Arizona: Governor signs executive order extending validity of driver’s licenses

Arizona Governor Signs Executive Order Extending Validity of Driver’s Licenses The measure applies to licenses that expire this 202...

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  • Arizona Governor Signs Executive Order Extending Validity of Driver’s Licenses
  • The measure applies to licenses that expire this 2020
  • It is an action in the midst of the crisis caused by the coronavirus

Amid the crisis caused by the coronavirus, the Governor of Arizona, Doug ducey, signed an executive order on Tuesday to extend the validity of driver’s licenses.

The measure will apply to driver’s licenses that have an expiration date between March 1 and December 31, 2020.

According to a release issued by the office of Governor Ducey, with this executive order people whose licenses expire on those dates will have the opportunity to process them throughout the following year.

This action is primarily aimed at reducing in-person visits to the offices of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), which will ultimately help contain the spread of COVID-19.

“Arizona continues to focus on proactive steps to protect the health of our communities and keep our state moving in the right direction,” Governor Ducey said, according to the statement.

“Today’s common sense executive order extends the deadline for drivers to renew their licenses by one year, helping to reduce the number of visits to the MVD in person over the next few months and protecting the most vulnerable,” added the governor. .

Under this executive order, all police officers certified by the Arizona Peace Officer Training and Standards Board, as well as state government agencies, county and municipal governments, and election officials will accept Arizona driver’s licenses. with expiration dates between March 1 and December 31, 2020 as valid identification for any purpose for which valid driver’s license cards would be accepted.

Arizona driver's licenses

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Governor Ducey issued an executive order in March that delayed the expiration dates of Arizona driver’s licenses for six months, ensuring that residents 65 and older did not need to visit MVD offices to renew their driver’s licenses during the public health emergency caused by the coronavirus.

As of Wednesday, September 2, any driver can view the expiration date of their updated driver’s license at

Drivers have the option of applying for a duplicate license with the updated expiration date, according to Governor Ducey’s office.

Several states order to extend the validity of expired driver’s licenses

In an unprecedented move due to the coronavirus that continues to plague the country, at least four states in the United States and now Arizona have promoted orders that extend the validity of driver’s licenses that have already expired and that many cannot renew due to the closure of offices or other limitations due to the pandemic.

Arizona driver's licenses

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MundoHispánico was able to verify that in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas and New Jersey the governors have signed executive orders with which they maintain or make the carrying of licenses for drivers more flexible.

In the case of Virginia, due to the problems that multiple users have had to get a license renewal appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Governor Ralph Northam took action on the matter last June.

“Our DMV offices have reopened and users must make an appointment. That means that those who must go to the DMV to renew a license or obtain another type of service may have problems before their licenses or registrations expire, “she explained.

“We have previously given a 90-day extension to renew licenses, registrations or other credentials that expire before July 31st. And today we are giving another 90 additional days to do it ”.

In addition to the additional 90-day extension, the governor said that with the reopening of more DMV offices, more appointments could be granted.

Can click here if you want to make an appointment for a procedure with the Virginia DMV.

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Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced the extension of the expiration date for driver’s licenses, identification (ID) cards and learner driver’s permits to the end of July, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

New Jersey, for its part, has delayed the opening of face-to-face services for driver’s license renewal. Remote services continue.

Most licenses, IDs, registrations, and other documents that expire after March 13 have had their validity extended until July 31 and even longer. For more information click here.

In Texas, according to documents obtained by NBC 5, more than half a million driver’s licenses and identification cards have expired during office closures due to the coronavirus since March.

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And most of those affected have to come in person to renew them, putting further pressure on the Texas Department of Public Safety, whose offices are already crowded by long lines seen even before the pandemic.

From March 13 to May 31, about 417,000 driver’s licenses and 106,000 Texas IDs expired, according to the DPS, and at least 400,000 are not eligible for online renewal.

Hoping to alleviate the situation, Governor Greg Abbott issued an order saying there will be a 60-day grace period, beginning when offices fully open, to renew expired licenses.

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