Asymptomatic children can transmit coronavirus for weeks, study reveals

A recent study shows that asymptomatic children can transmit the coronavirus for weeks. The results on the transmission of the coronaviru...

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  • A recent study shows that asymptomatic children can transmit the coronavirus for weeks.
  • The results on the transmission of the coronavirus in asymptomatic children are concerning when considering the resumption of face-to-face classes in the United States.
  • It was discovered how long asymptomatic children can spread the coronavirus.

A recent study showed that asymptomatic children with coronavirus can transmit it for several weeks.

The results of the study raise concern when considering the reopening of schools in the United States, which is still fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

The newspaper New York Post reported this Saturday that just as schools are reopening across the country, a new study details how children who have the coronavirus but show no symptoms can spread the infection for weeks.

According to the aforementioned media, which cited a report from a German media DW, two Washington-based scientists made the discovery by analyzing South Korean children who had been hospitalized because they tested positive for COVID-19, although about four in 10 had no or only mild symptoms.

Roberta L. DeBiasi and Meghan Delaney analyzed the cases of 91 children in 22 hospitals in South Korea because doctors there, unlike in the United States, do not discharge patients until they fully recover, he said. the New York Post.

The scientific team found that about a fifth of the children never had symptoms; another fifth showed no symptoms at first, but later developed mild symptoms; and three-fifths had symptoms early on.

According to the New York Post, DeBiasi and Delaney have discovered a wide range in time that children can have COVID-19 symptoms – from three days to three weeks.

Half of the children with symptoms and a fifth of the asymptomatic children continued to spread the coronavirus three weeks after being infected, the study indicated.

The results would have to be considered when the schools decide the right moment to resume the children’s face-to-face classes.

asymptomatic children coronavirus

The recent scientific work, published this Friday on the website of JAMA Pediatrics, is based on a Boston study that found that children carry many viruses, including coronavirus.

The Boston researchers, who published their findings Aug. 1 in the Journal of Pediatrics, took nose and throat samples from people under the age of 21. They found that the children had much higher levels of the coronavirus than adults who were in intensive care units with COVID-19 and with far fewer ACE-2 receptors, which experts believe are the way the infection enters the body.

Florida: Study Finds Coronavirus May Stay Airborne

On the other hand, social distance 6 feet to avoid the spread of coronavirus is not enough, according to a study conducted by the University of Florida.

And it is that the overwhelming results of the study reveal that the coronavirus can float through the air up to almost five meters, so the social distance of 2 meters or 6 feet would not be enough to avoid contagion.

According to The New York Times, a University of Florida research team managed to isolate the live virus from aerosols collected at a distance of seven to 16 feet from hospitalized patients with COVID-19, beyond six feet. recommended in social distancing guidelines.

But some experts said it was still unclear whether the amount of virus recovered was enough to cause an infection.

The investigation was demanding. Aerosols are tiny by definition, measuring only up to five micrometers wide; evaporation can make them even smaller. Attempts to capture these delicate droplets often damage the virus they contain.

In that study, the researchers designed a sampler that uses pure water vapor to enlarge the aerosols enough that they can be easily collected from the air.

Instead of leaving these aerosols to rest, the team immediately transfers them to a liquid rich in salts, sugar and proteins, which preserves the pathogen.

The team collected air samples from a room in a room dedicated to COVID-19 patients at the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital, the same newspaper explained.

None of the patients in the room underwent medical procedures known to generate aerosols, which the World Health Organization (WHO) and others have argued are the main source of airborne viruses in a hospital setting.

The team used two samplers, one about two meters from the patients and the other about five meters from them. The scientists were able to collect viruses at both distances and then show that the virus they had extracted from the air could infect cells in a laboratory dish.

The genome sequence of the isolated virus was identical to that of a swab from a symptomatic patient recently admitted to the room.

The room had six air changes per hour and was equipped with efficient filters, ultraviolet irradiation and other safety measures to inactivate the virus before the air was reintroduced into the room.

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