Arizona: Police dog sniffs hidden cargo in car and four catches hispanics

A police dog cut off traffickers in Arizona. A routine traffic stop turned into a major arrest thanks to a police dog in Arizona. What th...

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  • A police dog cut off traffickers in Arizona.
  • A routine traffic stop turned into a major arrest thanks to a police dog in Arizona.
  • What the police dog found in the suspects’ car is worth nearly $ 4 million in Arizona.

A police dog sniffed out a concealed cargo in a car carrying four Hispanics in Arizona, and all were arrested.

The newspaper New York Post (NYP) reported on Saturday afternoon that Arizona agents arrested four people after a stash of methamphetamine that has a street value of nearly $ 4 million was discovered at a routine traffic stop.

According to the newspaper AZFamilyThe four were in a vehicle on Interstate 40 in Kingman when the Mohave Area General Narcotics Control Service stopped them Thursday afternoon.

Then, the agents approached the car to a DPS K9, a police dog, who alerted to the possible presence of drugs.

Upon close inspection by officers, the police dog was confirmed to have sniffed out the drugs, which weighed 89 pounds and had a street value of $ 3.9 million, the Arizona newspaper reported.

Arizona Police Dog

After the seizure, the authorities detained the four people who were in the vehicle.

The detainees were identified as German Alvarado, 22; Abril Arreguin, 28; Marlon Torres, 24; and Moisés Moralez-Márquez, 30 years old.

Now all face charges for transporting dangerous drugs for sale and possession of dangerous drugs for sale, the NYP and AZFamily detailed.

Arizona: Hispanic youth arrested for shooting police

On the other hand, a Teen A 17-year-old Hispanic was arrested after two Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers were shot Thursday while sitting in an unidentified vehicle, authorities said.

The assault is the third attack by police officers in the United States in a week.

According to DPS Captain Jesse Gálvez, two uniformed Arizona police officers were sitting in a car near 37th Avenue and Portland Street in Phoenix around 9 a.m. Thursday when a silver sedan pulled up, The Daily reported. Mail.

According to an official statement, the driver honked his horn as a passenger got out and began firing an AK-47 assault rifle at the officers.

“He started shooting at our police officer when he got out of his car,” DPS Director Heston Silbert said during a news conference Thursday night. “He was ambushed,” he added.

Gálvez said officers were able to get out of his vehicle safely, return fire, and detain the alleged assailant, described as a Hispanic man. The suspect identified as Luis German Espinoza Acuña is in custody.

The assault rifle used in the shooting was recovered at the scene. It is unclear how many shots were fired during the shooting. DPS officials said the officers were not seriously injured.

The other suspect driving the silver vehicle fled the scene at full speed, leaving the young Hispanic man behind.

In addition, authorities said they are continuing to search for the driver of the suspect vehicle, which reportedly has custom wheels, a temporary license plate and what appears to be peeling paint under the license plate area, according to The Associated Press.

Similarly, police urged anyone with information about the vehicle or the suspect to contact 911 immediately.

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