Biden urges local governments to provide aid before the end of the eviction moratorium

This Saturday the US eviction moratorium is set to expire. Biden urged state and local authorities to provide new aid. Millions of famili...

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  • This Saturday the US eviction moratorium is set to expire.
  • Biden urged state and local authorities to provide new aid.
  • Millions of families are at risk of being homeless after the end of the important benefit granted due to the pandemic crisis.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, called on Friday to state and local governments to adopt measures to “immediately” disburse aid to help families affected by the pandemic pay their rent, before the “imminent” end of the eviction moratorium, which is set to expire this Saturday, July 31, reported the news agency Eph.

A day after he urged Congress to act to prevent millions of families from being left homeless by ending the eviction moratorium, Biden said in a statement that “there can be no excuse for any state or locality not to accelerate funding to the owners and tenants who have been affected during this pandemic.”

Eviction moratorium ends

moratorium on evictions
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Biden asked to avoid all possible evictions and pointed out that “there is no barrier to the moratorium at the state and local level,” according to the aforementioned news agency on Friday night.

The call was made known while in the Lower House of Congress an initiative led by the Democrats to extend the moratorium until October 18, due to the lack of support from the Republicans, was wrecked.

They ask Republicans to avoid a “crisis” before the end of the moratorium on evictions

moratorium on evictions
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In a statement, the Democrats led by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, “strongly” asked their Republican colleagues to reconsider their position and asked them to avoid an “eviction crisis across the country.”

The White House alerted Thursday of the imminent expiration of the moratorium issued during the coronavirus pandemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in English).

The option to extend a moratorium on evictions is “no longer available”

moratorium on evictions
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In late June, the CDC extended the moratorium until July 31, but White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki warned that option is “no longer available” due to a decision last month by the US Supreme Court. .

In that sentence, explained the spokesperson cited by Efe, the highest judicial authority in the United States indicated that “a clear and specific authorization from Congress (through new legislation)” would be necessary to renew that moratorium on evictions.

State and local governments received emergency rental assistance funds

moratorium on evictions
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The Supreme Court ruled after a federal judge declared the national moratorium on evictions invalid in May, considering that the CDC exceeded its powers when they imposed that relief.

Biden said state and local governments began receiving emergency rental assistance funds in February and were eligible for another $ 21.5 billion as part of his Administration’s proposed $ 1.9 trillion rescue plan and that the Congress approved last March.

Only nine states have approved any protection for tenants after the end of the moratorium on evictions

moratorium on evictions
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The Washington Post newspaper said on Friday that only nine states and the District of Columbia, where Washington is located, have approved some type of emergency protection for tenants that will be in effect until next August.

The publication added that the $ 46.5 billion fund set aside in renter assistance has been “painfully slow to get off the ground” and that some states and counties have not been able to spend “even a dollar” of those resources.

Biden advocates passing immigration reform with only Democratic votes

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On the other hand, President Joe Biden supported on Thursday that the Democrats approve their immigration reform, currently stalled in Congress, through a legislative mechanism known as reconciliation that allows them to do without Republicans, reported the Efe agency.

To do this, the Democrats have to include the regularization massive within a package of social spending of 3.5 trillion dollars to which the Republicans oppose en bloc, reported the Efe agency.

Biden and his immigration reform

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Reconciliation is a mechanism extraordinary legislative that allows passing economic bills with a simple majority of 50 votes, exactly those that Democrats have in the Senate, instead of the 60 that are normally required.

Biden made this announcement after meeting in the White House with Vice President Kamala Harris and a group of Democratic legislators who are promoting in Congress the long-awaited immigration reform.

Path to citizenship

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Biden and Harris “expressed strong support for including immigration reform in the upcoming reconciliation legislation,” the White House said in a statement. The president said that in this way, various immigrant groups will be able to “obtain long-awaited paths to citizenship.”

The groups Biden cited are undocumented youth known as “dreamers” or “dreamers,” beneficiaries of various Temporary Protected Status or TPS, agricultural workers and essential workers. Biden presented his immigration reform bill shortly after coming to power with which he sought to regularize some 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Kamala Harris Unveils Immigration Plan That Will Benefit Millions

Kamala Harris Announces Immigration Plan for Millions
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Likewise, Vice President Kamala Harris announced on Thursday a strategy to address migration from Central America, which, in addition to combating corruption or violence in places of origin, includes the support of other governments.

The plan also includes the support of US companies, according to Efe. The strategy focuses on Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, countries that make up the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America, from where the largest flow of migrants seeking to reach the United States come.

Kamala Harris announced immigration plan for millions

Who benefits from this immigration plan presented by Kamala Harris?
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Harris admitted in a statement that the US commitment “has often been inconsistent” and “has stopped working in the region,” especially in recent years, Efe said. Hence, it will base its strategy on five pillars, such as addressing economic insecurity and inequality.

As well as fighting corruption, strengthening democratic governance and promoting the rule of law, and promoting respect for human rights, labor rights and freedom of the press. Also counteract and prevent violence. For more details read this note.

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