Couple accused of killing and burying 5-year-old son and then going on a trip arrested

Authorities arrested a couple after they were charged with a heinous crime. Officers arrested the couple after they killed and buried a 5...

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  • Authorities arrested a couple after they were charged with a heinous crime.
  • Officers arrested the couple after they killed and buried a 5-year-old boy.
  • The victim’s grandmother was the one who reported the suspects.

Chilling crime that links three states. Police authorities in Florida arrested a couple accused of killing their son in a Texas hotel, but whose body was later found in Colorado.

KDVR reported on Sunday, August 29, that a couple was arrested in Florida for the death of a 5-year-old boy whose body was found near Fraser, Colorado, but who allegedly died in a hotel room in San Antonio, Texas.

Arrested couple accused of murdering their son

Couple arrested

Citing one order of arrest obtained in the San Antonio Police Department, the aforementioned newspaper reported that Nickolle Acevedo Aguilar, 25, and Daniel García, 26, registered with the child Domenic at the Woodspring Suites hotel on July 20.

The boy’s grandmother, Sirle María Acevedo Cevallos, said her daughter Nickolle Acevedo told her that Domenic had fallen ill and was vomiting when they were at the Woodspring Suites, according to the arrest warrant. Then the woman told her mother that Daniel García had gone to clean the child and later told her that he had died.

The boy’s grandmother gave them away and they arrested the couple

Couple arrested

The boy’s grandmother said that her daughter Nickolle Aguilar and Daniel García traveled to Colorado with Domenic’s body and stayed in a public camp, according to the document quoted by KDVR.

Then, the couple buried the child near the camp and later traveled to Costa Rica, the victim’s grandmother also explained to the authorities when she learned of everything that had happened. After hearing the disturbing details of her grandson’s death, the grandmother decided to contact the FBI to request an investigation.

Mother admitted the crime of her son

Couple arrested

An FBI agent interviewed Nickolle Aguilar in Costa Rica, where she corroborated the dramatic story she had confessed to her mother, KDVR reported Sunday when publishing the crime of little Domenic.

Nickolle Aguilar and his mother traveled to Colorado on August 25 to help authorities locate the body of Domenic, who was found in a deep ravine near the town of Fraser, where he had been exposed to the elements of nature for almost a month. according to the arrest warrant.

The boy was hit so hard it bounced off the wall

Couple arrested
Nickolle Aguilar. Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff

Authorities reported that the boy was wearing the same clothing that he had been seen in prior to his murder, but the results of the Larimer County Medical Examiner are still pending, KDVR said.

In questioning on August 26, Nickolle Aguilar confessed to police that Daniel García hit his son Domenic so hard that he bounced off the wall and fell to the ground on the night of July 24.

The murderer carried the body when he left the hotel, but in the end they arrested the couple

Couple arrested
Daniel Garcia. Photo: Miami Dade County Corrections

Surveillance camera video showed Daniel Garcia carrying what appeared to be Domenic’s body in the early hours of the morning when the couple left the hotel, KDVR said.

When officials asked Nickolle Aguilar why she did not report the abuse against her son, she replied that she was “too eager to have a relationship with a man,” the court document read. She also told authorities that she and Daniel García did not report Domenic’s death because they did not want to lose custody of their other children. Both were arrested in Miami, Florida, and are expected to be extradited to Texas.

Rodrigo Calderón arrested after breaking into a house and strangling a police dog

 Rodrigo Calderon
Coda police dog. Photo: Glendale Police Department

He tried to escape and even faced a dog. A man identified as Rodrigo Calderón was arrested after breaking into a house and trying to strangle a police dog who was ‘hunting’ him.

Rodrigo Calderón, 29, was detained after he ran into the home of a stranger in Glendale, California, where he strangled a police dog (K-9) that had been sent after him earlier this week, they reported. authorities on Friday, according to a report by Ktla 5 Posted on Saturday, August 28.

Rodrigo Calderón captured after fleeing officers

 Rodrigo Calderon

The event occurred shortly after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, when Glendale officials noticed a man looking out the windows of parked vehicles in the 1500 block of E. Colorado Street and then entering a restricted area of ​​a motel. Glendale Police Department officials indicated in a release press.

On the spot, officers called the man, later identified as Rodrigo Calderón, a Glendale resident, as they thought he might have an arrest warrant and, while they were checking his identity in the police system, the suspect ran off.

Rodrigo Calderón went into a house to hide

 Rodrigo Calderon

Police chased Rodrigo Calderón on foot until he came across a house in the 1500 block of Orange Grove Avenue. Immediately, a resident came out of the house and exclaimed to the officers that a stranger had just rushed into his residence.

Officers evacuated a second resident who was inside, leaving Rodrigo Calderón alone in the home. They tried to order him out, but he refused, police said, according to the Ktla 5 report.

They send a police dog and Rodrigo Calderón tries to strangle him

Rodrigo Calderon
Police dog Coda and the accused Rodrigo Calderón. Photo: Glendale Police Department

The K-9 Unit then released a police dog at the residence, followed by a search party. Soon after, officers heard barking and screaming coming from one of the rooms inside the home.

“Officers entered the room and saw that Calderón was on top of the K-9 with his arm around the K-9’s neck, actively strangling the dog,” the Police Department said in its statement.

I had outstanding arrest warrants

Hispanic Chronicle raping little sisters

Upon witnessing the scene, “the officers gave Calderón orders to release the K-9, but he refused to carry them out. Later, a taser was deployed and Calderón was arrested, ”detailed the authorities cited by the aforementioned local newspaper.

Rodrigo Calderón was treated for his injuries and later booked into a Glendale jail on suspicion of robbery and obstruction, along with two outstanding arrest warrants and a violation of probation, authorities detailed. The police dog, named Coda, appeared to be in good health after the incident he faced when Rodrigo Calderón was strangling him inside a house to avoid arrest. For more details visit this note.

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