Banda La Adictiva is attacked

Criminals shoot at Banda La Adictiva. The attack occurred in the State of Mexico. Days before a ‘narcomanta’ had appeared war...

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  • Criminals shoot at Banda La Adictiva.
  • The attack occurred in the State of Mexico.
  • Days before a ‘narcomanta’ had appeared warning the group.

IN DANGER OF BEING KILLED? At dawn, it was reported that the bus transporting the Banda La Adictiva had been attacked by a group of armed men. The attack occurred at the moment they were in the El Dorado booth, heading in the direction of the city of Atlacomulco. The members of La Adictiva were unharmed.

Days before, the singers who were to perform at the Metepec Fair had been warned about what would happen if they reached the territory. In the narcomanta that was found, they indicated that “if they respect our territory, we will respect their lives,” which was a wake-up call for various artists who have canceled their performances.


Photo: Twitter

According to El Universal, after the members of the Banda La Adictiva group appeared at the Metepec Fair, they were traveling to the “El dorado” booth when the tragedy occurred. A group of armed men attacked the group after they were warned not to appear at the event to avoid the “innocent bloodshed.”

The attack was something that the Michoacán Family Cartel had warned about last Friday when various ‘narcomantas’ appeared on several road bridges in Metepec, State of Mexico. On these banners, the singers who were to perform at the event were threatened with death, including Christian Nodal, La Sonora Dinamita, Pancho Barraza, among others.

La Adictiva gang attack: How did it happen?

Addictive gang attack: How did it happen?
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Several local media report that the group was traveling back home when a private car intercepted them at the El Dorado booth and began shooting at the bus they were in. El Universal points out that the events occurred at 5:35 AM (local time).

Although the group confessed that they had not been the victims of a direct attack, they assume that it was due to the warning that the criminal organization had left in the city of Metepec. So far, it is presumed that the attackers belong to the Cartel de la Familia Michoacana, who are blamed for the scattered banners. Filed Under: Addictive Gang Attack

La Adictiva gang attack: Were there any injuries?

Addictive gang attack: Were there any injuries?
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According to the Mexican newspaper El Universal, the police reported that the problem originated at kilometer 54 of the Toluca-Atlacomulco highway. After the attack, authorities were notified and the members of the National Guard arrived first and helped the members of the Mexican group.

According to reports, the men in the group’s bus suffered no injuries, and no casualties were reported. Subsequently, they began to collect information about the events that occurred in the early morning hours. So far, no member of the famous band has made a public statement about the traumatic event they experienced. Filed Under: Addictive Gang Attack

La Adictiva Gang Attack: What was the Damage?

Addictive Gang Attack: What Damage Was There?
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As mentioned by ChicaPicosa, the Banda La Adictiva’s spokesperson gave his statement about the events that took place this morning. According to Alexis Quiñones, he was the one who made the first contact with the National Guard and mentioned that an armed group had attacked them while the group was leaving Metepec.

The group’s spokesperson reported that a red Jetta fired five shots, causing damage to the rear tire and to the vehicle. In the photographs that appeared on social media, you can see the damage caused to one of the tires of the bus that was transporting them, as well as the holes caused by the firearm. Filed Under: Addictive Gang Attack

La Adictiva gang attack: How many shots did they receive?

Addictive gang attack: How many hits did they have?
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El Universal points out that the information provided by the National Guard indicates that the vehicle only received shots to the rear tire and on the driver’s side, coinciding with the version given by the group’s spokesperson. Fortunately, the members of La Adictiva were not harmed.

The regional operational deputy director of Atlacomulco, Carlos Roberto Contreras Valdés, reported national guard station near the highway was contacted and they went to help the group that was deeply affected by being shot at in the vehicle they were riding in. Filed Under: Addictive Gang Attack

La Adictiva Gang Attack: Are there more statements about it?

Addictive Gang Attack: Are there more statements about it?
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The band’s driver, Luis Antonio Ibarra, stated in the reports that he was passing the booth towards the city of Almoloya de Juárez, in the direction of Ixtlahuaca when the private car, a Jetta, started firing shots at the bus transporting the members and crew of the band.

The members of the band were secured at 6:50 am, when state authorities helped them to travel safely along the highway until they reached the city limits of Michoacán. Although authorities are aware of the narcomantas found on the Metepec bridges, they have not made any statements in this regard. Filed Under: Addictive Gang Attack

Did they promised them they would be safe?

Did they promise you security?
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According to Chamonic3, an entertainment acocunt, the Banda La Adictiva had agreed to attend the event despite active threats they’d received because the staff promised them security at all times. Unfortunately, they did not imagine that when leaving the performance they would be attacked by a group of armed men.

“The Band @adictivaoficial appeared yesterday, since the organizers of the event told them that they would be escorted upon arrival and departure by municipal police and the national guard would be in place. Well, even so, the band’s bus was shot… and one of the shots punctured a tire, they were on the bus,” states the account, posting a video of what the bus looked like.

What did the narcomanta say?

What did the narcomanta say?
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On Friday morning the bridges of Metepect, State of Mexico, were ‘adorned’ with serious death threats against the artists who would perform at the Metepec Fair. In these narcomantas, one can see that they warn the artists not to attend the event or else there will be dangerous consequences. It can be assumed that they wanted to set an example byshooting at the Banda La Adictiva.

“Urgent statement: All artists who will be performing at the Metepec fair, who do not appear at said venue, are informed that they will avoid innocent bloodshed (including yours). Because of actions taken by (the scourge) businessman Mario García, they are forbidden to appear. Respect our territory and we will respect your lives. Sincerely, Michoacan family.”

Are they in danger of death?

Are they in danger of death?
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This Saturday, Christian Nodal and Los Plebes de Rancho are set to perform. So far they have not canceled their performances, according to ChicaPicosa. According to several media sources, the only artist to canceled his performance is Pancho Barraza due to the threats that were made on the narcomantas.

Authorities of the security secretariat of the State of Mexico have not made any comment in this regard and have not indicated whether they will deploy any surveillance operations for the event that will take place in the next few hours. The artists who were confirmed, have not any given statements in this regard.

Do they fear for their safety?

Are you afraid for your safety?
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Within hours of confirming the attack on the group La Adictiva, Christian Nodal made a statement canceling his performance at the Metepec fair. The singer’s team says that they cannot perform because they must first ensure the integrity and safety of the artists who will be at the event. Therefore, they prefer to cancel.

Minutes later, the creator of the event, who was singled out by the narcomantas, decided to end the Metepec Fair, saying that he did so to preserve the safety of those present, workers and artists. In the statement issued, he asserted that it was due to the attack suffered by the Banda La Adictiva and that he cannot expose more than one person to the same risk.

The notice

The notice
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“We inform you that Mr. Mario García’s diamond company, we have decided to terminate the event called the Metepec 2021 space fair, due to recent events. We are concerned about the integrity and safety of everyone: attendees, press, artists, employees and workers, who work with us in this event.” states the release.

“We thank you for your understanding and hope to see you again soon to show you that we are a company are a committed and responsible company. The artists of the entertainment center (palenque) are canceled.” This comes from part of the official statement.

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