Asteroid close to Earth: It is the size of a bus

An asteroid will pass close to Earth NASA reports that it is not dangerous This asteroid named 2020 SW, was discovered last Friday Accord...

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Fuentes: Associated Press
  • An asteroid will pass close to Earth
  • NASA reports that it is not dangerous
  • This asteroid named 2020 SW, was discovered last Friday

According to our Associated Press sources. An asteroid the size of a school bus is heading for the vicinity of our planet, although the POT argues that this space rocky body will pass safely and without damage, although it should be noted that it will pass under some satellites that already orbit.

The newly discovered asteroid will reach a minimum distance of 22,000 kilometers (13,000 miles) from Earth, well below many of the communications satellites orbiting Earth right now, scientists said this week.

The closest approach we will have of this asteroid will occur on Thursday morning and will pass over the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

It should be noted that once the asteroid has passed, it will not pass close to Earth again until the year 2041.

Experts in the field estimate that the size of this space rock measures between 4.5 and 9 meters (15 and 30 feet), something that is considered well below the size of the standards of asteroids and therefore it is not a threat to the Land.

According to Paul Chodas, director of the Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, argues that bodies and asteroids of that size are attracted by the force of Earth’s gravity and reach burn in the atmosphere once every two years, hence there could be as many as 100 million of these small asteroids in the Earth’s neighborhood.

The threat comes when asteroids are considerably larger in size, however, the good news is that these types of asteroids are easier to detect and, therefore, are known about a few days before.

Asteroid 2020 SW, as this asteroid is known, was discovered last Friday by the Catalina Sky Survey center at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

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Let us remember that a few months ago, in the month of March, right in the middle of the beginning of the contingency for the Coronavirus, there was revealed that NASA had announced that 6 asteroids had passed very close to Earth.

And it is that, according to the news portal of Future 360 NASA had reported that those six asteroids would pass very close to that week.

Where, the information that had been detailed at that time, particular attention was paid to one of them due to its magnitude and its speed, where, if it had deviated from its orbit, it could become a concern, since that its size was similar to that of the largest buildings on the planet, having a dimension of 390 meters wide, although its address had already been calculated, there was a risk that it could be modified and then create anguish, however and fortunately, that event did not happen.

Causing thousands of comments among Internet users, which somehow impacted people’s spirits.

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Among the comments there were some stories with a bit of good humor: “Three have already arrived, Piñera, Bolsonaro, Trump, they are quite dire and dangerous, a lot of fear in the world.” To this comment was added one jokingly: “I leave it to goku.” Said an internet user on the CNN Chile account, a medium that had reported this event through Twitter.

This event added a bit of the anguish that he was experiencing at that time, since we also remember that, days before, an earthquake had occurred in Russia with a magnitude of 7.5 in the Kuril Islands, as reported by the US Geological Survey. USA

Another earthquake in Croatia, 56.7 kilometers deep at 02.49 GMT and the epicenter had been located in the Pacific Ocean 229 kilometers south-southeast of the city of Severo-Kurilsk, capital of the volcanic island Paramushir.

Events that had been taken by some people as a bad streak or even, they even saw them as apocalyptic. Creating more uncertainty in people.

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