Chronicle: New details on Hispanic couple arrested in Georgia

Chronicle: New details on Hispanic couple arrested. The couple was taking care of a two-year-old girl. Their job was to watch over her, b...

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  • Chronicle: New details on Hispanic couple arrested.
  • The couple was taking care of a two-year-old girl.
  • Their job was to watch over her, but sadly the child ended up dead.

One of the most seen and read stories this week has been the arrest of a Hispanic couple from Georgia on the charge of killing a girl, also a Latina, barely two years old. And it is not surprising, because Hall County authorities informed the press that the suspects had to take care of her, since they were paid for that.

However, the police allege that Juan and Nancy Martínez, 31 and 32, respectively, did the opposite. That they were so negligent to the point that the minor died and apparently, not by accident, since she had serious injuries in several parts of her small body, which took her life.

Chronic Hispanic Marriage Arrest: Heartbreaking Details About Tragedy

Chronic Hispanic marriage arrest
(Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

Investigators have not yet made public how the minor received such blows, but new information has come to light that clarifies a little more this tragic story. For example, it emerged that Nancy was not at home with the girl when she was injured. This was the reason why the police also took her husband away.

On the other hand, as far as we know, Nancy and Valeria’s mother, the innocent victim, were very good friends for decades. In fact, it was learned that they knew each other from their native Mexico because they are from the same town and, therefore, practically grew up together. That is why they entrusted the girl and her younger sister, barely 1 year old.

Chronic arrest of Hispanic marriage: Her father had just taken her away

Chronic Hispanic marriage arrest
(Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

We also learned first-hand that Valeria’s younger sister, whose identity we are going to reserve, just a few hours before her death, had been picked up by her biological father, who is no longer the current husband of the victim’s mother, But since he wasn’t Valeria’s father either, he didn’t take her.

It sounds confusing, but it is. Valeria’s real father is unknown who he is or where he is, but when she was a few months old, she met another man, with whom she fathered her younger sister, then they separated and now she already has another person in her life. Consequently, at her young age, Valeria had two stepfathers before she died.

Chronic arrest of Hispanic marriage: The Valeria’s mother works in construction

Chronic Hispanic marriage arrest
Juan Martinez (Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the information collected by this means, the mother of the little victim has been working in construction for several years. He has even had to go out to work for several days in other states, North Carolina the last of them. During that time, it was Nancy who took care of her little girls.

They had a lot of trust among friends, that’s why. But apparently Nancy was not only dedicated to taking care of Valeria and her little sister, she also had another part-time job. In fact, according to her defense attorney, Arturo Corso, the day Valeria suffered the injuries, she was doing exactly that.

Chronic arrest of Hispanic marriage: The attorney spoke to the Gainesville newspaper

Chronic Hispanic marriage arrest
Nancy Martinez (Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

Corso gave an exclusive interview to the local newspaper, The Times, to address this very serious matter and why he believes that the police have been unfair in charging Nancy with murder. “Valeria’s death has been a terrible tragedy. Nancy knew her very well, as well as her mother since they were children. Nancy loved Valeria and Lorena too much, so she is inconsolable, “the lawyer Corso told the newspaper.

“As your legal counsel, I can tell you that Nancy was at her job when whatever happened to Valeria. It was very easy to prove her innocence by making a simple call to the place where she works … The charges against her are unfair, so the official investigation will not end with her arrest, “concluded the professional.

The lawyer asked the community not to judge his client

Chronicle Couple kill girl
Hall County Sheriff’s Office

“It only remains for me to ask our community to refrain from judging her (Nancy) and instead focus its energies on praying for the girl’s family and letting the justice system do its job. The State must expect a very solid defense for Nancy as there is strong evidence of her innocence, ”Corso told the Gainesville Times.

Meanwhile, Juan and Nancy are behind bars in the Hall County Jail without bail on charges of first degree murder. After the autopsy performed on the girl, after the crime on the afternoon of the fateful Sunday, October 10, it was learned that the injury that caused her death was not brain, but in her abdominal region.

Valeria was airlifted to the children’s hospital

Hispanics in trouble for a crime
(Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

When the authorities were notified of the girl’s condition at home and under the Martinez’s care, they transferred her urgently to a local clinic, but from there they sent her by helicopter to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospital, where she died upon arrival. due to injuries.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) took the body away for analysis, and it was just handed over. Valeria’s funeral services will take place this Friday, October 15 at the John Paul II Catholic Mission in Gainesville.

Hispanic couple accused of killing girl they “cared for”

Hispanics in trouble for a crime
(Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

Relatives of Valeria created an account on Gofundme page to raise funds and in a few hours, they collected more than $ 1,500 but for some reason, said account is no longer active. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time.

This crime will undoubtedly shake our entire community. And it is that the small and innocent victim was supposed to be under the care of those who are now accused of being his murderers. The parents of the minor, barely 2 years old, had entrusted them to them to take care of her while they took extra shifts at work, without imagining what fate had in store for them.

Why did Juan and Nancy kill her?

Chronicle Couple kill girl
Hall County Sheriff’s Office

The person responsible for taking care of little Valeria Garfias was Nancy Martínez, 32, but for some reason, still unknown, together with her husband, Juan Martínez, 31, attacked the infant without any mercy, causing fatal injuries. to his head as well as various internal injuries.

When the girl’s mother returned to pick her up, she found her beaten up and called Gainesville city authorities, who had to take her emergency and airborne to a children’s hospital in Atlanta. But unfortunately, despite the efforts of the medical staff, they could do nothing to save her. Filed Under: Chronicle Couple Killing Girl

Fortunately the couple was already under arrest

Chronicle Couple kill girl
Juan Martinez (Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

When the injured girl was reported, the police officers placed the couple who were caring for her in temporary detention under investigation, but when the child died, they were formally charged with her murder. And it is that the medical report made it clear that the injuries he presented were not “accidental”.

Therefore, investigators with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office did not hesitate to charge Juan and Nancy with the heinous crime. It has not been clarified until this moment if they used a blunt object to cause the injuries or if it was with their own hands.

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