Armando Zamora is accused of killing his wife with an ax and leaving the body in the forest

A man identified as Armando Zamora is charged with the murder of his wife. Authorities stated that Armando Zamora killed his wife with an...

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  • A man identified as Armando Zamora is charged with the murder of his wife.
  • Authorities stated that Armando Zamora killed his wife with an ax and left the body in the forest.
  • After his arrest, Armando Zamora confessed to the murder.

Chilling crime in America. A man identified as Armando Zamora was charged with murdering his wife with an ax and leaving the body in a forest. After his arrest, he confessed why he made such a tragic decision.

Armando Zamora, 35, of New Mexico, who was already on parole and wore an ankle monitor, is being accused of killing his wife with an ax after police used the GPS data from that device to find the body, outlined People on Friday, October 8.

Armando Zamora is accused of murdering his wife

Armando Zamora

According to the People report, Armando Zamora was charged on Monday, October 4, with an open count of murder in the first degree for the death of his wife identified as Erica Zamora, 39, who had disappeared on September 26.

The New Mexico State Police became involved in the case on October 1 and, during the investigation, found that on September 26 Armando Zamora and his wife went to cut firewood in the Gila National Forest. The man initially told investigators that after chopping the firewood they both returned home to Silver City, according to a release press release of the state police.

The body was found through the tracking monitor used by Armando Zamora

Armando Zamora

Later, the police discovered that Armando Zamora was on probation for the crime of criminal sexual contact against a minor under 13 years of age, for which a bracelet had been placed on his ankle that, through GPS coordinates, recorded their locations.

“With that information, New Mexico State Police investigators obtained the GPS coordinates where Armando and Erica had been cutting firewood,” the press release said. “A sergeant inspected the area and located a deceased woman who matched the description of Erica Zamora,” he added.

Armando Zamora would have confessed why he killed his wife

Armando Zamora
Defendant Armando Zamora. Photo: New Mexico State Police

The police said that the investigators searched for and interviewed Armando Zamora on Sunday, October 3, and allegedly “admitted to beating Erica to death with an ax,” according to the police statement released to the public opinion.

Armando Zamora confessed that they had been fighting on and off the day before and that the altercation continued in the woods, where he eventually killed her with the ax after she allegedly punched him, KOAT reported, citing a police report.

The defendant wanted a divorce for months

Armando Zamora
Gila National Forest. Photo: Shutterstock

Police mentioned that the alleged murder weapon was found at his residence, KOAT detailed. According to online court records cited by both media, Armando Zamora filed a petition in June to dissolve his marriage.

The defendant was booked into the Grant County Detention Center and a hearing was scheduled for Wednesday, October 13. It was unclear whether he entered a guilty plea, and his attorney could not be reached for comment on his behalf.

They accuse Jerssen Pérez of kidnapping and killing his ex-partner’s new boyfriend

Chronic coronavirus man spits
Reference photo: Shutterstock

A love turned into disgrace. A man identified as Jerssen Pérez was accused of kidnapping and shooting his ex-partner’s new boyfriend. Apparently, the suspect decided to confess the tragic crime to his parents and later to the police.

Fox News reported on Friday, October 8, that 18-year-old Jerssen Pérez was arrested Wednesday in Arizona after being accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend at gunpoint, fatally shooting him and dumping his body in the desert.

Jerssen Pérez kidnapped and killed his ex’s new boyfriend

Jerssen Pérez
Reference photo: Getty Images

Jerssen Pérez allegedly confessed to investigators that he had been planning to kill 19-year-old Oscar Ortega for a month, so he waited outside his ex-girlfriend’s home in Phoenix until 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. Then, when he saw his victim leave, he kidnapped him and left quickly, detailed Fox 10, of Phoenix.

According to the newspaper Arizona Republic, quoted by Fox News, Jerssen Pérez allegedly forced Oscar Ortega into his car and shot him multiple times after he texted his girlfriend saying he had been kidnapped. The suspect then dumped the body into the desert and disposed of evidence elsewhere, including clothing and caps.

After murdering him, Jerssen Pérez threw the body into the desert

Jerssen Pérez
Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

“I think the hard part for everyone to imagine is premeditation, and I mean the brutality of it, kidnapping someone and murdering them while sitting next to you in a car,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Williams. , according to the report published by Fox News.

Oscar Ortega’s family denounced the kidnapping on Wednesday morning. And Jerssen Pérez’s parents also denounced him and allegedly told Phoenix police that he himself confessed to the crime and gave them the murder weapon, Fox 10 said. After being arrested, he apparently also revealed to the police what he he had done and led the officers to the places where he had thrown the body and where he had hidden the evidence.

Jerssen Pérez confessed the crime to his parents and the police

Jerssen Pérez

The suspect was booked into jail and bail of $ 1 million was set. He now faces charges of murder in the first degree and kidnapping, among others, explained the Fox News report published in the early hours of Friday, October 8.

His attorney had asked for a lower bail, arguing that Jerssen Pérez had no criminal record and had even helped police find Oscar Ortega’s body, according to the Arizona Republic. “His family secured the tests for the state. They did not try to hide anything. And secondly, when he was arrested, he actually led them to the evidence that would help the case, “said his lawyer, the Fox 10 report said.

Teacher arrested for having sex with 14-year-old student in her car

teacher was fired and arrested
Reference photo

Apparently, he crossed the boundaries and ended up behind bars. Authorities this week arrested a Florida drama teacher for allegedly having sex multiple times with a 14-year-old student inside her car.

The newspaper New York Post reported on Tuesday, October 5, that a Florida middle school drama teacher was captured Monday after allegedly having sex multiple times with a former student in her car.

Arrested for having sex with a student

Teacher was arrested

The alleged relationship between teacher Brittany López Murray, 31, and a 14-year-old student began after she texted him in August revealing “her feelings for” him, according to a report. police obtained by the Miami Herald and also quoted by the New York Post.

Theater teacher Brittany López Murray and the student, who is now in high school, exchanged text messages detailing “how much they enjoyed sex with each other,” the police report said. To know more details of the case read this note.

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