Arnold Schwarzenegger loses his temper with anti-maskers

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  • The former governor made strong statements about anti-maskers.
  • “To hell with your freedom,” he said in an interview with CNN.
  • “When it affects other people, it’s when it gets serious,” he mentioned in said medium.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor and actor, made strong statements regarding people who decide not to wear a mask around other people, so he decided to send a strong message through that medium. He tried to create awareness about one of the most delicate situations that the world is facing these days.

The former governor made his way of thinking clear by mentioning that he is against people who have decided to ignore the precautionary measures. This happened because the government recently activated these measures, given the danger posed by the Delta variant of the Coronavirus; the famous ‘Terminator’ actor, declared in said broadcast that citizens should be urged to follow the relevant safety measures, so as to not put more people in danger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Anti Mask: The Interview

Arnold Schwarzenegger Anti Mask: The Interview
Photo: YouTube

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a meeting with CNN, to present Alexander Vindman’s new book, entitled: ‘Rights matter’. In this meeting, the ex-actor had the opportunity to make clear his thoughts towards people who remain without wearing their mask in public places, ignoring the fact that the country faces a wave of infections due to the Delta variant that it has. the Coronavirus.

The former governor of California did not measure himself before his words and sent a strong message to the people who continue to not comply with the measures established in the country; He also took advantage of the meeting, to mention to citizens that they are going to be vaccinated and raise awareness of the virus that is killing millions of people around the world. Filed Under: Arnold Schwarzenegger Anti Face Masks

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti masks: “Kill people”

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti masks: "Kill people"
Photo: YouTube

The famous interpreter of “Hasta la vista”, mentioned to the people who were aware of said presentation that they must be aware of the danger in which the population is. He mentioned that it is not only a disease, which can be cured quickly as days go by, but also kills people in its path.

“There is a virus here that kills people,” said the actor, who retired a couple of years ago, making the main emphasis on the very delicate situation that society is in and where there are still people who decide to ignore it. The call to attention to citizens who still do not use their mask, comes at the exact moment where there is a high rate of contagion by the Delta variant. Filed Under: Arnold Schwarzenegger Anti Face Masks

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti face masks: There is a way to prevent it

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti face masks: There is a way to prevent it
Photo: YouTube

Schwarzenegger, made clear what he thinks and his feelings towards the subject. He declared that there is a way to prevent the virus and in following the advice that the WHO (World Health Organization) mentioned from the beginning of the pandemic, which is hand washing, the use of masks and of course, now that vaccination is at hand.

“And the only way to prevent it is by vaccinating ourselves, putting on face masks, doing social distancing, washing our hands all the time,” said the former governor, in the presentation of Vidman’s book. His words have reached the other citizens, who through the YouTube channel, left their feelings towards the man. Filed Under: Arnold Schwarzenegger Anti Face Masks

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti masks: “To hell with your freedom”

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti masks: "Fuck your freedom"
Photo: YouTube

The words that the film actor said next, have really had an important percussion on social networks. Arnold Schwarzenegger, sent an important message to all those people who continue to ignore the situation around them and who due to their unconsciousness have caused massive infections; moreover, the use of these words makes full reference to Vidman’s book, which made a pleasant impression.

And not just thinking about ‘Well, my freedom is being disturbed here.’ No, to hell with your freedom “, declared the politician, since in these moments, it does not matter what thoughts these people have, about their rights and the way they express them. No, right now, the only thing that matters is preventing the spread of the virus. Filed Under: Arnold Schwarzenegger Anti Face Masks

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti masks: “You are an idiot, if you do not use the mask”

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti masks: "You are an idiot, if you don't wear the mask"
Photo: YouTube

Although, this meeting was meant to talk about Vidman’s new book, it was also an essential part to discuss disinformation and the politics of COVID-19. The talk made clear the thoughts of the famous actor, who does not hesitate to express his feelings towards the situation of disinformation that exists today and that achieved people’s fear of vaccines.

“Yes, you are free to not wear a mask, but do you know something? You are an idiot for not wearing a mask. You are supposed to protect your compatriots around you ”, his message was tacit and strong, but it served the residents, who have not hesitated to make it clear that they coincide with the man, spreading his message within hours of the talk. . Filed Under: Arnold Schwarzenegger Anti Face Masks

Defend your position

Defend your position
Photo: YouTube

He has not only dedicated himself to acting, nor to politics. Schwarzenegger, is famous for having been in the world of bodybuilding, so his experience helped him to defend his position against the strong comments he was making, mentioning that he has full confidence in medicine and that his time works for something. that practice.

“There is no one who knows more about a bicep than I do because I studied this topic for 50 years and the same goes for the virus. People, experts, study this year after year after year “, he mentioned during the conversation, exposing those points that people tend to ignore and that are the ones that should matter the most.

Ask for respect for sanitation measures

Ask for respect for sanitation measures
Photo: YouTube

According to New York PostArnold S., not only gave his opinion, but he spoke out loud and clear against people who continue to not want to get vaccinated or use the masks; He also asked the public who saw the broadcast to respect experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and follow the guidelines and directions, which he and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention implement.

The job of Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is to be the leading infectious disease expert in the United States. In recent days, he mentioned that it was “likely” that the federal health authorities would request third injections as boosters for a broader immunity of the country’s population, at some point in the year. So it is not surprising that Schwarzenegger asks the public to attend to the measures, which Fauci reported.

Makes a relevant comparison

Makes a relevant comparison
Photo: YouTube

Schwarzenegger, gives as an example the traffic lights that exist between the intersections in comparison with the measures that the government has declared on different occasions, mentioning that they are there to fulfill a function, not for citizens to ignore them and do what they please, already that for a reason there are rules.

“We put the traffic light at the intersection so that no one accidentally kills another person,” Schwarzenegger said amid the debate that ensued. “You can’t say: ‘No one is going to tell me that I’m going to stop here at this traffic light, I’m going to go through it.’ Yes, then you kill someone else and then it’s your fault. “

“People must take it seriously”

"People must take it seriously"
Photo: Twitter

Netizens have expressed their thoughts through Twitter. In some cases, people have criticized the former governor for his way of thinking and in others, there is a welcome acceptance of the message he issued for CNN, for which they thank him for having encouraged to give a statement on this subject.

“I am happy that you published it, thank you very much. People should take Covid seriously, as life depends on it. It only takes 1 person to infect it many times x 4 x4x4 over and over again until the vicious circle of Covid gets more out of control. under constant attack.

“They must follow the rules”

"They must follow the rules"
Photo: Instagram

He was not the only person who defended him, in fact, there were several followers of the former actor, mentioning that he was right in his way of thinking since sometimes he forgets that there are rules to follow; the actor’s speech has been shared several times and has generated a great debate for the words he expressed.

“People tend to forget that with freedom comes responsibility. We live in a society and that society has rules. Following those rules is what allows society as a whole to prosper. You can’t have the rights if you don’t agree to the rules. Thank you for being a voice of reason.

“Arnold is right”

"Arnold is right"
Photo: Instagram

People on social networks have mentioned that the actor is right about what he said. Not only were there negative criticisms of his words, but also people who gave their approval and mentioned that it was totally true; people tend to hide behind their rights and freedoms, when all they have shown is how selfish they can be.

“Arnold is right. And this pandemic shows a sad fact: “The selfishness of human beings.” Many people just worry about themselves. And the vaccinated people have to justify their decision. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE


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