Parents discover that their babysitter forced their 2-year-old baby to eat (VIDEO)

Parents find out babysitter forced their 2-year-old baby to eat. Lauren Rowe could be seen holding the child’s hands behind his bac...

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  • Parents find out babysitter forced their 2-year-old baby to eat.
  • Lauren Rowe could be seen holding the child’s hands behind his back.
  • “You need to learn that you have to eat your food.”

Nanny forced a child to eat. A video about a babysitter and a two-year-old baby is circulating on social media, it shows how the young woman forces the little one to eat his food in a rather rough way. This situation has upset the parents of the child who suffered at the hands of his own nanny.

The couple, who live in North Carolina, decided to install a security camera at their home, as they suspected something was going on with Lauren Rowe, the nanny. What the boy’s parents saw horrified them, according to New York Post.

Nanny is discovered forcing a child to eat

 Nanny is discovered when she forced a child to eat

According to their version of events, Max Oglesby and his wife, Laura, were shocked and puzzled when they saw that their son Declan appeared to be force-fed by their nanny, Lauren Rowe. Rowe could be seen holding the boy’s hands behind his back as she shoved the food into his mouth.

The two-year-old Declan screamed and kicked in his chair as the young nanny grabbed the boy’s hands and fed him chunks of chicken pot pie. The two-year-old screamed “NO!” and “Dad!” during the traumatic ordeal. She repeatedly told him to “eat his food” while he cried for his parents.

Nanny was exposed when she forced a child to eat

Nanny was exposed when she forced a child to eat

The video quickly went viral on social media and Internet users were dismayed at the situation. “We’re learning today,” young Lauren Rowe was seen yelling at the boy in the clip. “You need to learn that you need to eat your food, and then we can finish.”

The footage also showed Rowe talking to someone on the phone and saying, “If we didn’t control our 2-year-old, he would walk all over us.” Declan’s parents immediately shared the video on social media and alerted authorities about the their babysitter’s abuse.

Nanny was arrested when she forced a two-year-old boy to eat

Nanny was arrested when she forced a two-year-old boy to eat

After seeing the terrible images, the boy’s stepmother reacted by saying: “I wanted to kick her butt,” said Laura. “I wanted to come here and immobilize her and I wanted to put food in her mouth,” added the stepmother about how her partner’s son was mistreated when she forcibly fed him.

After being informed, authorities arrested Lauren Rowe and charged her with child abuse. She was released after posting a $2,500 bond. It is worth mentioning that her court hearing is scheduled for November 8.

The stepmother was “emotionally drained” by seeing babysitter force her child to eat

"You are no longer needed as a babysitter for us"

On Facebook, Laura wrote that the couple was “emotionally drained from this whole experience,” adding, “Our main goal now is to make sure this sticks to her like glue so she can never do this kind of thing to a child, dog, or person in general never again.”

The couple explained in the post that they had to hire a babysitter for a few days a week while renovating their bar in Washington, North Carolina, and discovered the scene while taking a break. When they saw what was happening, they contacted the boy’s biological mother, who lived nearby, to go to her house as the two drove home.

“You are no longer needed as a babysitter for us”

The stepmothers showed herself "emotionally drained" of the babysitter when she forced her child to eat

Rowe had allegedly been looking after Declan for approximately two hours when the incident occurred. “And I wasn’t there. Shit hurts,” Max told the Daily Mail. He said his son’s arms were bruised after his hands were held. After the incident, Laura texted Rowe the video the nanny cam recorded, along with a long message:

“You are no longer needed as a babysitter for us, and my suggestion is that you don’t babysit until you learn to patiently handle children. The way you handled Declan tonight in the high chair trying to force-feed him is textbook child abuse… Tonight you broke a mother’s heart,” said the stepmother. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Other babysitters who did their job wrong

They forgot it for three hours
Photo: Twitter

Another nanny who ran an unlicensed daycare could face dire consequences after a two-year-old in her care died while locked in her car. The little one she was taking care of was forgotten in the back of the car and spent a long time inside the vehicle, without getting help.

In one of the videos that was released showing the tragedy, you can see the child banging on the window trying to attract attention to get help. The nanny’s case is currently being processed and it is expected she will go to court in the next few days, where she will be charged with several crimes, including murder. Filed Under: Babysitter Forced Child to Eat

The facts collected

The facts collected
Photo: Screenshot from

Arthur Oliveira dos Santos was in the care of babysitter Glaucia Aparecida Luiz, 35, who, along with her daughter, was responsible for more than 10 children in their home. The two-year-old boy was in the caregiver’s car when the tragedy that would take his life occurred — and it was all due to the woman’s carelessness.

Although a nothing like that had happened in her home before, the police decided to further investigate the operation of the nursery while collecting evidence for their case. More details about the death of little Arthur have been released, thanks to the videos from the CCTV that they had outside the residence, that show the last moments of the toddler. Filed Under: Babysitter Forced Child To Eat

An unregulated daycare

An irregular nursery
Photo: Screenshot from

Among the details that the police released, it was reported that the home functioned as an unregulated daycare. They did not have the necessary documentation and were dealing with more than ten children inside their home. Authorities immediately closed down the operation to protect the other children.

According to, the police were called late on Wednesday afternoon after Glaucia took the child to an emergency room, unfortunately they couldn’t revive the two-year-old. Their efforts were futile because of his condition when he arrived at the hospital. Filed Under: Babysitter Forced Child To Eat

Police statements regarding the daycare

Police statements by the nursery
Photo: Screenshot from

Police chief Mário Henrique de Oliveira gave the media a statement in which he reported that the establishment had been operating for a couple of years. In the same interview, the man stated that both the nanny and her daughter ran the daycare and had a dozen children in their care.

“She has a clandestine establishment where she and her daughter take care of more than 10, 12 children. She carries these children from one place to another, she has no structure. And another thing: she forgot about this child in the car and did not notice the absence of the child in the house,” reported the officer in charge of the investigation, who is trying to determine the events that occurred in the home. Filed Under: Babysitter Forced Child To Eat

“An irresponsible action”

Nanny charged with murder Brazil: "An irresponsibility"
Photo: Screenshot from

Mário told the media that the woman in the establishment offered a variety of services for children but that it could not be considered a formal daycare because it was unlicensed. In addition, he reported that the tragedy occurred due to total neglect on the part of the woman, so the case is being investigated as a murder with possible intent.

“She gave them beverages, snacks and naps, that is, a range of activities. So, it was carelessness, an irresponsible action that goes beyond simple negligence, simple carelessness,” said the police chief in an interview. He promised that they will investigate Arthur’s case in depth so that his death is not considered “in vain.” Filed Under: Babysitter Forced Child To Eat

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