Barack Obama paid tribute to the heroes of the 9-11 attacks, but something goes wrong

Barack Obama pays tribute to the heroes of the September 11 attack. Internet users attack the former president on social networks. What a...

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  • Barack Obama pays tribute to the heroes of the September 11 attack.
  • Internet users attack the former president on social networks.
  • What about the people of Afghanistan? They still suffer from terrorism.

After 20 years of one of the most critical moments that the United States has faced in its history, when a terrorist attack ended the lives of thousands of citizens after a group of terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed them onto the nation’s historic buildings.





Through his Twitter account, the former United States President Barack Obama shared an image in order to pay tribute to the anonymous heroes who gave their lives on that tragic day of September 11, 2001 in New York, when the famous Twin Towers were demolished, according to Agencia Efe.

Obama attacked after tribute to the 9/11 attack

Barack Obama Twin Towers

In a statement marking the twentieth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, Obama opined that “America has always been the home of heroes who run into danger to do the right thing.” But not everything went as expected, as netizens were upset in the comments.

“For Michelle and me, the lasting image of that day is not just the falling towers or the burning debris, but the firefighters running up the stairs while others ran down them,” said the former president between 2009 and 2017.

Barack Obama Twin Towers: Statement


“And we see it today, in the doctors and nurses, completely exhausted, who do everything possible to save lives; in the military, some of whom were not even born 20 years ago, who have put themselves at risk to save Americans and help refugees, “he said, apparently alluding to the aerial rescues in Afghanistan.

He also included in that group firefighters and emergency teams “who fight wild fires and rising waters to save families”, referring to two phenomena, fires and floods, which are becoming more frequent in the United States due to the climate crisis. “9/11 reminded us of the extent to which so many Americans give themselves in extraordinary ways, not just in times of great crisis, but every day. Let’s never forget that, and never take their work for granted ”, concluded Obama.

Barack Obama Twin Towers: Ceremony in New York

Barack Obama Twin Towers: Ceremony in New York

While Obama, Clinton and Biden attended the ceremony in New York, former President George W. Bush (2001-2009) delivered a heartfelt speech in Shanksville (Pennsylvania), where the fourth plane crashed 20 years ago, after which they impacted in the Twin Towers in New York and in the Pentagon, according to Efe.

With the exception of Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), who at 96 no longer travels to official events, the only living ex-president absent from the events this Saturday was Donald Trump (2017-2021), who issued a statement in the charged at Biden for his strategy in Afghanistan.

Barack Obama Twin Towers: “What about the people of Afghanistan?”

Barack Obama Twin Towers: "What about the people of Afghanistan?"

But users of social networks took the opportunity to leave their thoughts in the comments, and began to criticize the former president of the United States on his Twitter account after sharing the statement of the tribute: “Today we honor the almost 3,000 men, women and children who died on September 11, 2001 and heroes who have always run into danger to do the right thing. Let’s never forget that day and never take it for granted, “he tweeted.

“What about the people of Afghanistan? They still suffer from terrorism. Why did the United States leave its ally Afghanistan alone in the dark? Don’t you think the US has a moral responsibility to help the people of Afghanistan? ”Said a netizen in the post.

Barack Obama Twin Towers: “You forget the 300,000 Afghans”

Barack Obama Twin Towers: "You forget the 300,000 Afghans"

“You forget the 300,000 Afghans we supported, paid and trained for 30 years! Are they not able to protect themselves? ”,“ It was a war without end, without aim. The Afghans allowed the Taliban to seize power… after 20 years… NOTHING was learned! ”,“ Not anymore. We have not morally betrayed the Afghans, we have elevated them to help themselves and those around them. No matter how long the United States stays in Afghanistan, the warring factions will survive us, ”the messages continued.

“The responsibility to put an end to terrorism in the world is not the duty of the US, but the universal duty of each and every citizen of the world to stop the act, because the masters of terror are and come from our interior in general without specific segments or groups. security in terror “, were some comments.

Barack Obama Twin Towers: Movie Predicted Disaster

Movie predicted disaster
Photo Getty Images

Twenty years after the tragedy, they say that the movie “Back to the Future” predicted the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, thanks to a conspiracy theory that circulates on social networks, according to a publication on the portal of news of The Sun. The famous film was released in 1985 and years later the terrorist attacks took place in which hundreds of people died and the emblematic buildings collapsed when two planes hijacked and directed by terrorists crashed.

There is a video that circulates through YouTube in which Marty McFly, the protagonist of the film, warns of the terrorist attack on buildings and so far, that material has been seen by more than four million people around the world. It was in the scene of “the Twin Pines shopping center”, in which an alleged attack by “Muslim terrorists” from Libya is narrated, so because of this and other coincidences, it is said that this tape predicted the fatal date in the United States .

Is it true?

Return to the future
Photo Getty Images

And is that in the video the word “twin” means a reference to the Twin Towers. Also, you can see how when you turn the mall sign, the numbers on the clock point to 911, which translates to September 11 (month 9) and the emergency number for the United States.

In addition, it is said that precisely the twin pines are apparently a “symbolic representation of the Twin Towers.” Before the attack, the “twin” pines are there, but then the word twin is changed to solitary, and the pines are replaced by one, as with the One World Trade building. Filed Under: Barack Obama Twin Towers

More controversial points

Photo Getty Images

Another of the coincidences that are shown in the same scene, is when Doc shows two stopwatches, which show coded 911. Also, the twin pines are seen in Back to the Future Part II, on a projection screen at Marty’s next house.

In the film, Marty’s family is shown gathering around the screen when the twin pines are exchanged in the Twin Towers. With this the video ‘supports’ that the twin pines represent the Twin Towers, and the Twin Pines Pall is the commercial center of the twin towers. Filed Under: Barack Obama Twin Towers. To see the video click here.

“Elaborate warning”

"Elaborate warning"
Photo Getty Images

But in the video about Back to the Future the controversy continues, since it is said that of the three characters who observe the Twin Towers on the screen, one of them is in an uproar, the theory indicates that the scene should be “observed from their perspective” and thus “it is clearly shown that the Twin Towers are falling.”

The tape is an “elaborate warning” of what would happen on September 11, 2001, the video says. Marty’s character knows the exact date and time when the clock tower will be hit and asks to save it before “it is struck by lightning and a” giant 911 in flames is lit on the street. ” Filed Under: Barack Obama Twin Towers

Coincidences increase

Return to the future
Photo Getty Images

But the coincidences increase as the video progresses and it is that as is known, the film Back to the Future represents the “future” of October 2015, and in October 2015, a film of the Twin Towers, called The Walk, was released.

And that’s not all, Back to the Future which was released in 1985, and The Walk were directed by the same man, Robert Zemeckis. The video explains that the movie Marty’s family was watching is, in fact, The Walk from 2015. Filed Under: Barack Obama Twin Towers

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