Biden still ahead of 10% over Trump according to poll

A recent poll shows Democratic candidate Joe Biden with the biggest advantage yet Released statistics show Biden almost 13% ahead of Pres...

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  • A recent poll shows Democratic candidate Joe Biden with the biggest advantage yet
  • Released statistics show Biden almost 13% ahead of President Trump
  • There are 20 days until the US presidential elections.

According to the presidential poll tracker from the University of Southern California, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has the biggest advantage over President Donald Trump so far. Nexstar.

Statistics released on October 12 show former Vice President Biden with an advantage of nearly 13 points over President Trump, according to Nate Cohn of the New York Times.

The results of the most recent survey of Real Clear Politics show Biden with a 10-point lead over Trump. Likewise, ABC and Washington Post polls showed Biden with a 12-point lead.

Biden lead in survey over 10 percent

Photo: Twitter.

Biden is in the lead, although it seems that luck is not cast on Florida.

The Democratic White House candidate’s lead over President Donald Trump in voting intentions in Florida rose to 4 points in October, one point more than in September, but the die is not yet cast in this decisive state, according to a poll posted on Tuesday.

51% of those surveyed by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Demographic Initiative (FAU BEPI) indicated that if the elections were now instead of November 3, they would vote for Biden, compared to 47% who say they would would do for Trump (49-46% in September), according to the Efe agency.

Pollsters warn, however, that the margin of error is +/- 3.8% and that among those who said they were going to vote for Biden or Trump, 8% said they can still change their vote.

Biden is widely preferred among women (56% vs. 40%) and Trump is preferred by men (54% vs. 44%).

The former Democratic vice president, who will participate in a campaign rally in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida today, began to lead Trump in these FAU BEPI polls last May.

In the March poll, the month the COVID-19 pandemic began in Florida, Trump was preferred, with 51% versus 49% of voting intentions.

In October Floridians are more concerned about the economy (38%) than anything else.

The new coronavirus (18%), healthcare (17%), and racism and equality (11%) are the next issues of concern.

For 44% of those surveyed, Trump’s response to the pandemic has been good or excellent, while for 50% it has been bad or terrible.

Among those who say that the economy is paramount, 80% are with Trump and among those who see the coronavirus as the number one priority, 92% are with Biden.

“The economy and the coronavirus are key issues for voters and if the perception of both issues changes, so can the sense of the vote,” says Mónica Escaleras, director of FAU BEPI.

Kevin Wagner, professor of political science at FAU, thinks Biden is captivating older voters, which may be a deciding factor in defeating Trump.

“Biden is still more attractive to older voters than Hillary Clinton was in 2016 and that may be what makes a difference in Florida,” he stressed.

Trump’s approval fell from 47% in September to 44% in October in Florida and disapproval went from 43% to 48%.

The poll was conducted by an automated landline and cell phone response system of 644 potential Florida voters between October 9 and 19.

Florida is one of the states where the November 3 elections are being the tightest and at the same time one of the most coveted, as it grants 29 votes in the electoral college, which is the one that finally decides who is the winner.

President Trump and his Democratic rival will participate this Thursday separately in simultaneous electoral gatherings in which they will answer questions from the public, after canceling the face-to-face debate that was supposed to take place today, with only 20 days left until the elections.

The 74-year-old Trump, who is seeking re-election and lagging behind in national polls, declined to participate in a second debate against Biden, 77, when organizers decided that it should be held virtually for security reasons. , after the ruler was infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Instead, this Thursday, at 8 pm EST, Trump will attend a meeting with voters organized by the television network NBC, and at the same time Biden will be in a similar gathering on the ABC network.

Biden’s campaign had called for greater precautions for a second debate by the two candidates after Trump announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus, and spent three days at Walter Reid Naval Hospital, where he received treatment. .

The Presidential Debate Commission then proposed that the confrontation be carried out on televised circuits, with the candidates located in remote locations, but Trump said then that he did not want to “waste time” in a virtual discussion with Biden.

There is still a third debate between the two, on October 22, but it is not fully confirmed that it will be held or in what format.

In its first debate, on September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio, it was characterized by continuous interruptions and the inability to fully address issues of concern to voters.

The RealClearPolitics website, which carries out an average of nationwide polls, today shows Biden with an advantage of at least 9.8 percentage points over Trump, and the CNN television network has projected that the Democratic candidate already surpasses 270 votes necessary in the Electoral College to win the election.

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