Biden Makes Coronavirus Prediction for Summer

Biden Makes Coronavirus Prediction for Summer In addition, he launched a petition for Americans Will the pandemic finally end? The presid...

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  • Biden Makes Coronavirus Prediction for Summer
  • In addition, he launched a petition for Americans
  • Will the pandemic finally end?

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, made a prediction for this summer regarding the situation the country is in due to coronavirus. The president also launched a petition to millions of Americans to make his prediction come true.

“I have worked very hard to make sure we have over 600 million doses of vaccine… we will continue to make sure it is available. We are also going to increase that number in all areas,” said the president before making the prediction about the coronavirus.

President Biden Releases Summer Coronavirus Prediction

Biden prediction coronavirus, summer, pandemic
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The democrat acknowledged the great doubt that exists regarding what percentage of US citizens should be vaccinated to achieve herd or ‘herd’ immunity or to what extent vaccines would prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

However, Biden released a prediction about the coronavirus by assuring that by the end of this summer, the United States would be in a “very different position” speaking of the number of people who would be vaccinated against the new coronavirus, according to The Hill.

Biden says he will take care of “all Americans” first

Biden prediction coronavirus, summer, pandemic

Noting that he would increase vaccine doses “across the board,” President Biden also released a prediction on coronavirus vaccines for the summer: “So we can also help other nations once we take care of all Americans.” , said according to the American media.

Although the percentage of people who should be vaccinated against the coronavirus to be able to ‘end’ this pandemic is unknown, Biden continued to plead with Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Biden launches plea for ‘prediction’ on coronavirus

Biden prediction coronavirus, summer, pandemic

“There is a debate about what constitutes herd immunity. It is 70 percent of the population, it is 68 percent, it is 81 percent… At this moment, all the people of 16 years or more do not have to wait in line, they can present themselves and get vaccinated now, “said the President.

Following this, President Biden said: “My request to all: Get vaccinated now. Thanks”. The White House has accelerated the rate of vaccination in the country, achieving that 56% of the adult population in the United States has received at least one dose of the vaccine, The Hill said, citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Disease Prevention (CDC).

Will Biden keep his ‘promise’ on coronavirus?

Biden prediction coronavirus, summer, pandemic

Biden’s comments come as July 4 approaches, and is that the president had promised to vaccinate as many people as possible so that Americans could enjoy this holiday in a “normal” way, recalls The Hill.

It seems that normality could be close, and that is that New York announced this Monday that it will lift most of the restrictions imposed on bars, restaurants, theaters or museums by COVID-19 and that the metro in the Big Apple will operate again at 24 hours of the day.

New York gears up for ‘normalcy’


The measures are one more step in the return to normal strategy that the city and state of New York plan to deploy in the coming weeks and which is expected to culminate with a full reopening by July 1 at the latest, it says. Eph.

Still, businesses will have to ensure that there is enough space for customers to maintain adequate separation. Some restaurants will not have to meet that requirement if they have barriers that separate the tables.

When will ‘normalcy’ return?

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The state governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced in a press conference that as of May 19, the restrictions that have affected the hospitality, leisure and many other businesses such as retail stores, gyms or hairdressers will be ended.

The new rules in New York are coordinated with the neighboring states of New Jersey and Connecticut, and also raise the limit of participants in outdoor meetings from 200 to 500 people and indoors from 100 to 250, says Efe.

What will the ‘return to normality’ look like after the coronavirus pandemic?

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The distance will not be a problem in those spaces or events in which all people are required to present proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test, says Efe. Large venues, from stadiums to theaters, may exceed these figures the limit of participants.

The above, only if they require vaccination tests or negative tests and have space to maintain the required distances. As of May 19, large spaces will be able to operate with a capacity of 30 percent of their capacity, compared to the current 10 percent.

“COVID-19 is on the decline in New York City”

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Meanwhile, as of May 17, the New York subway will operate again 24 hours a day, ending night closings due to coronavirus. New York began closing the subway for several hours every night just over a year ago.

“Covid-19 is on the decline in New York City and across the state, and as we shift our focus to rebuilding our economy, helping businesses and getting people back to work, it’s time to return to full capacity on the subway, ”Cuomo said.

They will keep using a mask

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The restrictions began when the pandemic was at its highest point, in order to facilitate the disinfection and daily cleaning of the wagons, indicates Efe. For months, the New York subway closed between 1 and 5 in the morning and currently it closes between 2 and 4.

According to the authorities, the wagons will continue to be disinfected despite the return to continuous operations and the use of masks will remain mandatory. The number of users of the New York subway plummeted up to 95% during the pandemic.

It will never ‘be the same’

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Collective transport has been progressively recovering and on April 8, two million trips were exceeded for the first time in a single day, according to Efe. The figures, however, are still far from the levels that existed before the pandemic.

Before the coronavirus, the average on weekdays was about 5.5 million trips a day. The governor of New York defended this Monday that the complete reopening of the subway will help workers, businesses and families as the city recovers its activity.

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