Is it better to buy wooden houses in the United States?

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Is it better to buy wooden houses in the United States?
One of the main questions people ask when buying a house is regarding the material with which it is built: what are the best options on the market? If you are in the United States, it is very possible that your next house will be made of wood.



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There are many reasons for this, and below we will tell you some of the reasons why this material is so attractive on this side of the continent, as well as some things that you must take into account regarding maintenance, discover everything!

1 Wood is affordable

Gray house exterior with column porch on a rainy day
Photo: Shutterstock

Wood is a renewable natural material, which allows that, regardless of economic or natural crises, it is always on hand to repair, build or renovate existing houses.

Regardless of the time of year, wood is available, and is an affordable resource for most of the population. This reduces costs and brings people closer to home ownership.

2 Construction taxes decrease

American handcrafted house with yellow exterior paint and manicured front yard
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In addition to being extremely accessible, there are other reasons that make wood one of the favorite materials in house construction, and the main one is saving money.

Construction taxes can be reduced through the use of wood; This is because the taxes that result from building with materials such as brick increase considerably, raising the final price of a house.

3 Material availability

House with American flag and basketball net
Photo: Shutterstock

The practicality of wood translates into lower construction costs, faster operations, and easier house repair and renovation.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that in the United States there is a large amount of forests, where the felling of trees, thanks to which it is very easy to find this material.

4 Ease of construction

Beige facade house with covered porch and trimmed bushes in front of wood
Photo: Shutterstock

Wood is an accessible material with which it is very easy to work; so much so that some people decide to build the structure of their house on their own and build it little by little.

This is achieved thanks to kits specialists that guide people step by step to build their home using wood; however, it is always necessary to have the guidance of an expert on the subject.

5 Safety

Cab roof and stair design
Photo: Shutterstock

Wood offers unparalleled safety for the user, since, in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes or low intensity tornadoes, they allow access to greater flexibility.

In the event of a home collapse, wood has less potential to cause damage than other materials such as brick. On the other hand, it also offers the economic security of rebuilding at a lower price and in less time.

6 Wood is a good insulator

Beautiful Houses in suburb Michigan Wood
Photo: Shutterstock

Another reason why wood is the preferred building material in USA? The weather: Regardless of the season of the year, wood will help protect people from extreme temperatures.

On the other hand, adequate insulation will also be the difference between paying high electricity bills and saving on these types of expenses; however, the expert vision of a builder is required to enhance the benefits of this material.

7 Wood lasts longer than other materials

Classic house with garage
Photo: Shutterstock

Wood has the characteristic of being resistant, unlike other construction materials such as brick, which tend to succumb to unexpected events or simply wear out over time.

Its hardness and resistance place wood as a favorable material for construction, since the different types of trees provide alternatives for each environment.

How to keep a wooden house in optimal condition

3d visualization of a house
Photo: Shutterstock

1 Protection against moisture

Moisture is capable of deteriorating wood to the point of destroying it; Of course, this does not happen overnight, so it is important to implement measures to preserve the durability of this material.

Moisture can cause wood to ignite, so the ideal humidity percentage in a home would be between 6% and 8%. Protecting the home from moisture is an important investment to ensure its integrity.

2 Sufficient ventilation

Luxury wooden house exterior with brick and side trim and double garage
Photo: Shutterstock

Ventilation is essential in the case of wooden houses, not only because it will allow people to breathe fresh air without leaving the house, but because it will help preserve the structure of the wood.

Proper ventilation will help reduce humidity levels that often negatively affect wood, and will naturally disinfect wood surfaces.

3 Treatment against microorganisms and insects

beige house with orange and white wood trim
Photo: Shutterstock

Although wood is a widely used material in construction, one of its risks is the attraction of microorganisms and insects that, if not detected in time, could lead to the total deterioration of a house.

Inspecting the roof, sealing the cracks and keeping the foundation free of moisture will be just three tools to prevent the entry of insects such as termites, which have the ability to permanently affect a home.

4 Build with the right wood

Two-story exterior of side house with three parking spaces and wooden walkway
Photo: Shutterstock

Before building with wood, it is necessary to analyze the environment in which the construction will take place and seek the help of experts in choosing an inexpensive wood.

There are softwoods and hardwoods, the latter being the most used for home construction in the United States as they adapt better to most environments.

5 A solid construction

Family home at night under the stars
Photo: Shutterstock

Yes, it is true that many people decide to build from scratch and without the help of experts; However, the construction of a house with wood requires the experience of a builder specialized in this type of housing.

This will help it to have greater strength and durability. It will also allow access to materials more suitable for the environment, optimizing the time and money invested in the property.

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