Arizona: ICE arrests 50 undocumented immigrants during raid

Arizona: ICE arrests 50 undocumented immigrants during raid The operation was concentrated in 2 “safe houses” Even SWAT took ...

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  • Arizona: ICE arrests 50 undocumented immigrants during raid
  • The operation was concentrated in 2 “safe houses”
  • Even SWAT took part in the operation

Undocumented Arizona. Some 50 alleged immigrants without papers were arrested this Wednesday, precisely the day that Mexico celebrates its Independence, by agents of the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE, for its acronym in English) in two homes in Phoenix, reported the federal agency.

As confirmed by ICE to Efe, the undocumented persons were arrested after intervening two properties that functioned as “safe houses”, which serve the smugglers, or “coyotes” to hold immigrants indefinitely until they are taken to their final destination.

Aerial images taken by local televisions showed dozens of people sitting on the ground, while agents were getting on one by one in official ICE or Border Patrol vehicles.

One of the houses appeared surrounded by Border Patrol trucks as well as a SWAT vehicle, an elite unit that was also part of the operation.

The Border Patrol or CBP for its acronym in English indicated that it is an investigation of human trafficking, and that at the moment the nationalities of the detainees and the time they had been in the homes are unknown.

The presence of border agents on the streets of Phoenix caused great alarm among Latino organizations, who sent warning messages through social networks so that the undocumented would know that the “Migra” was in the vicinity.

Phoenix is ​​considered part of the human trafficking route, since after crossing the Arizona desert, the undocumented are taken to safe houses before their final destination in the country.

According to official figures, so far this fiscal year the Tucson Sector Border Patrol reports more than a thousand rescues in the Arizona desert, up from the total of 900 reported during the previous fiscal period.

Undocumented Arizona

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According to local newspaper The Arizona Republic, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) initially served two search warrants for narcotics after receiving leads about criminal activity at sites in Phoenix and Chandler, the spokesman for the Department said. agency, Special Agent Bill Czopek.

The DEA generally executes these orders with the help of the Border Patrol.

At a home in the area of ​​27th Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix, agents found several dozen people who they suspected had entered the country without documents, Czopek continued.

That’s when Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was called in, which helped launch a possible human trafficking investigation.

About 65 people were detained in total, a Border Patrol spokesperson said in an email to The Arizona Republic.

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A large group of people were seen sitting in an alleyway before being escorted onto a Phoenix city bus on Wednesday morning, according to television news reports.

While the bus was marked with the Valley Metro logo, it was not operated by the transit system but by the city’s Department of Public Transportation, according to a Valley Metro spokesperson.

Phoenix police officers were also involved in traffic control, according to police spokesman Sgt. Ann Justus.

Local immigration activist Lydia Guzmán said she had not seen an immigration raid of this size in several years.

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While federal agencies said this was not initially an immigration raid, Lydia Guzmán said a crowd of people zipped up in an alley on the same day as Mexico’s Independence Day sends a particular message.

“This underscores why we need a comprehensive labor reform,” Guzmán said.

“This is sad, because we have always trusted those essential workers. There has to be a better way. “

Arizona: ICE arrests more than 60 illegal immigrants

Just last September 2, ICE confirmed that it detained more than 60 undocumented immigrants of Hispanic origin in the state of Arizona.

The raid was carried out in the city of Phoenix by agents from the ICE Office of Detention and Removal (ERO), who stalked undocumented immigrants for just over a month.

According to a statement from ICE, the operation popularly known as a raid was carried out from July 13 to August 20 in the aforementioned city of Arizona.

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In the same statement, ICE clarified that of the 67 detainees, 54 undocumented persons had criminal records.

According to the ICE office, the arrests of undocumented persons in Phoenix were directed at people with criminal records.

“These targeted arrests of convicted aliens represent some comfort to those who suffered abuse, they will not be allowed to further victimize those in our communities,” said Corey Price, acting director of the ERO office in Phoenix.

Among the arrests is that of a 49-year-old Mexican, convicted of multiple charges related to aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries; as well as charges of soliciting prostitution and two convictions for re-entering the United States after being deported.

Another 47-year-old Mexican was also arrested, after spending 12 months in jail after being convicted of aggravated stalking and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

In addition, ICE revealed that a 41-year-old Guatemalan convicted of multiple charges of assault, recklessness, domestic violence and extreme DUI was detained, according to the local newspaper The Arizona Republic.


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