No Plateau: 15 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Stagnate at Work

Whether your goals are clear or not, here are 15 ways to ensure you don't find yourself up against a bad case of career stagnation.

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Career stagnation isn’t pretty. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to become complacently comfortable at work. You become accustomed to the consistent pay check and feel obligated to stay in a job that you might not hate but certainly don’t love. We’re here to tell you that life is too short to spend it in a job you’re not crazy about. So, what are you hungry for? What do you want to accomplish in your professional life? Whether your goals are clear or not, here are 15 ways to ensure you don’t find yourself up against a bad case of job stagnation. Now, go! Move ahead to achieve and conquer!

1. Be in the Know

A woman with headphones at her work computer

If you’re already working in an industry you love but don’t particularly enjoy your duties, make sure you keep yourself informed about new positions opening up not just within your current company but also at competing organizations.

2. Getting to Know You

To avoid career stagnation, start by being more social at work. Not overly chatty, of course, but get to know your coworkers and let them get to know you. You never know where they may end up and remember your great smile and determined work ethic.

3. Be Seen

Some people in a work meeting

Attend work events that are more social in nature in order to be seen. Your superiors (and their bosses too) want to see your commitment to and involvement with the company, trust us.

4. Stay Current

If it’s your dream to work in technology, you simply have to know the latest and greatest developments. Same goes for a job in social work or even cooking! Stay abreast of new research and techniques in your chosen field to have a competitive edge when it comes time to use it.

5. Don’t be Shy

Two women discussing work things at a table

Another way to avoid job stagnation is to regularly speak with your supervisors to communicate your drive and ambitions with the company.

6. Volunteer

Volunteer for and participate in workshops both within your workplace and your industry as a whole. You need the knowledge and the exposure to get ahead these days.

7. Be part of the Team


If your company offers them, you should always attend team building meetings and retreats when possible. Being a team player is an incredible asset, it’s a great opportunity for networking and you never know what interpersonal communication skill you might walk away with that could change your personal life, too.

8. Set Goals

In order for your career to move forward, you have to know where it’s going.

9. Be a Helper

A woman and a man viewing work stuff on a computer

Become known around the office for being helpful. From helping your coworker to complete a project with just enough time for a celebratory dance around the break room to going the extra mile on the requested reports for your boss, do it.

10. Ch-ch-ch-changes

Don’t be afraid of change. Okay, yeah right… So you’ll be afraid of change because it’s scary but do it anyway. If you’re not currently working in the industry you love, you’re going to have to face the music at some point anyway in order to find a fulfilling career.

11. Get Marketable


Choose and learn a new skill that will either help you get ahead in your current job or push you towards getting the job you’ve always wanted. Either way, you’ll be more desirable to employers which is a win all the way around.

12. Be a Do-Gooder

Do something philanthropic that really speaks to your soul. Even if a new career doesn’t come of it, it’s something you can add to your resume and it will fill your cup, so to speak, in the meantime. Plus, you’ll meet some great people while you’re helping others.

13. Go Abroad


Consider looking into international opportunities to do what you love. Even better if you speak a foreign language (or want to learn one).

14. Get Educated

It’s never too late to go back to school for an advanced degree, especially if it means you’ll be more qualified when it comes time to ask for a promotion or a new career entirely.

15. Make a List & Check it Twice


Making a Pros and Cons list about your current situation might shed some light on why you’re doing what you’re doing. As it turns out, staying stagnant might be the best thing to do for a little while but you’ll never know if you don’t look at all sides of your situation. Knowledge is power; just don’t stay where you are forever.

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