The Art of Vitality: 15 Key Lessons on Being Healthy

Here are 15 ways you can work on being healthy and not one of them involves counting calories. You’re welcome.

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Being healthy is tough in this world of fast food and convenience everything. From remote controls to pizza delivery, we’re up against a lot in our quest to be the healthiest version of ourselves possible. Being active and eating well are definitely part of the art of vitality but optimizing your health doesn’t have to stop there. Here are 15 ways you can work on being healthy and not one of them involves counting calories. You’re welcome.

1. Being Healthy: Get More Rest

We all need more sleep so it’s at the top of the list. The benefits of a good night’s sleep include increased stamina, lower heart rate, better memory and an increased sex drive. Sound good? Oh, yeah!

2. Practice Self-Care

Being Healthy

You only get one body, you really should take care of it. Along with the physical aspects of eating right and exercising, self-care should include some mental and emotional care. This might be in the form of therapy or a weekly manicure, whatever makes you feel good works.

3. Being Healthy: Have Support

When you go through tough times, physically or emotionally, you need people around you to lift you up and provide the help you need to recover. From career setbacks to divorce, we’ve all experienced a trauma during which we leaned on our “people” and couldn’t have survived without them.

4. Be Supportive of Others

Being Healthy

Receiving support from your social network is great but providing support to others has benefits, too. You’ll feel needed and integral to the functioning of your community, and that has tangible benefits for both your physical and mental health.

5. Move Your Body

There is no shortcut to physical fitness; you have to move your body. Find an exercise, any exercise, and fall in love with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, cross-fit or anything in between—it all counts.

6. An Attitude of Gratitude


Being thankful for all that you’re blessed with has been shown to make lives longer and happier. A positive attitude can do wonders for your overall health, if you’re willing to give it a shot!

7. Take Your Vitamins

From A to Z (more like B to Zinc, we suppose), taking your vitamins can fill the gaps in your nutritional needs left behind by the Standard American Diet. We all have them. No shame. Do your best and then take your multi; just to be sure you’re getting what you need to be the healthiest you can be.

8. Get Thee to a Doctor

Being Healthy

Knowing your stats and having a professional help you handle them is invaluable when it comes to being healthy. After all, how can you stay on top of your cholesterol if you have no idea what your numbers are?

9. Drink More

Water, that is! Staying hydrated will keep your digestive system working better and improve your skin while boosting your energy. Who could ask for anything more?

10. Eat More

Healthy food

Veggies, of course! Most Americans aren’t getting enough servings of fruits or vegetables in their diet. It’s an area where we can all improve, so no judgment.

11. Meditate

From weight management to stress reduction, even better brainpower, meditation has been shown to have incredible benefits on our quest to be healthier both physically and mentally.

12. Give Back


Volunteering on a regular basis will bring about incredible reward, not just for your community but for you as well. People who volunteer feel more fulfilled, connected to a higher cause and have a more diverse, stronger social network.

13. Put Down Your Phone

Your cell phone or other technology will not be missed next year, or even next week! Missing out on quality time with your family because you got sucked into the social media vortex during game night might haunt you forever if it’s a regular occurrence.

14. Write It Out


Expression of self is critical when it comes to being healthy—wholly healthy. People who journal often feel more understood than others, even if they don’t actually have any one person in their lives who “gets them” all the time.

15. Shake It Off

Make like Taylor Swift and shake your stresses away with a good old-fashioned dance party. Seriously. The stress relief might just add years to your life!

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