Biden is said to have regained the momentum to approve Immigration Reform

Biden is said to have regained the momentum to approve the Immigration Reform and give papers to immigrants. The ambitious reform require...

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  • Biden is said to have regained the momentum to approve the Immigration Reform and give papers to immigrants.
  • The ambitious reform requires Democratic and Republican support in the Senate.
  • To obtain citizenship, a series of essential requirements is necessary.

Biden is said to have regained the momentum to pass the Immigration Reform and give papers to immigrants. After the immigration crisis that broke out on the border with Mexico due to the arrival of thousands of undocumented immigrants, Joe Biden’s Immigration Reform could gain momentum.

According to experts, once the ‘worst’ of the migratory crisis on the southern border of the United States has been overcome before the arrival of thousands of unaccompanied children, the president could regain momentum and get the Immigration Reform to grant their papers to millions.

Has Biden forgotten about Immigration Reform?

Joe Biden's Immigration Reform
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Experts urge the Biden administration to resume its bid to pass major system-changing legislative measures like Joe Biden’s Immigration Reform. According to Efe, in recent weeks, the White House has given hope to millions of undocumented immigrants.

Several measures by the White House, according to Efe, have restored faith to activists and experts on Biden’s promise to have immigration as one of his priorities, along with the fight against the coronavirus and the economic recovery of the United States.

New TPS, a harbinger for the Reformation?

Joe Biden's Immigration Reform

The 18-month extension to the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians, avoiding the deportation of more than 100,000 people, according to Efe, and became the hope that activists have returned to the charge asking the president for the return of the Immigration Reform.

“The Biden Administration is reclaiming its position on immigration,” America’s Voice director Frank Sharry said in a statement. He added that the latest actions by the Democratic government are presented as “a reminder of the importance of the elections.”

Could Crisis at the Border ‘Destroy’ Immigration Reform?

Joe Biden's Immigration Reform
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One of the most important points of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was the long-awaited Immigration Reform. The then candidate had promised to fix the immigration system, a proposal totally opposed to the hard line of now former President Donald Trump, Efe points out.

From the first day of his presidency, Biden presented a proposal for Immigration Reform that he was willing to negotiate, but the overwhelming arrival of minors to the southern border was presented as an ally for Republicans, who are trying to avoid actions in favor of immigration.

Republicans against Immigration Reform, will they be able to avoid it?

Joe Biden's Immigration Reform
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Esteban Garcés, co-executive director of the Latinx Power, warned in a statement that Republicans in Congress “conjure up false news about the border” in order to prevent it from being approved. The rain of criticism from Republican senators and governors wanted to show that Biden had no control of the border, Efe points out.

However, they have managed to overcome the worst of the crisis and simultaneously make other decisions such as the closure of two notorious detention centers, including the Irwin, Georgia facility, where forced sterilizations were carried out on migrant women.

When will the Immigration Reform pass?

Joe Biden's Immigration Reform
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The president also raised the refugee limit to 62,500, as originally promised, and began to reunify families separated by the government of his predecessor, says Efe. However, many wonder when Joe Biden’s Immigration Reform would be passed.

Angélica Salas, director of the Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants (CHIRLA), warned Efe that “this is the moment to be fearless, shrewd, fair, humanitarian, and act firmly to achieve what in more than 30 years it has not been achieved due to politicking and xenophobia ”.

Four proposals to give citizenship

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He added that “the majority of the American people support immigration reform and President Biden knows it,” according to Efe. For his part, Frank Sharry, director of America’s Voice stresses that now that the Biden Administration has returned to the offensive.

“It is time to put the pedal to the metal,” said the activist. Currently, Congress has at least four proposals that would allow the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States to be granted papers and thus open a path to citizenship.

Who would benefit from Joe Biden’s Immigration Reform?

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The broadest initiative is Joe Biden’s Immigration Reform, called the American Citizenship Act 2021, which would legalize some 11 million undocumented people who comply with a series of essential requirements to receive the benefits.

Activist Angélica Salas argues that “the undocumented are ready to contribute more to this nation when new paths to legalization and citizenship are established.” “Nobody loses with a fair action; we all win, ”he said.

Not everyone qualifies for the reform

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Not Everyone Qualifies: These are the key requirements to get your papers with the immigration reform proposed by President Joe Biden. The bill that the Democrats are pushing in Congress would benefit millions, but it would also ‘leave out’ those who do not meet the conditions.

The new US Citizenship Act has reached Congress, but there is still “a long way” to go before it can grant citizenship for millions of immigrants who have lived without documents in the United States and who have been “waiting” for their papers for several years.

Requirements for Immigration Reform

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One of the main requirements to be eligible is to have arrived or be living in the country before January 1, 2021, so any immigrant who arrived later will not qualify for citizenship through Biden’s immigration reform.

Any immigrant who does not meet the key requirements, that is, who has not been present in the country before this date, would not be able to access the benefits of immigration reform. In addition, some documents to verify the stay of the undocumented.

These immigrants would be excluded from the benefits of the Immigration Reform

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The ambitious immigration reform that Biden sent to Congress also contemplates a series of background checks as requirements, which if not ‘approved’ by immigrants would also be a reason that would leave them out of the benefits of the historic immigration reform.

Having been convicted of three or more misdemeanors is one reason they would be out. This, excluding “the simple possession of cannabis or any crime involving cannabis, which is no longer prosecutable in the state in which the conviction was entered”, according to the bill.

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