Ben Affleck sends a loving message to his ex, Jennifer Garner (PHOTOS)

Ben Affleck sends a loving message to his ex Jennifer Garner. This just as he was starting to rekindle the flames of love with JLo. ̶...

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  • Ben Affleck sends a loving message to his ex Jennifer Garner.
  • This just as he was starting to rekindle the flames of love with JLo.
  • “Very happy to have had these daughters with you”

From the moment Jennifer López (JLo) and Ben Affleck were caught traveling together, the rumors about their possible reunion has been everything anyone’s been talking about for the last few days, but the actor sent an unexpected message to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner that surprised everyone.

A few weeks ago the separation of JLo and her ex-partner, the former baseball player Alex Rodríguez, was announced, something that astonished the entertainment world, since it is suspected that there was a third person involved who was probably the cause of the breakup.

Ben Affleck sends message to ex-wife

Ben Affleck love message Jennifer Garner JLo

Through the account of Instagram of Ben Affleck, decided to share a series of images, just when the followers were excited by the possible return with the Diva of Bronx, by the constant appearances that both Hollywood artists have made as a couple.

The renowned Hollywood star, Ben Affleck, sent some loving words to the mother of his children for Mother’s Day, where he expresses that he feels very lucky to have had those little ones with the actress, in addition to mentioning that they are the luckiest parents in the world.

Ben Affleck Love Message: Words from Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck love message Jennifer Garner JLo 2

“Very happy to share these children with you. The luckiest parents in the world. Thanks for all the good you do. Happy Mother’s Day. Love, your dad ”, were the words of the actor dedicated to his ex-wife with whom he had three children, the publication shows photos of his children and Garner.

This enormous gesture has generated different comments from Internet users, who immediately reacted to the post of the protagonist of the Batman film, leaving positive messages for the actor who has shown that his main interest is the family that are his children.

Ben Affleck love message: Users want a reconciliation

Ben Affleck love message Jennifer Garner JLo 3

Immediately the followers sent their messages: “How cute – parenting at its best ”,“ Ben, you have my respect, very good post ”,“ it’s really sweet and a great example of coparenting. Good for both of you! ”,“ She is an angel, a beautiful woman wherever you look at her ”,“ She is the most beautiful and wonderful mommy ”,“

Many dream that this couple reconcile again: “What beautiful words directed to Jennifer !!!! This is how I like Ben Affleck !!! I know that your heart and love for yours is bigger than everything !!! Jen is truly an exceptional mother and wife. Blessings to you “,” Guys, if you get back together, world peace will come. “

Ben Affleck love message: Followers of People en Español also reacted

Ben Affleck love message Jennifer Garner JLo 4

Through the Instagram account of People in spanish The news was shared about Ben Affleck’s tender message for Jennifer Garner for Mother’s Day, and they did not hesitate to be present in the comments to leave their different opinions about it, where they remember that thanks to alcohol they are not together.

“Well, with Garner he made a very nice family but the sucker … I didn’t let them be happy, and well, with the JLo maybe it’s because of a fever”, “that had to be the perfect woman for him, but the liquor”, “lor that JLo forgets is that he cheated on her days before the wedding they had planned, they see his face and he doesn’t understand that he never appreciated her ”,“ JLo is the perfect couple for him, why Jennifer Garner was too much of a woman for him. He never deserved it! ”Were some comments.

Ben Affleck love message: Sneak letters from A-Rod were sent

PHOTO Instagram

According to Univision, the recent meetings between Ben Affleck and Jennifer López began with very loving emails from the actor while the singer was still engaged to former baseball player Alex Rodríguez, said information was revealed by TMZ sources.

Also, it was reported that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been in “very regular email contact since early February,” according to TMZ, at which time the actress traveled to the Dominican Republic to film the movie “Shotgun Wedding.”

“The tone of the emails was not just friendly”

PHOTO Instagram

Apparently, some photographs that the actress published on her networks aroused the actor’s interest in her, as TMZ published: “The tone of the emails was not only friendly, but more loving and longing on the part of the actor.” Affleck would have sent him one of those letters after seeing photos of the singer in the Dominican Republic.

In the report it is mentioned that: “He wrote to tell her how beautiful she looked and how much he wanted to be there with her.” The communication between the two actors would have occurred while Ben was filming the movie “The tender bar” in Boston, produced by fellow actor George Clooney. Jennifer was still engaged to Alex Rodríguez. It was not disclosed if Affleck was still in a relationship with actress Ana de Armas at that time.

Jennifer López romantic letters: She responds with love


Entertainment sources noted that in letters Jennifer Lopez praised Ben Affleck’s prose and in one she told him that he was able to “own his heart” through his writing. Apparently, the exchange of emails would have continued until she finished filming the movie “Shotgun Wedding” in the Caribbean, last April.

In this regard, TMZ managed to learn that while López was filming that movie, he had no physical contact with Ben Affleck. However, the meetings took place when she returned to the United States and the actor visited her home in Los Angeles on several occasions.

She is very happy with him

PHOTO Instagram

But it was the trip that the actors made to Montana that raised the alerts the most about a possible romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. As reported by People in Spanish, “Jennifer had a great time. She is very happy with him and likes to spend time with him ”.

Apparently, the idea of ​​spending a few days together and away from everyone was the Batman actor: “They both had last week off and wanted to spend time outside of Los Angeles. “Ben suggested Montana because he has a property there,” revealed the magazine’s website.

Jennifer López romantic letters: The actress had a good time on the trip

PHOTO Instagram

Another source gave People magazine more details about the actors’ trip to Montana. “The trip was very pleasant (for Jennifer). She wants to spend as much time as possible with Ben to see where this is going ”, so apparently these encounters will continue and a possible relationship could occur.

Few saw the meeting of Jennifer López and Jennifer Garner’s ex coming, especially – according to sources confirmed earlier this week – Alex Rodríguez, who until last March was still the fiancee of the Bronx Diva, but their separation was announced. .

They are captured very affectionate

PHOTO Instagram

A month after Jennifer López and Álex Rodríguez announced their final separation, things have turned differently for the couple, because while he focuses on his daughters, JLo wasted no time and now it is official that he ran into their arms from his ex of more than 17 years, Ben Affleck, to console himself.

After they supposedly stayed to see ‘in secret’ in a JLo mansion in Los Angeles, now Ben Affleck and the Diva were captured very affectionate in various meetings during this weekend in Montana, as reported by various media such as People, Daily Mail and Escándalo.

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