Barack and Michelle Obama send message for Biden’s victory

Barack and Michelle Obama send message for Biden’s victory After the announcement of the triumph of Joe Biden, the couple sends a m...

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  • Barack and Michelle Obama send message for Biden’s victory
  • After the announcement of the triumph of Joe Biden, the couple sends a message to the president-elect
  • “I couldn’t be more proud,” said former President Obama

Obama message Biden. Michelle Obama sent a message while former President Barack Obama assures that “I could not be more proud” to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris after winning the elections.

In accordance with The Associated Press, in a statement released on Saturday by Twitter, Obama assures that Biden “has what it takes to be president and already behaves that way” because he will arrive at the White House facing “a series of extraordinary challenges like no other incoming president.”

Obama send message Biden

PHOTO: Twitter Barack Obama

Acknowledging that the election revealed that the nation remains highly divided, Obama commented, “I know he will get the job done with the best interests of every American in mind, whether or not they voted for him.”

He added: “I ask all Americans to give it a chance and support it.” Biden served as Obama’s vice president during his two terms.

At the same time, former First Lady Michelle Obama sent a strong and emotional message after Joe Biden’s triumph. “I am beyond excited that my friend Joe Biden and our African and Indian-American female first Vice President, Kamala Harris, are heading to restore some dignity, competence and heart to the White House. Our country urgently needs it ”, he said through his Twitter.

Obama send message Biden

PHOTO: Twitter Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, who was an active voter registration activist, also thanked the voters, who, according to her message, have put “every ounce of hope and determination in this democracy for the past four years.”

“In this election, more votes were cast than ever. It’s for you, “added Michelle Obama.

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Barack and Michelle Obama send message for Biden’s victory

The former First Lady of the United States also noted that “after celebrating, and we should all take a moment to breathe out after everything we’ve been through, let’s remember that this is just the beginning. It is a first step. Voting in an election is not a magic wand, and neither is winning one. “

He also referred to Trump voters, saying: “Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hatred, chaos and division. We have a lot of work to do to reach these people in the years to come and connect with them in what brings us together. “

Michelle Obama Barack Obama


“But we must also recognize that the road to progress will always be uphill. We will always have to scrape and crawl to the top of the mountain. And two years from now, four years from now, once again there will be no room for error, “added Michelle Obama.

Regarding these elections and democracy in the United States, he said: “We now see the reality that we cannot take even the smallest part of our democracy for granted. Every vote must count, and each of us must vote. And as a country, we should make it easier, not harder, to cast a vote. “

He made a call to continue voting in upcoming elections, saying that “it is the only way we will build a nation worthy of our children.”

Finally the former first lady noted: “My sincere congratulations again to Joe and Jill, Kamala and Doug, and to each of you who stepped forward when your country needed you.”

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Joe Biden WINS the US Presidency

Biden wins 2020 elections. After a marathon voting day and with a slight margin, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden confirmed his victory in the 2020 elections and thus took the Presidency and the possibility of a second term Republican Donald Trump.

Traditionally Republican states, such as Georgia and Pennsylvania, gave Biden the victory by a narrow margin.

According to the AP news agency, Democrat Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States this Saturday and places himself at the forefront of a nation gripped by a historic pandemic, its economic consequences and deep social unrest.

His victory came after three days of uncertainty in processing mail-in ballots that delayed the recount. Biden surpassed the threshold of 270 votes in the Electoral College by winning the state of Pennsylvania.

Biden, a veteran politician faced with Trump’s populism

The former vice president and “friend” of Barack Obama (2009-2017), Joe Biden, used his experience and moderation to present himself as the ideal Democratic candidate to confront the populism of President Donald Trump, in elections conditioned by the crisis and the pandemic of COVID-19.

After his campaign was practically left for dead in his party’s primaries, Biden rose from the ashes and swept the so-called “super Tuesday” in the southern states, which were key to wrestling the presidency from Trump.

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Joe Biden WINS the US Presidency

“Just a few days ago the press and the talk shows declared this campaign dead (…) We are creating a campaign that can unite the party and beat Donald Trump,” exclaimed an euphoric Biden at a rally on a Baldwin Hills basketball court, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Biden, 77, insistently wields his eight years alongside his “friend” Barack Obama in the White House, as the icing on the cake to a long political career in the US Senate (1973-2009).

He also usually remembers his humble origins in Scranton (Pennsylvania) – his father was a car salesman – in the heart of the industrial belt, which in 2016 turned its back on the Democrats and opted for Trump with just over 40,000 votes.

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Filed Under: Biden Wins 2020 Election

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