Chronicle: Nanny falls asleep while her husband sexually abuses a girl



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  • Chronicle: Babysitter’s husband sexually abuses a girl when she falls asleep.
  • Police say that the Guatemalan went to work after consummating the act.
  • The little girl’s parents were alerted after noticing her abnormal behavior.

Don Carlos and Doña Carmen (fictitious names) will never forgive each other for the mistake they made by leaving their little and defenseless 9-year-old girl in the hands of a sexual psychopath, although obviously that tendency on the part of their neighbor is something that they were unaware of at the time.

When they took the minor to her nanny’s apartment in the city of Norcross (Georgia) at around 6:30 in the morning because they had to get to work early, it was not her who opened the door, but rather her husband, identified as Edson Fernando Miro López, a 40-year-old Guatemalan citizen.

Nanny’s husband chronicle: they left her and went to work

babysitter's husband
Gwinnett Sheriff

Edson told them that his wife was in the bathroom at that moment and the parents of the girl whose identity we are going to omit for obvious reasons, left her with him and went to work, because they could not keep wasting any more time. What they did not know is that the nanny was in her best dream at that moment.

Everything indicates that, by being left alone with the innocent creature, the Central American was awakened by his lowest and darkest passions, to the point that he began to seduce her. Police say they first began to touch her hair and face. Then he continued with his body and legs, but he lingered for a long time in her vagina, until he finally penetrated her.

Chronicle of the babysitter’s husband: after a while, his wife woke up and Edson went to work

babysitter's husband abuses girl
Reference photo: Shutterstock

After 8am, after more than an hour of suffering this stormy abuse, Edson’s wife finally woke up and he went to work. By that time the girl in question had fallen asleep on the couch, so she didn’t even suspect anything. During the morning, they brought four other children to his wife, whom she usually cared for.

Therefore, there were already five children in that home with the abused little girl, apart from another little girl of only three years old, who is the daughter of Edson and his wife, the babysitter, whose identity we are not going to expose either, because at the end of the day , she has not been accused of anything and it is very likely that she was completely unaware of what had happened.

Chronicle of the babysitter’s husband: in the afternoon they came to pick up the victim

Chronic husband abuses girl
Photo: Shutterstock

After a long working day, Don Carlos and Doña Carmen finally returned to pick up their little girl and together they returned to their apartment, located in the same building where the nanny and Edson live, that is, they were separated only by a few doors and only a few feet away.

Once home, the girl’s parents noticed something unusual about her behavior. They saw that she was constantly smelling her dress. They asked her about what was happening and she replied that she smelled a bad smell. They smelled it, but couldn’t feel a thing, although that left both parents a bit worried.

Nanny’s husband chronicle: mom spied on her when she went to the bathroom

babysitter's husband abuses girl
Photo: Shutterstock

Before the family went to rest, Dona Carmen had a foreboding and began to watch her little girl’s footsteps. That was how he noticed when she entered the bathroom and as she had left the door half open, she realized that the girl was checking her private part and pretended to be rubbing herself.

He immediately decided to approach her and together with her husband, they began to question her, but she was very elusive. As they are a very religious couple who attend church several times a week, they gave the girl where they knew they would make her confess. “God does not like children to lie, but is pleased when they are sincere are their parents.”

Chronicle of the babysitter’s husband: the little girl burst into tears

Chronic husband abuses girl
Reference photo: Shutterstock

Faced with the possibility of looking bad with the Creator, the minor exposed what was tormenting her. She told her parents everything Don ‘Elson’ as she calls Edson, did to him that morning since they left her in their care when they left for work. How much he outraged her and how he loved her, although she did not allow her private part to be reviewed.

Without thinking twice, the girl’s mother immediately called 911 to report the incident. In a matter of minutes the place was full of policemen. The authorities were able to confirm that, indeed, the little girl had irritations in her vagina and unnatural marks, for which, they went after the subject that she called her aggressor.

Nanny’s husband chronicle: the girl has changed her behavior

Chronic husband abuses girl

The investigators took the clothing that the minor was wearing that day to analyze it as evidence against the Guatemalan, who is already a prisoner accused of ‘child molestation‘an extremely serious crime in Georgia and for which he could spend up to several decades behind bars.

