Atlanta celebrates two centuries of Central America’s independence

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Atlanta celebrates two centuries of Central America’s independence
  • In Atlanta they celebrated the two centuries of Central America’s independence.
  • Members of the Central American community gathered at Plaza Las Américas.
  • The consuls of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala were present at the celebration.

The countries that are part of the Northern Triangle of Central America, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, represented by their general consulates in the city of Atlanta, in Georgia, made their national holiday felt, to celebrate 200 years of independence from the Kingdom of Spain.


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Coincidentally, there are three women that these countries have assigned as their representatives in Atlanta, Angelina Williams from Honduras, Telma Leonor Borrayo from Guatemala and Mónica Marín from El Salvador, who summoned the community to show the culture, customs and traditions that remind of the roots of the colony.

Special moment

The consuls of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala were present (left to right). Photo: Elan Reyes

“It is a special moment for history, because we commemorate the freedom that leaves a legacy for our generations,” said Borrayo, the Guatemalan representative in Atlanta, who emphasized that we must reflect on the great responsibility that still lies ahead.

While each country presented groups of native dances and Creole gastronomy, the guests who came to celebrate the bicentennial of the independence of Central America, toured the stands to share, the flavors, colors and the brotherhood that is breathed between the countries of one of the regions economically, strongest in Latin America.

Celebrating traditions

Those who participated honored the traditions of the Central American countries represented there. Photo: Elan Reyes

Attendees enjoyed dances and the color of the Guatemalan looms, which recalls the Mayan civilization, as well as the Garifuna dances from Honduras, which were brought by blacks from San Vicente and which became popular throughout the country. Likewise, El Salvador showed the colors of the Cacaoperas, the Chortís and Nahuas-Pipiles.

Angelina Williams said that we are celebrating in Atlanta two centuries of the brotherhood of Central America, of history and challenges that we have fought in solidarity in the most difficult moments.

Plaza Las Americas as a stage

Dozens of people participated in the celebration in Plaza Las Américas. Photo: Elan Reyes

While Mónica Marín stressed that in Atlanta “we Salvadorans want to be recognized for representing a generation that began to break the ties of the past and fulfill the dreams of true independence.”

The event to celebrate the independence of Central America took place in the Plaza Las Américas, in Atlanta, and although Nicaragua and Costa Rica were not represented, because they did not have consular missions, the five republics that depended on the Captaincy General of Guatemala were exalted. and that in September 1821, they were emancipated to leave behind more than 300 years in the power of the Spanish crown.

By Elan Reyes

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