Atlanta shootings: suspect charged, Biden breaks silence

Joe Biden breaks silence on Atlanta shooting The massacre recorded in several Atlanta massage parlors shocked the United States Eight peo...

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  • Joe Biden breaks silence on Atlanta shooting
  • The massacre recorded in several Atlanta massage parlors shocked the United States
  • Eight people were killed in the violent shootings

Following the shootings in Atlanta at three massage parlors that left eight people dead Tuesday night, police confirmed that suspect Aaron Robert Long was formally charged Wednesday with four counts of murder and one count of assault; while President Joe Biden broke the silence after this tragic news was released.

The president said that the shootings in Atlanta have Asian Americans “very concerned,” although he did not speculate on the suspect’s motives, according to Efe. “Whatever the motivation, I know that Asian Americans are very concerned. “Biden said in a statement to the press at the beginning of a meeting at the White House with the Irish Prime Minister, Micheál Martin.

Biden waiting for ‘more’ information

Biden Atlanta Shooting, Shootings, Massacre
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“I am not going to establish any connection for now on the motivation of the murderer,” added President Biden, who explained that he is waiting to receive more information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice. In addition, this Wednesday he spoke with leaders of these agencies about the shootings in Atlanta, Efe said.

Six of the eight fatalities in the attacks on Tuesday were Asian women, while two others were white, according to authorities in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The suspect, Robert Aaron Long, was taken into custody Tuesday night.

He confesses to shootings in Atlanta for his ‘sex addiction’

Biden Atlanta Shooting, Shootings, Massacre
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Robert Aaron Long was indicted Wednesday with four counts of murder and one count of battery, police said. After confessing that he committed the crimes, statements by the suspect suggest that it is not a hate crime, although the authorities have not yet completely ruled it out and are continuing to investigate it.

Long, 21, had frequented massage parlors before the attack, “blamed them for providing a way to keep his sex addiction active,” and considered them “a temptation that he wanted to eliminate,” Baker explained at a news conference. .

Atlanta shootings ‘pique’ the attention of millions

Biden Atlanta Shooting, Shootings, Massacre
PHOTO Cherokee County Sheriff Office

Regardless of Robert Aaron Long’s motives, the attack has drawn attention to the nearly 3,800 insults, harassment and physical attacks that Asian Americans have suffered since the pandemic began a year ago, according to a report released Tuesday by the Stop organization. AAPI Hate.

Many Democrats attribute this growing stigmatization of citizens with roots in Asia to the rhetoric of former President Donald Trump, who described COVID-19 as “the virus of China.” Even so, the authorities continue to investigate whether the attacks were for reasons of hatred. Six of the victims were of Asian descent and seven were women, the AP says.

Was he ‘hunting them? Was he planning another ‘attack’?

Biden Atlanta Shooting, Shootings, Massacre
PHOTO Cherokee County Sheriff Office

It was unclear if Long ever went to the massage parlors where the attacks occurred; one official source said yes, but another indicated that he apparently only visited similar venues. The authorities further stated that the individual wanted to travel to Florida to attack “some type of pornographic business.”

“Apparently he has a problem that he considers to be a sexual addiction, and he believes that those kinds of places tempt him and he wanted to eliminate that temptation,” Cherokee County Police Department spokesman Capt. Jay Baker was quoted as saying by The Associated Press.

Were massage rooms used for sex?

Biden Atlanta Shooting, Shootings, Massacre
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Asked whether massage parlors were places people went to have sex, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms declined to respond, stating that it was inappropriate to “blame the victims.”

Police Chief Frank Reynolds noted that it is too early to say whether the motive for the crimes was racism, but “the evidence at this point is that it appears to be not,” according to The Associated Press.

Kamala Harris talks about the Atlanta shootings


After Biden’s statements about the shooting in Atlanta, Vice President Kamala Harris also assured this Wednesday that although the attacker’s motivation is not yet known, it is necessary to show “solidarity” to the Asian community in the country. “None of us should be silent in the face of any form of hatred,” Harris told reporters about the recent massacre.

This was the sixth mass massacre in the United States so far this year, and the deadliest since August 2019 in Dayton, where nine people were killed, according to a database compiled by the AP, USA Today and Northeastern University. .

Attack ‘shakes’ the United States

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This massacre shocked the Asian community in the United States, in light of the recent hostility towards them amid the spread of the coronavirus. The virus was initially identified in China, and former President Donald Trump and his allies often call it the “Chinese virus.”

In addition to Biden, Georgia State Legislator Bee Nguyen also spoke out on the Atlanta shooting, saying the crimes appear to be “at the intersection of gender-based violence, misogyny and xenophobia.” Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, said that whatever the motive for the crime, “it is unacceptable, it is vile and it must stop.”

Violent shootings in Atlanta

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The massacre follows a period in 2020 that, during the coronavirus pandemic, had the fewest killings in a decade. The database defines as killings any event in which there are four or more deaths excluding the murderer, indicates AP.

The attacks started Around 5 p.m., when five people were shot at Young’s Asian Massage Parlor, located in a strip mall near rural Woodstock, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Atlanta.

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