Arizona: Unemployment Assistance Checks Requested

Arizona sent thousands of letters asking residents to return “overpayments” on their coronavirus relief checks. The overpayment was made,...

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  • Arizona sent thousands of letters asking residents to return “overpayments” on their coronavirus relief checks.
  • The overpayment was made, in some cases, by mistake of the authorities themselves.
  • Arizona DES sent somewhere between $ 3-4 million in overpayments.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) sent thousands of letters requesting that coronavirus relief checks be returned to those who received “overpayments,” as reported AZFamily.

AZFamily reported that the state DES sent 3,741 “overpayment determination letters”, notifying the beneficiaries of unemployment assistance that they would have to return part of the money they received, a decision that has sparked a wave of criticism against the agency.

According to the explanations given by the authorities, the overpayment it was done, in some cases, by error by DES itself and in others, by inadvertent errors of the claimant or even fraud.

Overpayments are one of many problems that some Arizona residents are facing due to the way Governor Ducey has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

The virus rose in the summer, less than two weeks after Ducey announced the end of the quarantine, the Washington Post reported.

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Arizona: They ask to return unemployment assistance checks / PHOTO: Shutterstock

The virus has continued to increase exponentially in the region since early September and the outbreak involves several college athletes, Arizona PBS reported.

Tammy Gilbert, one of those affected by the DES order, told reporters that after losing her job, she took a part-time job, working only 16-20 hours per week, and reported this in her application.

“I’m struggling just to buy food, put gas in my car, pay my bills,” Gilbert said. However, DES notified you that you now owe them $ 1,300 in overpayments. When Gilbert tried to call the entity, the phone lines were “always busy,” he told reporters.

The station reported that Arizona’s DES sent somewhere between $ 3-4 million in overpayments.

Many people have tweeted frustrated by how low the original payments were. One of the users, for example, wrote: “This is NOT a living wage.”

Another person claimed that Arizona is among the lowest paying states in unemployment insurance in the country.

“State law provides for a waiver of recovery of an overpayment when the department finds that unemployment insurance benefits were received without fault, and can show that demanding reimbursement would be against fairness and good conscience,” wrote the spokesman for the DES, Brett Bezio, in an email to AZFamily; He also noted that if DES can be found guilty of the overpayment, in some cases, the recipient can keep the funds.

Wisconsin: Residents Asked to Return $ 300 in Unemployment Assistance

They request to return unemployment assistance to residents of the state of Wisconsin if Congress approves a new relief, according to a report from USA Today.

Wisconsin residents who receive an additional $ 300 in unemployment benefits weekly will be asked to pay the money back, if Congress enacts new legislation to replace unemployment assistance created by President Trump’s executive action last month.

According to the report, job and unemployment experts worry that this could leave many US residents out of work and confused about what to do.

It happens at a time when the money ordered by Trump has already been delayed and Congress has not approved a new aid package for the unemployed.

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Some lawmakers say Americans are unlikely to receive more financial aid before November.

Should Republicans and Democrats approve new aid in the future, unemployed people receiving the federal benefit could be seen as a double dip: They would receive a back pay from the new legislation, even though they have already been paid to through Trump’s executive action.

“All this confusion only creates more administrative burdens at a time when people are spending more time without benefits, living standards are falling and poverty is increasing after millions lost their jobs through no fault of the pandemic,” said Heidi Shierholz , a senior economist and policy director at the left-leaning Institute of Economic Policy.

A spokesman for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development said the state is following guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is funding Trump’s Lost Wage Assistance program, and the Department of Labor.

FEMA, however, said that the states administer the program while the agency provides the funds.

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