this stimulus of 1.9 trillion dollars
  • The expected salary increase is ‘left out’ of Biden’s package

Biden’s stimulus will not include a salary increase. The progressive and long-awaited goal should be removed from the huge Democratic-pushed COVID-19 relief bill.

The finding of Elizabeth MacDonough, an arbitrator who does not allow any party, comes as Democrats prepare for the House’s approval on Friday of an initial version of the $ 1.9 billion package, The Associated Press reports.

Increase to the minimum wage

This decision would lead Democrats to make “politically painful decisions about what to do next with the federal minimum wage,” an issue that has long caused internal party “rifts”.

Senate aides confirmed the decision to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because it had not yet been released. The rejected proposal would gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $ 15 over five years, well above the $ 7.25 that has been in law since 2009.

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Plan B?

However, Democrats have signaled that they could still pursue the long-awaited increase in the minimum wage in a separate law or other legislation by the end of this year, The Associated Press says. Democrats could choose “to break decades of precedents in the Senate, ignore the opinion of the parliamentarian and keep the minimum wage provision in the bill with their 51 votes,” reveals the news agency.

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But strategies like that are conflicting for many Senate traditionalists like Biden, a 36-year veteran of the Upper House, and would provoke “tit-for-tat retaliation from Republicans,” according to the AP.

They seek to approve the expected aid on Friday

Democrats seek to approve Biden’s help in the House of Representatives this Friday, so that it immediately goes to the Senate and reaches Biden’s desk as soon as possible.

The $ 1.9 trillion stimulus would authorize a third round of coronavirus relief checks, yet it faces strong republican opposition in Congress, where the Democratic lead is very “fragile.”

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The urgency to approve the project contemplates that in March the unemployment aid ends. “The American people support this bill, and we are moving rapidly to make it law,” said the House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, in a statement obtained by The opinion.

The long-awaited bill has been accused of being costly and “harmful” to the country. However, it provides multiple grants for millions of Americans, including a third check for $ 1,400.

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How is the stimulus progressing in Congress?

Although it made way for approval by the House Budget Committee, it now faces a series of “complications” and strong Republican opposition in Congress.

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The possible increase to the minimum wage could be ‘left out’ of the aid promoted by Biden, due to a rule in Congress that was analyzed by a nonpartisan Senate referee.

Biden’s stimulus had to use a “trick” in Congress to be approved through a “budget reconciliation,” according to the Los Angeles newspaper. The opinion.

The same “budget reconciliation” requiring only a simple majority, which Democrats could achieve with the help of Vice President Kamala Harris in the Senate.

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