Arnold Schwarzenegger worries his fans because of something they saw in his photo from the hospital (PHOTO)

After appearing from a hospital bed, Arnold Schwarzenegger fans expressed their concern The Terminator interpreter underwent a third surg...

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  • After appearing from a hospital bed, Arnold Schwarzenegger fans expressed their concern
  • The Terminator interpreter underwent a third surgery and people gave their opinion about it
  • The actor and former governor of California is currently 73 years old

After appearing from a hospital bed, fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his performance in Terminator, expressed their concern after being subjected to a operation.

It all happened on Saturday night when they published some images of the actor and former governor of California, prostrate in a bed of a clinic.

Textually, the actor mentioned: “I have a new aortic valve to accompany my new pulmonary valve from my last surgery.”

Image taken from Insatgram @thearnoldfans

The actor is currently 73 years old and although he has always maintained good health and an impressive body, now he did worry his fans with the image he showed when he was in bed.

And is that the concern occurred after the artist was seen on a hospital bed, with his eyes closed while hugging a heart-shaped cushion.

What is really shocking is that he appears connected to several tubes and his face shows fatigue and obvious discomfort.

This is the third operation that Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoes, who played the Terminator and with that became famous on the big screen.

The action ribbon icon thanked all the medical staff for their care: “Thank you to all the doctors and nurses on my team!”

He even added that he feels “fantastic”, so much so that he even went out to walk the streets of the American city where he was treated: “I feel fantastic and I have already been walking through the streets of Cleveland enjoying your incredible statues.”

After the photos appeared, people began to express their concern about seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger prostrate in a hospital bed after undergoing surgery.

Given this, several people sent the following messages to the former governor of California in a publication of the Instagram account of the program Despierta América: “Strong with in his youth God bless him and speedy recovery”, “Xuzo terminator I thought you were immortal.”

Some more commented: “May he get better”, “God bless him”, “I’ll be back”, “God give him his health soon”, “let my champion get better, God protect him always”, “prompt recovery for that genius of the movie ”,“ wao one of my favorite actors, God give him recovery soon ”.

“So dear”, “God get him back soon, soon, he is my favorite actor, blessings brother”, “there God bless him, we were watching his Terminator 1 movie, my little boy liked it very much”, “Thank God” , “Many blessings”, “take care of yourself, speedy recovery”, “amen”, “God pass your hand”, were other expressions of the people when asking for the health of the actor, who has just undergone an operation and he’s in the hospital.

Image taken from Insatgram @thearnoldfans

However, the expressions of affection did not stop in the account of the program to ask for the health of Arnold Schwarzenegger who is in a hospital after undergoing surgery.

And it is that the concern of the people increased by the face that he showed in one of the photographs, in which he looked fatigued and with certain discomfort.

“Diosito, pass your holy hand all over his body”, “God continue to give you strength, blessings”, “Amen, God bless you and speedy recovery”, “speedy recovery and success”, “you can Arnold”, “oh so good that he is better now, it is a very delicate operation… My son also had heart surgery, but thank God it went well ”, several of his fans told him.

But the displays of affection were also seers for the actor: “Quick recovery for that tremendous actor. God take care of you ”,“ we will have more Terminator for many years ”,“ good health, I hope everything goes well ”,“ you are strong, health for you ”,“ but they had operated on you a long time ago, and now again, I wish you a speedy recovery”.

“Omg soon you will come out triumphant as always and much better”, “a thousand blessings a humble human being and a super actor”, “which awaits us all sooner or later! The years do not pass in vain “,” may God pass his holy hand to you so that you can get better “, were the wishes of the people when they saw their actor prostrate in a hospital bed.

Image taken from Mezcalent

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance in the Terminator film was decisive in his success as an actor, and later led him to be governor of California, which is why he continued to receive good wishes from people on Insatgram, o’r that after his operation now worries his fans.

“Blessings, may he recover, very good actor, God always protect him”, “I hope you recover luck and courage”, “my brother, good actor, God will help you soon, have faith”, “may he get better , great actor, many blessings, speedy recovery “,” wow … What gigantic hands, get better, the best Terminator … Command, I loved those movies since I was a child “, several people told him.

Some more commented: “You can’t leave this terminator world”, “We love you my favorite predator”, “God give him back his health @schwarzenegger I’m 🇩🇴 from NJ a virtual hug ”,“ God be with you and you will recover soon. Many blessings Arnold ”,“ blessings, you will heal in the name of God ”,“ let him be very smart because they can apply the covid ”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hospital

Image taken from Instagram @thearnoldfans

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