Biden is the “migrant president” and causes “expectations”, affirms AMLO this Tuesday

AMLO referred to Biden on Tuesday as the “migrant president.” The fact that Biden is seen as the “migrant presidentR...

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  • AMLO referred to Biden on Tuesday as the “migrant president.”
  • The fact that Biden is seen as the “migrant president” raises many “expectations,” AMLO said.
  • The Mexican president spoke on Tuesday about the virtual meeting he had with his US counterpart on Monday.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), explained this Tuesday that, during their virtual meeting, he told his US counterpart, Joe Biden, that he is nicknamed the “migrant president” for his politics and this generates “a lot of expectations”.

“It caused him laughter because I told him that it generated a lot of expectations because they see him as the migrant president,” said the Mexican president in his conference from the National Palace, according to the news agency Eph.

AMLO’s statements come a day after his first virtual bilateral meeting with Biden, with whom he spoke about access to vaccines, the fight against the pandemic, the climate crisis, migration, security and the new Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada. (T-MEC).

Speaking of the immigration issue, AMLO said that he told Biden that Mexican migrants are “heroes” because they help the relatives they left behind.

“I gave them an example of how in such a difficult situation where they have to leave the country to find something to alleviate their hunger, their poverty, to seek a better life, risking everything, they get ahead. And now they are helping us. Now that we needed it most ”, he pointed out.

He explained to the Democratic leader that last year they sent 40.600 million dollars in remittances, a record figure, and thanked him for the “success” of wanting to regularize Mexican migrants in the United States.

It is for all this that, AMLO continued, Biden is considered by some as “the migrant president.”

“And then many feel that they are going to reach the United States, and that we have to work together to order the flow, because it is not possible, overnight to face this issue, it takes time and a general plan has to be developed” AMLO pointed out, according to the Efe report.

López Obrador, who proposed an agreement for workers from Mexico to legally migrate to the United States, said that all issues were discussed “with absolute freedom” and it was a “very good bilateral meeting” so it should “continue in communication ”.

Bides the migrant president

The White House is immersed in a battle to approve an immigration reform that would include a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people who live in the United States, most of them of Mexican origin, Efe detailed.

AMLO: US ready to analyze visa and vaccination plan

The AP news agency reported that AMLO summarized the meeting with Biden as follows: without discrepancies, willing to analyze two of Mexico’s main proposals – import vaccines from the United States and design a plan for temporary work visas – and the neighbor’s commitment. of the north to invest 4,000 million dollars for the development of Central America and the Mexican south.

“A friendly, respectful meeting with a lot of emphasis on development cooperation. There was no discrepancy, so I say, categorically, not a single one, “he said. And although no agreements were reached, according to the Mexican, the meeting left the doors open to continue talking, he reviewed. AP.

On the subject of vaccines for COVID-19, López Obrador said that “the teams of the two countries are going to explore all the possibilities of cooperation in this matter” to see “what is possible and when.”

He guaranteed that there was “very good disposition” on the part of Biden and said that the possibility of Mexico having vaccines from the United States is not closed, although he acknowledged that Biden may have to first fulfill his commitments to immunize a large part of its population .

In fact, before the meeting White House officials reiterated that Biden remained focused on vaccinating Americans first before turning his attention to helping other nations.

“I cannot say that the agreement has already been reached, nor that there was no agreement, it went well for us, is what I can say,” said the Mexican president.

On migration, another of the central themes of the conversation, López Obrador proposed to make an analysis of how many workers the US economy requires and, in general, those of the three North American countries and from there design a temporary work visa plan for that Mexicans and Central Americans can legally emigrate.

“And it will be analyzed,” he assured.

Mexico has as a reference a similar program that was made after World War II called “Bracero” that now would not only be for farm workers but for all kinds of sectors and could give temporary work visas to between 600,000 and 800,000 workers a year, AP said.

On the other hand, López Obrador indicated that Biden proposed to allocate 4,000 million dollars to the development of Central America and southern Mexico and celebrated his initiative to regularize the situation of approximately 11 million people who live in the United States illegally.

“We recognized that it is a wise decision that he has made this decision,” said AMLO, according to the AP publication.

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