Biden increases annual refugee quota in the US

Biden increases annual refugee quota in the US Now, the United States will receive up to 125 thousand refugees The measure contrasts with...

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  • Biden increases annual refugee quota in the US
  • Now, the United States will receive up to 125 thousand refugees
  • The measure contrasts with the Trump administration where far fewer refugees were accepted

The President Joe Biden, announced this Thursday that he will increase to 125 thousand the annual quota of refugees that he will admit, after during the mandate of his predecessor, Donald Trump, that quota reached minimal figures.

“Today I am passing an executive order to begin the hard work of restoring our refugee admissions program to help meet an unprecedented global need,” Biden said in a foreign policy address at the Department of State.

“This executive order will put us in a position where we can increase refugee admissions to 125,000 people for the first full fiscal year of the Biden-Harris Administration,” stated Biden.

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With Trump the figure was ‘minimal’

At the end of October, Trump set the number of refugees for fiscal year 2021 at 15,000, the lowest since the law that regulates this protection came into force in 1980, Efe points out.

The former Republican president even referred to the refugees as a burden and a threat to the country’s security. In his speech, Biden noted that in the past “America’s moral leadership on refugee issues was a point of bipartisan consensus for decades.”

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New figure surpasses Obama’s

“We shine the light of the lamp of freedom on oppressed people, we offer safe haven for those fleeing violence or persecution and our example pushes other nations to open their doors as well,” he said.

The new figure presented by Joe Biden is even higher than those presented in the administration of former President Barack Obama.

According to Efe, Biden’s figure, which increases the number of refugees to 125,000, is above the data from the Administration of former President Barack Obama, who opened for 85,000 refugees in fiscal year 2016, and about 110,000 in 2017.

Some believe it will be ‘difficult’ to reach Biden’s goal

Activists had said that the backlog of tens of thousands of cases in the Trump administration had made it unlikely that this year Biden’s goal of readmitting 125,000 refugees would be achieved.

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According to The Associated Press, it will take time to rebuild that canal.

More than a third of US resettlement offices were forced to close in the past four years due to declining refugee arrivals, and hundreds of employees were laid off.

Biden has the ‘authority’

“We expect President Biden to substantially raise the target for refugee admissions immediately, as he repeatedly promised in the election campaign,” said Sunil Varghese of the International Refugee Assistance Project, before the president’s announcement.

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“The President has the authority to increase refugee admissions in the middle of the year to address the many humanitarian crises in the world, including those that have emerged or intensified recently, such as the situation of pro-democracy protesters. in Hong Kong, ”he added.

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Immigrant refugees in churches await help from the president

Some immigrants await the “radical” change that Biden’s arrival in the White House could represent.

The modern sanctuary movement began in the 1980s, when Central Americans fleeing war and poverty came to the United States and the churches gave them protection.

Biden accommodated refugees


He was revived in 2006 by Elvira Arellano, a Mexican immigrant who took up residence in a Chicago church, in which there is still a portrait of her near the altar, The Associated Press reports.

Historically, immigration officers do not show up at churches, schools, and playgrounds looking for undocumented immigrants. In 2011, the Obama administration prohibited them from doing so.

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