Biden estimates date to receive third check for $ 1,400

Biden estimates date to receive third check for $ 1,400 The president of the United States spoke exclusively for the Hispanic network Uni...

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  • Biden estimates date to receive third check for $ 1,400
  • The president of the United States spoke exclusively for the Hispanic network Univisión
  • Joe Biden spoke about the approval of the ‘expected’ third check

US President Joe Biden estimated the date that millions of Americans could receive the third check for $ 1,400.

Last Friday, leader spoke exclusively for the Hispanic journalist Ilia Calderón of the Univisión network and said when they could be receiving the long-awaited help. The driver questioned the president about the exact date on which the third check would arrive at homes in the United States.

Biden Date Third Check, Ilia Calderón

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When would the third check arrive according to Biden?

But Biden was definitive in answering: “I can’t guarantee when the check will arrive because Congress has to pass it, so I’m waiting for the House to vote on my package, as well as for the Senate to vote on it.”

However, the president said he hopes “they will receive it within a couple of weeks after the bill is passed in the House and in the Senate, which I can sign.” “I hope they get the checks for $ 1,400 in a couple of weeks after that. So it could be another three weeks before someone receives a check, “said the Democrat.

Plan for immigrants who will not receive help?

Biden Date Third Check, Ilia Calderón

PHOTO YouTube Univision News

In addition, Ilia Calderón stressed that thousands of undocumented immigrants would not receive the third check and questioned the president about whether he had a plan for them.

Biden was blunt and stated: “Yes. Number one, I want to make sure that everyone can get vaccinated, so they are protected from COVID-19, without ICE or anyone else interfering. They should not be arrested for showing up to get a vaccine. ” TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Biden’s Plan for Those Who Will Not Receive Aid

The president went on to describe his plan to help the thousands of immigrants in the United States.

“We also make sure they can have enough food. I proposed in the legislation not only these food banks, but to increase SNAP payments and other payments. There are 40% of the children in the United States that go hungry and many of them are in communities of color, Hispanic communities and black communities, as well as Asian ones, “he declared.

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“So we have to focus on making sure they have opportunities because they are making significant contributions.” added Joe Biden.

He highlighted his efforts to “keep families together”

“Look at the number of people who are involved in dealing with the pandemic, who happen to be children who are ‘dreamers.’ There are thousands of them, so I have focused on what we do to keep families together and treat people humanely while they are here, “said the US president.


In addition, he was direct about the safety of vaccines, when asked about the number of Hispanics who have been vaccinated and about the ‘fear’ some have.

“I can assure you that it is safe. And I can assure you that we will do everything possible to make it possible, to facilitate access to the vaccine, “said Biden.

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Biden also spoke about the ‘scandal’ of tents in border cities

Despite the fact that the president has “made an effort” to eliminate the anti-immigration policies of his predecessor Donald Trump, the Hispanic driver questioned him about reports of the administration’s plans to open more tents in key cities.


“What I can confirm is that right now there are thousands of immigrants, thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the border. We have been able to place a significant number of them in licensed facilities, shelters throughout the country, “said Biden without affirming or denying plans on the matter.

What is the difference with the Trump administration?

The controversial facilities are reminiscent of the ‘cages’ where hundreds of immigrant children remained during Trump’s term.

In this regard, Biden told Ilia Calderón that: “It is very different in terms of having people there helping them. We have people who are in those facilities looking after them. “

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“But my hope is that everyone can get out, everyone can enter licensed facilities or meet with family members here in the United States,” Biden said.

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