Face to face: Biden and Putin meet in Geneva amid US-Russia tension

Meeting Biden Putin. The president of the United States and the president of Russia shook hands in Geneva and began the summit in moments...

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  • Meeting Biden Putin. The president of the United States and the president of Russia shook hands in Geneva and began the summit in moments of bilateral tension.
  • For months, they have exchanged sharp rhetoric. Biden has repeatedly denounced Putin for malicious cyberattacks by hackers.
  • Putin, for his part, has said that the US should not give lessons on democracy after the assault to the Capitol.

Biden Putin meeting: The president of the United States, Joe Biden, and Vladimir Putin of Russia, shook hands this Wednesday in the Swiss city of Geneva to then begin their long-awaited bilateral meeting, which occurs at a time when both leaders agree that relations among their countries are at their lowest point.

The two leaders shook hands as they briefly appeared on camera with Swiss President Guy Parmelin, who welcomed them to the European nation, known for its neutrality in diplomacy, and then entered the mansion for what is expected to be four or five hours of conversations, reported AP.

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Biden Putin meeting: months of sharp rhetoric

For months, they have exchanged sharp rhetoric. Biden has repeatedly denounced Putin for malicious cyberattacks by Russia-based hackers against US interests, the attack on democracy with the imprisonment of the main Russian opposition leader and interference in the US elections.

Putin, for his part, has reacted with all kinds of isms and confusion, pointing to the January 6 uprising on Capitol Hill as one reason the United States does not have to give lectures on democratic norms and insist that the government Russian has not been involved in electoral interference or cyberattacks despite US intelligence proving otherwise.

Biden Putin meeting: lower expectations

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In advance, both parties set out to lower expectations. Still, Biden said it is an important step if the United States and Russia could finally find “stability and predictability” in their relationship, a seemingly modest goal for the president to deal with the person he sees as one of the fiercest adversaries of the United States. United.

“We should decide where our mutual interest is, in the interest of the world, to cooperate, and see if we can do that,” Biden told reporters earlier this week. “And the areas in which we do not agree, clarify what the red lines are.” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the AP on Wednesday that no progress was expected.

Biden Putin meeting: seeing them together is already an achievement

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“The situation is too difficult in Russian-American relations,” he said. “However, the fact that the two presidents agreed to meet and finally start talking openly about the issues is already an achievement,” Peskov said several hours before the start of the summit. The arrangements for the meeting were carefully choreographed and vigorously negotiated by both parties.

Biden first mentioned the meeting in a phone call in April in which he informed Putin that he would expel several Russian diplomats and impose sanctions against dozens of individuals and companies, as part of an effort to hold the Kremlin accountable for interference in the last year’s presidential election and hacking of federal agencies.

Biden Putin meeting: meeting at Villa La Grange

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Putin and his entourage reached the summit spot first: Villa La Grange, a large lakeside mansion located in Geneva’s largest park. Then came Biden and his team. Putin landed in Geneva on Wednesday shortly before the start of the meeting; Biden, who was in Europe for a week to meet with allies, arrived the day before.

The three spent a moment together in front of the cameras, but only Parmelin commented. Biden and Putin were expected to first have a relatively intimate meeting alongside US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Each side will have a translator. The meeting will then be expanded to include five high-level attendees on each side.

Biden Putin meeting: solo

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After the meeting concludes, Putin is scheduled to hold a solo press conference, and Biden will follow. The White House chose not to hold a joint press conference, deciding it did not want to appear to elevate Putin at a time when the president urges European allies to pressure Putin to remove countless provocations.

Biden sees himself with few peers in foreign policy. He traveled the world as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and was assigned difficult foreign policy tasks by President Barack Obama when Biden was vice president. His portfolio included places where disorder reigns, such as Iraq and Ukraine, and weighing up the mettle of China’s Xi Jinping during his rise to power.

Biden Putin meeting: strong personal relationships as a starting point

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He has repeatedly said that he believes that the execution of an effective foreign policy comes from the formation of strong personal relationships, and has managed to find a good relationship with people like Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, whom Biden has labeled an “autocrat.” , and mainstream politicians like Justin Trudeau from Canada.

But with Putin, whom the president says “has no soul,” Biden has long been cautious. At the same time, he acknowledges that Putin, who remained the most powerful figure in Russian politics during the span of five US presidents, is not without talent. Biden suggested this week that he is approaching his meeting with Putin with care.

Biden Putin meeting: “It’s brilliant, it’s tough”

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“He is brilliant. It’s tough, ”Biden said. “And I have discovered that he is a, as they say … a worthy adversary.” The White House held out hope of finding small areas of agreement. No commitments have been made, but according to a senior administration official, there is hope that both sides will return their ambassadors to their respective posts after the meeting.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, was removed from Washington about three months ago after Biden called Putin a murderer; the US ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, left Moscow almost two months ago, after Russia suggested he return to Washington for consultations.

Biden Putin meeting: common ground on gun control

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Both ambassadors are in Geneva during Wednesday’s meeting. Biden administration officials say they believe common ground can be found about gun control. International arms control groups are pressuring Russian and US leaders to begin pushing for new arms control by holding “strategic stability” talks, a series of government-to-government discussions aimed at resolving the many areas of disagreement and tension at the national level.

Biden’s team will insist on their concerns about cybersecurity. In recent months, Russia-based hackers launched an alarming attack on a major US pipeline, and a Brazil-based meat supplier operating in the United States.

Biden Putin meeting: Navalny is “internal political matter”

Biden Putin meeting
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The Russian side has said that the imprisonment of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is an internal political matter and an area in which Putin will not involve Biden. But the senior official in the Biden administration said “there is no problem that is off the president’s table.”

The meeting is sure to invite comparisons to President Donald Trump’s 2018 meeting with Putin in Helsinki, where the two leaders held a joint press conference and Trump sided with Russian denials when asked if Moscow had meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

Biden Putin meeting: preliminary preparation

Biden Putin meeting
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Biden has prepared for his one-on-one by reviewing materials and consulting with officials from across the government and with outside advisers. Helpers said the level of preparation was not unusual. Biden, in a brief exchange with reporters after a trip to Geneva on Tuesday night, tried to give the impression that he wasn’t sweating at their big meeting.

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