Meanwhile, the following days the detectives continued to visit the girl to try to get more information from her and were informed by her parents that her behavior was different. That he hardly ate and that he continually complained of stomach pain, which had not happened before.

Chronicle of the babysitter’s husband: the little girl will need a lot of attention and even treatment

Chronic husband abuses girl
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It is not necessary to be a psychologist or an expert on the subject of child abuse to know that the affected girl will require much more care in the future, because due to what she experienced, she could be prone to being distrustful, becoming rebellious or worse, even having feelings capacity and even suicide.

No child who is sexually abused is ever the same as before, that is why I am glad that American justice is severe with those who commit them, because they must guarantee that they do not do it again with any other defenseless being. As they say over there in my land “There, they look prettier.”. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánicor. Until next time.

Chronicle: But what is happening to our ladies?

Chronicle: passing our ladies
Wendy Rianos and Omayra Ramos (Gwinnett Sheriff’s Office)

Half a dozen Hispanic women in Georgia have been talking in recent days after being arrested by authorities and charged with serious crimes that are commonly committed by men, such as drug trafficking and sexual abuse. of minors. And from there I tell you this chronicle: What is happening to our ladies?

The six defendants are behind bars waiting to be prosecuted and if the Prosecutor’s Office manages to prove their guilt in court, they will surely spend many years in prison, since the charges against them are considered among the most serious in the United States.

Police say they are female drug traffickers: what is happening to our ladies?

Chronicle: passing our ladies
Photo posted on the Monroe Sheriff’s Facebook page

Last week four women were captured by federal and state authorities for allegedly having ties to drug trafficking. There were two simultaneous operations, but in different places and, in each one of them, two women fell, all of Mexican origin, who were identified as Claudia Álvarez, 34; Angelica Rambo, 43; Wendy Rianos, 31, and Omayra Ramos, 37.

Álvarez and Rambo were captured at their home in Monroe County, southeast of Atlanta. The Office The Sheriff of that town raided the home of the accused after receiving reliable information that they were engaged in the sale of drugs. They practically put the finger on them and the police got a warrant, which allowed the discovery of methamphetamine.

This pair was caught directly by the DEA: what is happening to our ladies?
Chronicle: passing our ladies
Wendy Rianos and Omayra Ramos (Gwinnett Sheriff’s Office)

Wendy Rianos and Omayra Ramos fared even worse, since the one who caught them red-handed, or rather, on drugs, was nothing more and nothing less than the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, for its acronym in English) , the body of law most feared by drug traffickers in the world.

According to court records, this couple of women were caught by DEA special agent Chris Valente after a lengthy investigation. When the detective and his team felt they had enough evidence to charge them, they dropped them, and now both are being held in the Gwinnett County Jail without bail, also charged with methamphetamine trafficking.

Two alleged rapists also fell: what is happening to our ladies?

Chronicle: passing our ladies
Norma Sánchez (Gwinnett Sheriff’s Office)

The other two remaining women I told you about at the beginning of my chronicle today entitled What is happening to our ladies?, they are accused of something even worse and weirder, at least in a lady. One of them is Norma Sánchez, a native of Mexico, who was arrested by Gwinnett County Police on charges of raping a minor.

The 36-year-old Mexican already has a criminal record in Georgia, as she was captured in 2015 for driving without a license, but was released after posting bail. Before that, in 2007, she was arrested for trafficking cocaine and marijuana. She was imprisoned for a year and regained her freedom, but of the charges that are now being imputed to her, it will not be so easy she will come out well.

This other girl picked on a special boy: so what is happening to our ladies?

Chronicle: passing our ladies
Jacqueline Flores Alonzo (Bailiff of Bexar)

But if you who read me believe that Norma has now crossed the line, then wait for you to read the case of Jacqueline Flores Alonzo, 30, who was accused of nothing more and nothing less than having sex with a 14-year-old adolescent who He suffers from autism and in the presence of this little one’s grandparents.

According to court records, everything came to light when the boy happened to have an interview with social workers who sporadically visit him to find out how he is doing. Before them, the adolescent explained the experience that he had to live, which triggered an intense investigation.

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