Arizona: Ernesto Carrizoza ran over and killed a 9-year-old boy in Tucson

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FOTO Departamento de Policía de Tucson
  • Ernesto Carrizoza, 39, ran over a child and then fled the scene in Tucson, Arizona
  • Edouard Lautaire, a 9-year-old immigrant from Ukraine, died when doctors tried to save his life
  • The tragedy was resolved thanks to members of the community who revealed the man’s identity to the authorities

Ernesto Carrizoza was arrested in Arizona for being allegedly responsible for running over an immigrant child, killing him and then fleeing the scene.

Carrizoza, 39, was arrested by the Tucson Police Department (TPD, for its acronym in English), accused of having killed a nine-year-old boy by running over him.

The identification of the car that Carrizoza was driving and his subsequent arrest, according to the TPD, was achieved thanks to the support of the Tucson community, which turned to social networks to identify him and help the authorities.

“Thanks to the overwhelming support of the community, detectives from the Traffic Crimes Unit were able to locate the vehicle and locate the driver and arrest him,” the TPD detailed in a statement on Carrizoza’s arrest.

According to the TPD report, on Wednesday, September 30, paramedics from the Tucson Fire Department (TPD, for its acronym in English) attended the report of an accident with two children run over.

Paramedics showed up at 5:00 p.m. at 811 East Broadway Boulevard in eastern Tucson to assist the two boys, ages 9 and 10, who had been run over in the street.

The TPD transported the two minors, brothers, to be treated at a hospital in the area.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, the doctors in the emergency unit could no longer do anything to help the younger of the two brothers, who died when doctors tried to save his life.

The accident inflamed dozens of witnesses who attended the officers of the Traffic Crimes Unit, to tell them what just happened and where a Hispanic was identified as the alleged person responsible for the tragedy.

Ernesto Carrizoza, 39, faces a second degree murder charge for having run over a child who died in a hospital. (PHOTO Tucson Police Department)

Arizona: Ernesto Carrizoza ran over and killed a 9-year-old boy in Tucson

According to the testimonies of witnesses, a mother was crossing the street from Broadway Boulevard in a north-south direction and they were walking over the area marked as a crosswalk.

Suddenly, a BMW pickup, X5 or X3 model, appeared in the lane in the middle of the street and did not slow down as it approached the crosswalk where the family was crossing.

The mother tried to get her little ones to safety with a sudden movement, trying to pull them to the sidewalk. However, it was too late, as the truck hit them, throwing them several feet forward.

In their statement, the witnesses assured that they could see how the BMW truck was driven by a Hispanic and some managed to take a photograph of him.

Edouard Lautaire, 9, was run over by cars and was an immigrant child who came to the United States with his mother from Ukraine. (PHOTO: Courtesy of San Miguel de Tucson Ukrainian Church)

Arizona: Ernesto Carrizoza ran over and killed a 9-year-old boy in Tucson

Witnesses said that after the impact, the truck slowed down on the street and looked like it was going to stop. But suddenly, the driver sped up and sped away from the scene of the incident heading west.

According to the multitude of witnesses who saw the incident, there was another person inside the truck besides the driver, sitting in the passenger seat.

Officers from the TPD Traffic Crimes Unit identified the dead child as Edouard Lautaire, nine years old, who died in the Banner UMC Hospital.

His ten-year-old brother Maximilien Lautaire remains in serious condition in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

The mother of the two children is Valentina Lautaire, a single mother, who emigrated from Ukraine to the United States with the intention of giving her children a better life. The mother of the two children was not injured.

Agents of the Tucson Police Department thanked the community through their social networks for their help in identifying and detaining Ernesto Carrizoza.

Arizona: Ernesto Carrizoza ran over and killed a 9-year-old boy in Tucson

The story of the immigrant Valentina Lautaire and the tragedy of losing a child and having the other gravely in the hospital inflamed the Tucson community, and dozens of witnesses dedicated themselves to informing the TPD of all the BMW X5 or X3 vans in sand color or bone color that they saw.

In their report, the agents of the TPD Traffic Crimes Unit informed the community that the BMW van, according to the reports and photographs they received, had a damaged front bumper.

Agents even asked the city’s auto body, body shop and crash repair shops to report any BMW pickup truck that came in for repair for whatever reason.

The pain for the death of the little one Edouard lautaire It affected the Hispanic community and a person called the TPD agents and revealed who the driver of the BMW was and where they could find him. The name of the informant will not be disclosed to avoid retaliation.

Arizona: Ernesto Carrizoza ran over and killed a 9-year-old boy in Tucson

Based on the testimonies of the witnesses and the informant’s statement, the agents of the Traffic Crimes Unit of the TPD to Ernesto Alonzo Carrizoza, his full name, on Friday, October 2 in the morning at the intersection of Alvord Road and Masterson Avenue.

Ernesto Carrizoza offered no resistance when the agents detained him. The agents verified when detaining him that the BMW truck he was driving had all the defense of the front damaged and coincided with the impact on the Lautaire brothers.

Maximilien Lautaire remains very seriously in the hospital and the St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church of Tucson, and all his parishioners, are organizing collections and shows of support so that his mother can face medical expenses.

Ernesto Alonzo Carrizoza is already being held in the Pima County jail in Tucson, charged with the felony charge of murder in the second degree.

He also faces other charges such as escaping from the scene of an accident. So far it has not been revealed who was the person he was carrying as a passenger and who could also face charges.

Arizona: Ernesto Carrizoza ran over and killed a 9-year-old boy in Tucson

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