Is Benito’s girlfriend Nerea Godínez keeping a secret?

Almost a month after Octavio Ocaña’s tragic death, more details come to light. Is Benito’s girlfriend Nerea Godínez keeping a...

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  • Almost a month after Octavio Ocaña’s tragic death, more details come to light.
  • Is Benito’s girlfriend Nerea Godínez keeping a secret?
  • Vieira Vidente reveals what happened when Nerea Godínez and the actor were together.

Is she hiding something important? Almost a month after the tragic death of young actor Octavio Ocaña, was killed when he accidentally shot himself in the head, more details come to light. It is now said that his girlfriend, Nerea Godínez, may be keeping a secret. Vieira Vidente reveals what happened when she and Benito were together before his death.

On her Youtube channel, where she has more than one million subscribers, the renowned psychic uploaded a video that her followers had been asking for for several days. Many of them say that Nerea was already with someone else before the Vecinos actor’s passing.

Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, is she keeping a secret?

Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend, is she keeping a secret?
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“We did not start very well. I’m going to start by telling you that I have nothing for or against her (referring to Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend), I have always been fair, I have always told you what my cards and my ancestors say,” Vieira began reading her cards.

“At the moment she is ‘like turning her back’ on Octavio’s relatives, here there’s a person that is dead and here is ‘Benito’s father’ and here is the mother. She is like bandaged. Here I get in these two cards that Nerea is one thing face to face, like ‘I stand her but I don’t like her’, she has no other choice, all for the happiness of her son.”

Does Benito’s mother hate Nerea Godínez?

Benito's mother, does she hate Nerea Godínez?
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Next, Vieira Vidente said that when Octavio Ocaña was alive, he talked a lot to his mother about his girlfriend, Nerea Godínez, but she didn’t like her at all: “Here I see betrayal, many things are coming out. I am visualizing that this girl approached him with a purpose.”

The psychic, reading her cards, said that Nerea was not in love with the actor who played Benito in the series Vecinos: “’He is the love of my life, I like him a lot, I want him to be the father of my children,’ not at the beginning. ‘I like him, I want him for myself’, no. Here I see that this girl has had a lot of bickering with ‘exes’ (ex-partners), she has not been entirely happy with the partners she’s had.”

Octavio’s girlfriend “knows it all,” says Vieira Vidente

Octavio's girlfriend "he knows them all", says Vieira Seer
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And contrary to the image she has projected lately, Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, “is a strong woman of character who knows it all, doesn’t remain silent and wants to be ‘the man’ in the relationship,” said Vieira Vidente. And she also said the following: “Here she comes out, again, turning her back on many people.”

“She’s going to leave friends that have not been in favor of her. She has a sword in her hand, which means she knows what she wants, she really likes being in front of the cameras and she’s feeling good because she says this is her time to shine. ” There would still be a revelation that no one had imagined.

Will Nerea Godínez become an actress?

Nerea Godínez, will she become an actress?
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“The wheel of fortune just came out. Here someone will approach her to sign a contract, I see her doing something, they might ask her to participate in a series, soap opera, movie or something, but she’s behind the camera, this fits her like a glove, she knows how to handle the environment.”

Vieira Vidente said that a man who is in the middle will give a ‘green light’ to Benito’s girlfriend, who will be in great need of work and wants to take ‘another leap’ and not continue doing what she was doing,. Now she wants something more, mainly to be famous like Octavio Ocaña.

There are days when Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend feels “very sad”

There are days when Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend feels "very collapsed"
YouTube photo

In another part of this video, the well-known psychic said that on some days, Nerea Godínez, actor Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, feels, “very sad.” Regarding her future marriage, Vieira Vidente revealed that it would take place and that one of her plans was to become a parent.

“But what is coming out here is that Octavio was always a warrior, he always knew the woman he had, she had her past and you have to respect it, but he was very much in love with her.” And when no one expected it, Vieira said that “it’s not all that they’re saying and it’s not all that is being painted here.” What is she referring to?

Nerea Godínez “was not faithful” to Benito

Nerea Godinez "it was not a white dove" with Benito
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“If she (referring to Nerea Godínez) were listening to me, I would tell her that she was not faithful to Octavio Ocaña. From time to time she did ‘that little thing’, she was unfaithful. When Octavio went away and went to work, something comes out here,” Vieira Vidente revealed.

At the end of the video, the psychic also shared that, within her card reading, a man appears waiting for Benito’s girlfriend: “Here is a man, he is not that tall, with black hair, he is not old, he’s neither fat nor skinny, he’s fine.” Who could it be? Could it be someone from the artistic milieu?

The ‘mysterious’ man was already in Nerea Godínez’s past

The 'mysterious' man was already in the past of Nerea Godínez
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“Here I see that this man was already in the past and here she (Nerea) comes out again with a person and she’s going to say that she just met him, she’s going to come out saying things that are not true, but this person was already in her life,” said the renowned psychic.

By drawing other cards, Vieira Vidente confirms her suspicions: Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend has been playing ‘with fire’: “She was with Benito and she was also quiet. Nerea is strong, she’s not what many think, she’s not a woman who put up with a lot and when he was alive she was in charge.”

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend will have more partners in the future

Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend will have more partners in the future
YouTube photo

“After she’s done with this boy (with whom she allegedly cheated on Octavio), I see a separation again, this man turns his back on her. Later on, she goes back to being with others, not with another, with others, but we are going to see her more often on television, she will come with new things.”

The psychic announced that Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend will not only be active on social media, but will also appear in a series or in a movie, she could even become a singer: “She wants to make a book, that’s what she’s planning to take Benito’s life further.”

Nerea Godínez will fail in her projects

Nerea Godínez would fail in her projects
YouTube photo

The psychic says that this whole situation was well received by Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, and although she thinks that she will get something out of the actor’s death, she will not be successful, because people will wake up and realize that what Nerea Godínez seeks is fame and money.

“I have nothing against her, my blessings always, but I do tell her that she was not faithful to Octavio. I see that she’s an opportunist, a person who wants fame. Yes, she loved him, but in her own way, she was more with him out of interest, that is what my cards are telling me,” Vieira Vidente shared.

Nerea Godínez is keeping more secrets

Nerea Godínez would be keeping more secrets
YouTube photo

To end the video, which provoked all kinds of reactions, Vieira Vidente stated that Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend keeps more secrets: “Here is something else, here is a secret, here is something that has not come to light, she’s a person who keeps many things to herself and didn’t give everything to Octavio, she didn’t show him everything that she was.”

“She was in control of that relationship and here I see a lot of manipulation on her part of Benito, my God, poor Octavio, may he rest in peace and may God have him in his glory, he was going to have a harpy as a woman, very bad. She was an experienced woman, who knows what she wants,” she concluded, in addition to saying that she would start a relationship with someone from the artistic milieu (TO SEE THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE).

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