Ay Que Alivio! products with CBD extracts now on the market

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Ay Que Alivio! products with CBD extracts now on the market
  • Ay Que Alivio! products with CBD extracts are now on the market
  • CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant
  • These products guarantee quality and safety and help relieve aches and pains

Ay Que Alivio! products with CBD extracts are now on the market. In order to guarantee quality and safety, while also helping relieve aches and pains in the body, the Ay Qué Alivio! products with CBD extracts have been released to the market.

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Making use of cannabis properties, CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids that can be found naturally in the cannabis plant, which is fast becoming a popular medicine for various conditions and to take care of our body.

Properties of Ay Que Alivio!

Products Ay Que Alivio!
Image: Instagram Ay Que Alivio!

With a new line of products based on Hemp extracts, of excellent quality and, which has also been certified by third-party studies, Ay Que Alivio! They have ingredients recommended to improve muscle aches.

Some of these ingredients are lavender, mint, eucalyptus, chamomile oil, beeswax and grape seed oil, offering a harmonious and perfumed mixture, scientifically proven in order to guarantee quality and safety and promote relief from these pains and discomforts.

Cannabinoid or CBD extracts

Products Ay Que Alivio!
Image: Instagram Ay Que Alivio!

Successor of painkillers that do work, Ay Que Alivio! that have been made based on CBD, are extracted from their own non-GMO hemp crops in the city of Wisconsin, which contain MCT oil, derived from coconut pulp and palm oil, isolated from CBD.

It also has terpene humulene and terpene linalol, which is known to work excellently for the dermis since it contains a moisturizing and conditioning impact, as well as fighting multiple conditions, as part of the wide variety of products that Ay Que offers. Relief!

Oh what a relief! inspired by the childhood of their co-founder

Image: Ay Que Alivio!

Alana Peralta, co-founder in charge of the new launch of the Ay Que Alivcio! Products, said that they were inspired by the natural remedies that were made to her when she was a child. “I discovered CBD when looking for an alternative medicine for my chronic migraines.”

“Once it started to work for me, I introduced and educated my mother about CBD. The rest is history ”. He also added: “That is why at Ay Que Alivio !, we provide people with excellent quality CBD products, using active components focused on specific requirements for the diverse needs of consumers, which we believe has the ability to significantly increase our letter of clients ”.

Inspired to pamper the body and relieve it of stress

Products Ay Que Alivio!
Image: Instragram Ay Que Alivio!

On the front of their products you can see the main concept, “Consume your body from overwork and stress with CBD” highlighting that the products are oriented in order to encourage people to benefit from the healing properties and attributes .

Likewise, these products drive access to drugs that work, bringing a therapeutic product closer to those who grew up in a land against cannabis. As can be seen in his official Instagram account, the Ay Que Alivio! you are made from Caribbean roots.

From bath bombs, tinctures and even gummies

Products Ay Que Alivio!
Image: Instagram Ay Que Alivio!

The innovative range of topical products is available on the Ay Que Alivio! Official website, which incorporates ointments for localized and fast-absorbing applications, tinctures and oils to provide relief from insomnia or migraines.

It also offers bath bombs so that those who use the product can relax after a long work day or a heavy training routine, with even strawberry lemonade-flavored gummies, which are also contained in the variety of products of Oh what a relief!

A breakthrough for the representation of women, according to launch team

Image: Instagram Ay Que Alivio!

“This is a great advance for the representation of women. Years ago we couldn’t find anything that could identify us. Being able to express ourselves in this way is important for us, ”said the team of women behind the launch of the Ay Que Alivio! Products.

“Our purpose is to teach people that there is a society of women working in organic applications and of responsible origin, creating products that have an impact with them and of good quality, providing relief just as nature wants it to be,” they added.

About Ay Que Alivio!

Image: Facebook Ay Que Alivio!

At Ay Que Alivio, they pride themselves on creating high-quality hemp-derived products that you can trust. Whether you’re looking for something calming, nourishing, or balancing, his articles address a number of needs using the best full-spectrum CBD available.

According to the information on its website, these products will quickly become part of the daily routine of those who purchase them. Their dedicated team truly believes in the power of nature to infuse harmony and balance in the lives of consumers, and this shines through in every product that Ay Que Alivio! offers.

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