Biden lifts another Trump restriction on immigrants

Biden lifts another Trump restriction on immigrants President Biden deals another blow to former President Trump’s ‘legacy...

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  • Biden lifts another Trump restriction on immigrants
  • President Biden deals another blow to former President Trump’s ‘legacy’
  • The order affected many immigrants seeking to reach the United States.

The President Joe Biden removed another executive order from former President Donald Trump suspending legal migration due to COVID-19, by withdrawing certain migrant visas.

Immigrants, considered by Trump as a “risk to the labor market” are some of the beneficiaries of the visa lottery and relatives of permanent residents or US citizens, indicates Efe.

Biden restricting immigrants, Biden Trump executive order


Biden ‘shatters’ Trump’s ‘legacy’

In a release, Biden said that former President Trump’s order “does not advance the interests of the United States. On the contrary, it hurts… even by preventing certain members of the family of US citizens and legal permanent residents from joining their relatives here, ”says El Universal.

He stressed that “it also hurts US industries that use talent from around the world.” The decision of the old administration was about to be one year old on March 18.

The decision had been ‘expanded’

Trump’s decision, contained in Proclamation 10014, was extended in June 2020 and later on December 31, and ordered the suspension of “the entry of immigrants and non-immigrants who present a risk to the United States labor market during the recovery. economic after the coronavirus outbreak ”.

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According to Biden’s proclamation, Trump’s decision “also hurts America’s industries that utilize talent from around the world and hurts the people who were selected for the opportunity to apply for, and who have also received, visa visas. immigrants through the Diversity Visa Lottery for Fiscal Year 2020 ”.

Visa delay because of Trump’s ‘fault’

“Proclamation 10014 has prevented these individuals from entering the United States, causing, in some cases, the delay and possible loss of their opportunity to receive diversity visas for fiscal year 2020 and to realize their dreams in the United States. ”, He added.

Biden restricting immigrants, Biden Trump executive order


In addition to eliminating the restriction of the past government, with the executive order Biden asked the secretaries of State, Labor and National Security to review others.

Orders review of more Trump decisions

“Any regulation, order, guidance document, policies and any other action of similar action” developed under the eliminated restriction and, as appropriate, issue new provisions in accordance with the policy issued today, indicates Efe.

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Biden, who took office on January 20, has tried in his first weeks to ‘destroy’ a Trump legacy of rules adopted by his predecessor to reduce migration to the United States, especially through benefits such as asylum.

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Biden and the ‘arduous’ task of reversing Trump’s measures

Additionally, the administration of President Joe Biden is working to expedite the release of migrant children to family members living in the United States.

This is due to the fact that the facilities for his long-term care are almost full, indicates The Associated Press.

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The children would go with their ‘sponsors’

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Wednesday authorized the administrators of long-term shelters to finance part of the transportation of children to the homes of their relatives.

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Under current federal agency guidelines, sponsors may be required to pay for such transportation before the government releases the minors, even if authorities have approved the sponsors, reveals The Associated Press.

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