Aspirin could reduce the risk of death from COVID-19

Aspirin could help prevent coronavirus complications, according to researchers Hospitalized patients who take their doses have a lower ri...

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  • Aspirin could help prevent coronavirus complications, according to researchers
  • Hospitalized patients who take their doses have a lower risk of death
  • “This is a critical finding that must be confirmed through a randomized clinical trial,” explains study leader

AMAZING! According to studies by researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, mention that patients who take their dose of Aspirin are more likely to prevent complications from the coronavirus, according to a report on the portal The reason.

This in comparison with hospitalized patients who did not take their dose of Aspirin, according to the researchers this could be a cautious optimism since to be a cheap drug, it helps prevent serious complications from the coronavirus.

“This is a critical finding that must be confirmed through a randomized clinical trial. If our finding is confirmed, it would make ‘Aspirin’ the first available over-the-counter drug to reduce mortality in COVID-19 patients, ”said study leader Jonathan Chow.

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The researchers, when conducting their comparison work, reviewed the medical records of 412 coronavirus patients, with an average age of 55 years, who were hospitalized for their complications from the virus infection.

A quarter of the patients were said to be taking their daily dose of aspirin immediately after being admitted to the hospital to control their cardiovascular disease.

They discovered that using aspirin leads to a 44% reduction in the risk of being connected to a mechanical ventilator, and even more importantly, they discovered a 47% decrease in dying, this compared to patients who did not take the dose .

Daily use of this drug can cause significant bleeding, so doctors recommend a low daily dose of Aspirin for patients hospitalized for coronavirus.

“We believe that the anticoagulant effects of ‘Aspirin’ provide benefits to COVID-19 patients by preventing the formation of micro clots. Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 may consider taking a daily ‘Aspirin’ as long as they check with their doctor first. Those who are at increased risk of bleeding due to chronic kidney disease, for example, or because they regularly use certain medications, such as steroids or blood thinners, may not be able to safely take ‘Aspirin’, ”commented study co-author Michael A. Mazzeffi.

Aspirin coronavirus. Previously, various remedies to combat the coronavirus have been mentioned, it should be remembered when Philippine scientists discovered that virgin coconut oil helps destroy the coronavirus virus, according to EFE and Milenio.

This leads to the conclusion that it can be useful as an antiviral against the disease caused by the new coronavirus, according to research experiments.

Experts who are part of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD, in English) analyzed the consequences of coconut oil against Covid-19 for several months during the experiment phase and clinical trials with 56 patients.

And he added: “By itself, it can destroy the virus, but it can also be a key mechanism to upregulate the immune response against covid-19,” said Jaime Montoya, director of the PCHRD, in a statement.

The research was funded by the Philippine Department of Science and Technology.

The study ensures that the compounds of this product lower the viral load of Covid-19 by between 60% and 90%, but also reinforce cell survival.

But not everything is positive, as the PCHRD admits that more tests are required to make sure if a higher concentration of coconut oil compounds can further decrease the replication rate of the virus that causes the respiratory disease coronavirus.

For his part, the Philippine Secretary of Science, Fortunato de la Peña, indicated in a media outlet that the first study of virgin coconut oil as a possible antiviral agent would be available for the second week of November.

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Aspirin coronavirus. The Philippine Secretary of Science admitted that positive results have been obtained in clinical tests with 56 patients at Laguna Hospital, but indicated that they were only patients with mild symptoms of the coronavirus.

For this reason, the General Hospital of the Philippines launched a parallel clinical trial this month to experience the effects of coconut oil use among COVID-19 patients who appear with more severe symptoms.

The Philippines has been overtaken by Indonesia as the Southeast Asian country with the most COVID-19 infections, with 356,618 infections -39,800 are still active cases- and 6,652 deaths.

Since the coronavirus appeared in the world, many theories have appeared on how to eradicate or cure it, however, to date, the 100 percent cure has not been developed.

Millions of people wait for the vaccine to appear on the market to be able to apply it, and thus be more sure of their health.

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