Biden has a benign, precancerous colon polyp removed

President Joe Biden had a benign but potentially precancerous lesion removed during a colonoscopy. The injury was discovered by the medic...

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  • President Joe Biden had a benign but potentially precancerous lesion removed during a colonoscopy.
  • The injury was discovered by the medical team during Biden’s routine examination last week.
  • Doctors have not suggested other procedures.

US President Joe Biden had a polyp of about 3 millimeters lodged in his colon. It was removed in his last medical exam. According to the president’s doctor, the lesion looked benign but is potentially cancerous, EFE reported.

The polyp was discovered by the medical team during his routine colonoscopy last week, according to a report by the president’s physician, Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor. The report described the polyp as “a tubular adenoma, which is a benign, slow-growing lesion, but is believed to be precancerous.” No further action is required at this time.

Biden’s colon polyp is potentially precancerous

Biden has a benign but precancerous colon polyp removed
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The polyp was sent to a laboratory for analysis and “is similar to the polyp that had been removed in 2008,” the White House specialist’s memorandum reads. The medical report also specifies that the US president should undergo a routine colonoscopy in a period of 7–10 years.

Biden briefly transferred his position to Vice President Kamala Harris last Friday during his medical exam, making her the first woman to hold presidential power in US history. According to O’Connor, Biden is “healthy” and “vigorous,” determining that the president is in a position to fulfill his duties.

What kind of lesion does Biden have?

Biden has a benign but precancerous colon polyp removed
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The lesion, a tubular adenoma, was similar to the one removed in 2008, wrote O’Connor in a White House report released Wednesday. Routine checks are recommended. According to Biden’s doctor, the president shows some normal signs of aging, reported the Associated Press.

The Mayo Clinic defines a colon polyp as a small group of cells that form in the inner wall of the intestine. According to its website, most are benign, although some can lead to colon cancer over time. “The best prevention for colon cancer is regular screening for and removal of polyps,” Mayo Clinic stated.

Is the polyp more serious than it appears?

Biden has a benign but precancerous colon polyp removed
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According to the New York Post, Dr. Kevin O’Connor had already published the medical report on Biden’s colonoscopy. Although the president’s physician admitted that Biden is “in a position to successfully perform the duties of the Presidency,” that did not stop the rising tide of concern.

For months, Joe Biden has had a worsening cough caused by gastroesophageal reflux and a stiffer gait when he walks. Many people have expressed their concern about his health.

What is in the medical report?

Health alarm Biden: What's in the medical report?
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According to the media, on Friday afternoon, the six-page report on the physical examination performed on President Biden was made public. It does not highlight any condition that puts his mandate at risk and that would make Harris stay in power longer than 85 minutes.

Dr. O’Connor stressed that one of his main goals was to monitor Biden’s cough and gait. So a full study was carried out. According to the media, the colonoscopy with anesthesia performed on Biden was “reassuring” and did not reveal anything of greater concern.

Health alarm Biden: What about the cough?

Health alarm Biden: What about the cough?
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What raises concerns about Biden’s “favorable” diagnosis is the cough that has become a constant ailment during presidential speeches. Dr. O’Connor responded to the doubts, making it clear that Biden’s condition would be investigated appropriately. So far, the doctor reported that it is part of the President’s gastrointestinal problems.

“The president has experienced an increasing frequency and severity of ‘clearing his throat’ and coughing during talks,” said the doctor during the six-page medical report that was made public and the Post took up. “There were no tumors or polyps, and the appearance and function of his vocal cords were normal. The tracheal, esophageal, and pharyngeal epithelium showed changes associated with persistent gastroesophageal reflux.”

Did Biden know about the problem?

Health alarm Biden: Did you already know about the problem?
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According to O’Connor, Biden has already undergone “several sinus and nasal passage surgeries” to relieve congestion, the Post mentioned.

In full celebration for his birthday, some people began to suspect that perhaps Biden knew about the problem causing him to “clear his throat” and “cough” during his speeches. However, the medical report published by the White House would also explain in greater depth that, although he has a problem with gastric flow, he does not present another condition.

What causes Biden’s gastric problem?

Health alarm Biden: What causes gastric flow?
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One of the issues that Biden’s doctor addressed was his constant gastric problem. According to the New York Post, Biden probably has reflux due to a hiatal hernia that caused some damage to his esophagus, resulting in irritation and mucus.

“A flexible fibroscopic device confirms esophageal reflux, possibly aggravated by a mild hiatal hernia, which means that the opening of the esophagus (tube-shaped) leading to the stomach (jar-shaped) is wider than usual. This creates a funnel which makes it easier for stomach acid to reflux (or ‘splash’) into the esophagus, causing irritation, inflammation and, above all, mucus,” the release reads.

Biden’s walk

And his walk?
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Given the doubts that arose about his walk, Biden’s personal doctor mentioned that it is due to age. According to Dr. O’Connor, he mentioned that his other main focus was to find a reason why “the president’s gait appears to be noticeably stiffer and less fluid than in the past.”

“A combination of significant spinal arthritis, post-fracture lameness and compensation, and mild sensory peripheral neuropathy of the feet are the explanation for the subtle changes in gait I was investigating,” specified the President’s physician when announcing that it was about age and the ailments that come with it.

Did it generate concern?

Did it generate concern?
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Although the medical report came to light a couple of hours ago, it generated diverse opinions. People were extremely concerned about Biden’s health. According to a survey conducted and that the New York Post mentioned, a significant majority of the population alluded to the president’s medical part.

According to the news outlet, the survey found that 48 percent of voters disagreed with the statement “Joe Biden is mentally fit,” while 46 percent agreed and 6 percent did not know or did not have an opinion.

Kamala Harris took over as US President during Joe Biden’s medical exam

Biden left the power of US President to Kamala Harris
YouTube: The Herald of Mexico

Through a YouTube video for El Heraldo de México, Mhoni Vidente predicted that Biden would “resign” his position as president of the United States and in his place would be his “right hand” Kamala Harris, who would assume the position. However, the circumstances posed by the psychic were different.

Eight months ago, after some controversial statements by Joe Biden about the alleged Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intervening in the elections in favor of Donald Trump, the Hispanic Mhoni Vidente assured that there were “people” who did not want him in power and they would do everything to take it away. Filed under: Biden’s benign but potentially precancerous lesion.

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